Diamond Resorts Internationaltimeshare

S Sep 16, 2018

I went to Vegas Sept 1. Did a timeshare presentation on Sept 2. I informed Tyler Rhae and Aretha Peppers that I only made 30.000. Tyler put that I made 150.000 and said don't worry it's just to get you approve for a down payment. I thought that was deceitful and unethical but he said that's how they do it. Aretha in turn wrote up five different contracts to fit the needs of selling me whether true or not. I told them that I was purchasing a home and could not by any means have this on my credit reports. I was informed yesterday that I wasn't approved for homeowners assistance because this is additional that I can't afford and that this a debt. Everything I've worked for is ruined now in a matter of days because of a timeshare that's irrelevant at this time. I can travel anytime everyone needs a home to live in. I contacted Steve Miller. Quality assurance. I have not received any responses from any of the these three people. No emails. No phone calls. Nothing. I'm new and need to cancel before this ruins me any further. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you. Ms. Myrick

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