Diamond Resorts International "The Club"fraud/misrepresentation


Diamond Resorts International ("DRI") offered us a cheap 3 night stay at The Summit Resort in Sedona provided that we sit through a 90-minute sales presentation. We took the offer and attended the sales presentation on July 2nd, 2011. During this presentation, the DRI sales rep and his manager lied to us about the product they were selling. DRI also failed to properly disclose our rights to cancel.

During our sales presentation, the sales rep and his manager lied to us and misrepresented their product in the following ways:
We were told that our purchase would be an investment that would increase in value.
We were told that we would be able to rent our timeshare to cover our mortgage payment, so it did not matter if we had the money to pay.
We were told that we would be able to sell our timeshare membership for a profit since they were giving us such a good deal.
We were told that we had to purchase right there on the spot in order to get the same deal and that we would never be allowed to tour again.
We were told that we would have 30 days to cancel (within the escrow period), but we would lose our deposit.
We were told that our purchase of the timeshare would help us achieve our goal of buying a home in the next 5 years, even though the purchase would be done 100% on credit.

Additionally, our tour length exceeded the promised 90 minutes and instead lasted just under 4 hours.

Finally, the closing agent who was supposed to explain the contract to us failed to explain our right to cancel our contract. The closing agent did not explain or point out the 7 day rescission period and instead reiterated what the sales rep had told us regarding a 30 day escrow period in which we would be able to forfeit our deposit and cancel our contract.


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    TKowal Nov 18, 2011

    Please email me with your contact information...It is in our interest to have satisfied customers. I can be reached at [email protected]


    Tony Kowal
    National Director of Quality Assurance
    Diamond Resorts International

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  • Va
    Vacation Owner Nov 24, 2011


    Thank you for helping to get the word out about the hostile treatment you received at your sales pitch. Real sorry you were sucked in by these (In my Opinion) high pressured sales tactics used by Diamond Resorts International (DRI) Its good to see DRI is working on damage control again this year. I guess we get Tony Kowal, probably a nice enough fellow, but he has been tasked with keeping quite all the dirty little secrets about Diamond Resorts International. Like the fraud perpetrated at their scripted and rehearsed 90 minute sales presentations.

    There are several groups very out spoken on the subject and we would love to have you join us as another UNSATISFIED Diamond Resorts International Magic Mystery Points Scam. Diamond Resorts has been FLEECING their members/vacation owners for nearly 5 years it started shortly after they purchased the nearly bankrupt Sunnterror Group and there points system meltdown (for $700, 000, 000 of our Special Assessment fees) .

    Watch this video

    Good Luck


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  • Va
    Vacation Owner Nov 24, 2011


    Why shouldn't essoterk1 be able to discuss the QUALITY of Diamond Resorts Internationals Complaints on a PUBLIC FORUM. I know it is your job to try and take this BAD PUBLICITY OFFLINE, but I think the PUBLIC NEEDS to KNOW what is Really going on in the Time Share POINTS SYSTEMS and especially as it relates to a company as notoriously GREEDY as Diamond Resorts International Complaints.

    Just my thoughts


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  • Di
    Diamond Hostage Nov 24, 2011

    If anyone needs to really understand how Diamond operates ask a victim of ownership in the Hawaain Collection now that they have been handed a $69 million dollar repair bill for damage done years ago. As an owner I can only emphasis to potential buyers that they need to do proper diligence in researching Diamond International and their business practices.

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  • Va
    Vacation Owner Nov 24, 2011

    Hey Hostage,

    you are right about doing due diligence, but this is why they make their offer ONLY AVAILABLE during your 90 minute hostage negotiation/presentation.

    The whole Time Share 90 minute SALES SCAM is a well orchestrated and well rehearsed method of monetary extraction from weary travelers that are just wanting to relax, so there guard is down. You or I may see less than a handful of these presentations, but the sales people do 2 or 3 a day so they learn to read the MARK (you and I) and know just how to MANIPULATE them to part with their money. The more WE the Diamond Resorts Hostages spread the word It is our hope we can save some folks from the EXTORTION/RANSOM tactics being perpetrated by Diamond Resorts International complaints. (IMO)

    I truly believe this company has used every means available to them to Legally STEAL as much money as they can from each and every member to the fullest extent available to this GREEDY and CORRUPT business practices of Diamond Resorts International complaints.

    Case in point is Diamond Resorts International's complaints from the Hawaii collection, People were being sold inventory as recently as July on one of the posts without any legal disclosure or certainly not a clear disclosure of WHAT Diamond Resorts International KNEW were huge financial obligations that they were going ### all members. This is not only unethical I believe they may have crossed a few legal boundaries as well, but I am no lawyer. I said it a year ago when I first started going public with my opinion of the action of Diamond Resort Internationals Complaints Their GREED and CORRUPT behavior will be their downfall.

    Stand Strong and Join one or more of the protest groups beginning to make a difference. And do not let these DRI SPIN DOCTORS take your conversations offline. This too is a tactic to silence we the hostages.

    Join one or more to follow our progress;


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  • Ja
    JayTeeWNY Dec 09, 2011

    esoterrik1, your post sounds very familiar, one of the phrases I heard quite frequently was "equity" in some of my later visits to a Resort. I bought in when it was Sunterra and had great vacations at reasonable costs for many years. Until the last few years, my points were worth enough to almost pay for the maintenance fees if I wanted to exercise that option. Now my points are basically worthless towards maintenance fees, I haven't been able to take a vacation in a couple of years and like you, one of their biggest selling points of discussion has always been, I can pay for my "Investment" by "renting out" my timeshare. HA !!! Used car salesmen !!! Crooks !!!

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  • Ha
    Hazey Davey Nov 19, 2012

    My wife and I just purchased 4000pts with DRI. We got 4000bonus pts for signing, but must be used in our 1st yr. We still have time to cancel this agreement (we bought in FLA). Any Suggestions or Comments??

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  • Va
    Vacation Owner Nov 20, 2012


    CANCEL NOW while you still have a chance, use expedia or travelocity or other online Travel DEALS to book your vacations you can get the same vacation (or better) without paying 10's of thousands of dollars upfront (how many great vacations can you do for the 20 or 30 grand these DRI thugs want upfront, plus every year you could get a big surprise like the folks in the Hawaii collection).

    If you really do the math it does not add up to have the crooks at Diamond Resorts Dictate your vacation needs.

    Concerned Vacation Owner

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  • Th
    The knower Dec 09, 2013

    Be aware that Mr Cloobeck gave over 250000.00 dollars of our mainence mone to the Democratic party to support Mr. Obama. He was rewarded wit a singular presedntial honor at a banquet and has been allowed to show Mr. Obama in his in room presentation on channel 3. This is totally ethecially and legally wrong, Some of my African American Friends bought points bassed on sales people saying that Mr. Obama endorses Diamond Internationa Resort and now realized they have been scamed by this by both of these self enobled men. What can one say or do except to stay away and keep their elderly parent from Mr Cloobecks sales operation especially in Las Vegas/The Knower

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  • Sa
    SariPa Jan 12, 2014

    It seems very much being the case, that only (mainly) americans/canadians are scammed anymore like that.

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  • Sp
    spunki Feb 26, 2016

    I, too, was mislead by Diamond Resorts International when I purchased a timeshare at Sedona Summit in Az. The representative mislead me into thinking there was a resort in Albuquerque, NM. I have family there that I visit every year and was told there was a resort there. I found out otherwise. It's in Santa Fe. I was also told that I could trade my points in a hotel in Albuquerque. When I called Diamond Resort the person that I talked to didn’t know anything about this. I eventually found out by reading one of your booklets that I could stay at a hotel, but it would be in Jan. or Feb. Well, I don’t visit Albuquerque in the winter. I travel in the summer months. After the purchase I didn’t realize that I had 5 days in which to opt out of the contract. I recently found out when I went to another presentation at the Marriott in San Ramon a couple of months ago for a Diamond Resort update. Their 90 minute presentation ended up wasting 3-4 hours of my time on two occasions.

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