Diamond Resorts Internationalsampler membership scam

M Jan 18, 2019 Review updated:

Purchased this $4, 000 sampler points package. Was told that we had a month to check out and if we didn't use it, there would be no cost. Well, they have you sign up for a Barclays credit card and then billed the full amount in 10 days.

We were kept at presentation for long time and at end decided that with no money leaving our hands, we could go online and check this out. They had us sign on an ipad - and then was given the printed documents as we were leaving the building. Which I assumed would be information on how to access. NO - nothing.
We never received 1 piece of information on How to use this and it has been 2 months. Did finally get an email with a 'Welcome, how lucky you are... about 2 months after this nightmare started.

When we got back from vacation and looked at documents, it was nothing that we signed, even though our initials were on it (via the ipad). Called and tried to cancel - no one called back.
Called again and was given a main number to call, they said - " it was after the 10 day grace period' - even though that is NOT what we were told.
Put a dispute in with the credit card company & they checked out and said they could only go on 'Written' credit given!
This is obviously a bait and switch...the document we signed, was not the one that was printed. If we had known half of the conditions, we would not have done this.
When I called the company back AGAIN, the girl told me that they are no longer offering this to non-members, because of problems, Well YEAH,
They will tell you anything to get you to purchase. FRUSTRATED


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    UYgur Jan 20, 2020

    We also purchased a sampler package from Diamond Resorts which purchased our home resort at Virginia Beach, VA. We soon found out that the resorts we could go with the sampler package were at very limited locations. At two locations the units we were given were so bad, that in one case we moved to another location at another city after we complained and suffered as long as we could at another facility in Orlando and left early. Some of the presentations we had to attend were very long, way beyond the time they said they would require us to attend and the on in Orlando was downright mean, insulting and absolutely horrible. More than once now, we were told that the good units were given to the owners not the sampler purchasers. We asked how they expected t buy anything from Diamond if our money went to stay in the worst units they had. Got no answer, they just kept on lying and pushing. During the last presentation they tried to sell us points for $80, 000 and later dropped it to $7, 000. Go figure if you want to trust this company.

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