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Diamond Resorts International Complaints & Reviews

Diamond Resorts International / Don't buy any Diamond Resorts timeshares meeting. It's scam!

anita lau on Sep 19, 2018

Diamond Resorts International timeshare points is totally a scam! Our decision to buy it from what the salesman told us and how it was represented. But all of their misleading talk means SCAM. They lied!!! The actual points value much much lower than the sales told you. You can only find...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare

Sere nity on Sep 16, 2018

I went to Vegas Sept 1. Did a timeshare presentation on Sept 2. I informed Tyler Rhae and Aretha Peppers that I only made 30.000. Tyler put that I made 150.000 and said don't worry it's just to get you approve for a down payment. I thought that was deceitful and unethical but he said...

Diamond Resorts International / customer service

ThomasBray on Sep 14, 2018

I sent am email explaining my situation and was told I had to eat the loss. Why when I trusted your website? Why would I book reservation for California and Nevada for the same week? It costs you nothing to fit this and yet you wont? Is this your attempt to prove that all the online reviews of...

Diamond Resorts International / scam, ripoff, lies

Farinaz on Sep 12, 2018

In February of 2015, in a trip to Orlando for my continuing education course, I was approached by a gentleman in the hotel I was staying at, B-hotel and resorts in Orlando. February of 2015 was my first stay out of total of five stays in 2015, February, May, June, August, and September...

Diamond Resorts International / sampler package

K2bst on Sep 10, 2018

We bought the sampler package stupidly after telling them we were not interested like 5x. We were there for like 5 hours. We got back home and decided totally not for us sent a certified letter with a notorized letter like it asks for. We hadn't heard anything and stated getting bills for...

Diamond Resorts International / service

karen graham on Aug 28, 2018

While attending a presentation on August 25, 2018 in Williamsburg Virginia I was highly offended with the representative (Paul) whom conducted the presentation. I was accompanied by my co-worker/friend whom also was an invited guess. During the presentation my co-worker (Amanda Whitby) and...

Diamond Resorts International / not resolving my complaint

terry and vicki on Aug 17, 2018

To whom it may concern, We recently attended a time share demonstration at diamond Resorts in Maui, We unfortunatly purchased on the day now with great regret. Since coming back to Australia we have had only but problems that we cannot resolve, we were promised that we would have all the...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare

Upset timeshare owner15 on Jul 12, 2018

Blatantly lied about agreement and purchase of points on a new loan when my husband and I already had exsiting loan that was suppose to be wrapped. When called to complain hospitality management could not do anything to help me and basically told me that I am stuck. The representative told...

Diamond Resorts International / customer service

TracyD769 on Jun 12, 2018

Their customer service is very poor. We initially felt very deceived/mislead when we went to book the package, but we final got that worked out after having to talk to a supervisor last July. Recently we called to make a change to our dates which they do for a $50 charge. We initially spoke to...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare... crooks... pressure sales

piruete17 on Jun 5, 2018

In September 2017 we went to Cancun Resort, Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. Immediately we were "bribed" to attend what was called an "update" meeting. My husband and I were Monarch Resort Timeshare owners. Once in our "update" the sales reps told us that Monarch...

Diamond Resorts International / 20,000 sampler deceptive. points are useless. lied to

singlemomscammed on May 22, 2018

I reserved 1 day staycation at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage in and attempt to get some much needed down-time with my children and boyfriend. They invited us to breakfast which we paid for. Check out was at 10 and breakfast was at 8:30. We wanted a chance to go to the pool. As they agreed to...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare

sassy1445 on May 16, 2018

The timeshare presentation and the sales pitch was false and misleading. They promised a unit and then when I went to stay there they claimed I was entitled to a unit that faced the street. This was supposed to be an upgrade from an ocean front view unit. I attended the presentation and...

The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort / allow room switch stayed 5/4 5/7

Claire Grayson on May 16, 2018

My stay was so bad . They allowed me to switch rooms with my sister because she had a 1st floor and my foot was in a boot . Then they did not realize my sister was only staying 2 days and my stay was 3 . I was at the Grand Canon and I got a call from my sister that she was checking out and...

Diamond Resorts International / interval international exchange

Gerald Poissant on May 11, 2018

Re: Membership # 21-116571 Gerald R. Poissant and Susan B. Cope On or about February 15, 2018 we submitted a search request through Interval International for a unit in the Kona Coast Resort during a certain period of time. On April 17, 2018 we received a confirmation from Interval International...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare scammers

Rebecca Ransom on May 11, 2018

We attended this presentation without the intention of buying anything. They completely misled us. What was supposed to have been 1.5 hour presentation, turned out to be a full day out of our vacation. They made it seem that it would be so cheap to get into a timeshare. They showed us a...

Diamond Resorts International / my entitled vacation

rrcar on Apr 10, 2018

My complaint is being denied my right to vacation time. I inherited this property in 2015. As it is my responsibility to pay the fees I did. At that time I had to fight for my points was given 3500 bill was paid. Later 2016 called requesting my rollover they couldn't find me. So I updated...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare/ sampler package

Erin28 on Apr 3, 2018

On Sunday March 25th, 2018 we entered the Circus Circus Hotel and were greeted by a Diamond Resorts International representative. He ushered us to the desk and another representative talked us into attending a 120 minutes time share presentation. For this we had to put down a $40 deposit...

Diamond Resorts International / membership fraud

Leonid Bragarnik on Feb 24, 2018

In August 2017 I was notified of my membership suspension even I have proof from my bank my dues was paid on time. After I contacted reservation desk agent told me my membership was canceled two years ago. I try to reach supervisor or manager without any success for over a year and every...

Diamond Resorts International / diamond resorts international

Blondell on Feb 16, 2018

I have some concerns with my timeshare. I went to a promotion in November 2016, I was pressured into buying a higher priced timeshare than I already had. Than in December 2017, I took one of the vacations with my points. I was only on a 4 day vacation and the sales people wasted a half a...

Diamond Resorts / luxury sampler

Joyce Gatson on Jan 16, 2018

I am unable to book cruises or luxury hotels because I have to do it through diamond resorts website and we are locked out of being able to use it for some unknown reason. I have been trying for the last two months to get the issue resolved. I can't get past a supervisor and the supervisor...