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DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)Beware of DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

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DHI is claiming to have a patented procedure (unique method) of hair replacement (hair transplant) in India.
The truth is that it is nothing but FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method which is performed by several other doctors and companies in India and across the world. FUE method on its own have some serious limitations and once must learn them loud and clear!

DHI is claiming this procedure to be a Non-Surgical (Cosmetic) procedure.
It is a complete lie. The truth is that, it’s a Surgery performed by plastic surgeons after giving anaesthesia. It is a matter of common sense that without performing surgery how can a surgeon remove and plant follicles from and into human scalp!! Yes the surgeries in last 5 years have gone to a different level and its much more harmless and simpler but to call it Non-Surgical is a big huge fat lie!!

DHI is claiming this procedure to be a NO TOUCH procedure.
A big marketing gimmick and a blatant lie. How can anyone remove and plant follicles without a surgical equipment touching your scalp? Are they trying to say that they don’t touch your scalp with their hands? If yes, then wherever in the world FUE or FUT methods are performed all the doctors and companies plant follicles without touching your scalp with hands and only using surgical equipments anyways!!

DHI is claiming that there will be no scars.
All the doctors in India and abroad when they perform FUE method it create small dots and FUT method a fine line, there are no scars anyways. And the fine line or dots are only slightly visible if you shave your head so Its not something new or different what DHI is claiming or doing.

For anyone undergoing Hair Replacement (Hair Transplant) procedure the ultimate role is played by a Doctor more then a method or a company. Bottom line is how skilful, artistic and experienced the doctor is and how many surgeries the doctor has performed and what kind of final results he has achieved. That matters the most and not the method!! DHI has recruited 3-5 newly passed outs doctors in India to perform FUE method, who are only trained for 6 months and these doctors have no or very limited experience and track record! Do you want to risk a surgery with new kid on the block which will determine how will you eventually look for the rest of your life?!! Think twice!!!

Giving more importance to the Method then a Doctor!!
DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is a company and the procedure they perform is FUE method. By calling their procedure DHI procedure they are trying to misguide people of India. As they have Non-experience doctors, they are trying to promote FUE method as DHI method but they don’t tell any patients know as to which doctor would be performing the procedure!! Yet again, question of common sense that the maximum importance should be given to the Doctor, his experience, his track record, his own end results and many more areas related to his background and not to FUE method performed by DHI.

The biggest limitation of DHI and in what they perform which is FUE method is that in 1 session they are not able to plant more then 3, 000 hair! More then 90% doctors across the world disapprove FUE method and the reason is every human is born with approximately 100, 000 hair. The area which is prone to hair loss (Top of the head) has 50, 000 to 60, 000 hair. If a person has lost even 20% to 100% hair on top of his scalp that means (minimum of 15, 000 to 50, 000 hair), DHI can only give you 2500 to 3000 hair back!!! Million dollar question is that what about the remaining 12, 000 to 47, 000 hair??!! How will you get that back?!! Can 3, 000 hair compensate the actual requirement of 15, 000 or 50, 000 hair?!! How would you style your hair with 2500 to 3000 hair when the requirement is of 40, 000 to 50, 000 hair?

The other big limitation of DHI is they are only able to plant new hair through FUE (DHI method) where the follicles are dead in bald areas. They are not able to save your existing hair which you’re born with!!. So tomorrow if you get 3, 000 new hair, what about the areas where you still have your own natural hair? How will you save it? Tomorrow if you start losing your own hair, it will start developing very ugly looking patches on your scalp. The last thing you want is to have ugly looking patches on your scalp! Imagine your appearance with patchy scalp?!!!

DHI is hiding a very important point from all the clients and doing something which is highly unethical. In FUE method (So called DHI method), the wastage of follicles is minimum 20% to 25%. That means if they remove 100 hair follicles, they are planting only 75 to 80 hair on your scalp but they are hiding this from client. A minimum of 20% or more is wasted in the process and are not replanted! When a client is under anaesthesia, he does not realise what is removed and planted and what is wasted!! But when it comes to charging people they charge people on the basis of what they have removed, and not on the basis of what they have planted!! That means if 3, 000 follicles are removed, less then 2400 are planted and 600 or more are wasted but you’re asked to pay for 3, 000 which is highly unethical.

From a client’s point of view every human has a limited amount of hair at the back of their head (donor area), which can be planted on the top of their scalp. So why would you want to waste 25% of your own follicles after they are removed which are priceless. At the same time why would you want to pay for something which is not even planted? Rather what is wasted?!!

Budget wise DHI is charging Rs.100 to Rs.150 per hair follicle. That means to get 3, 000 hair you will be spending a minimum of Rs. 3 lacs to 4 lacs but you will only get 2400 or less hair on top of your scalp. Lets go back to the fact that if you need 40, 000 to 50, 000 hair on top to restore your appearance and if you only get 2400 hair after spending more then 3 lacs, what results and satisfaction would you get? If you want 40, 000 hair, will you spend 40 to 60 lacs ($100, 000 USD)? Even if you want to spend 1 crore rupees to get a full head of hair, unfortunately no doctor and no company can remove and plant that many hair on top as clinically its proven that your donor area in 1 session of surgery will only allow 2500 to 3000 hair through FUE method and 5000 to 6000 hair through FUT method but not more. You can always do multiple sessions of surgeries but maximum through FUE method you can get 8, 000 to 9, 000 hair and FUT 9, 000 to 15, 000 hair but they cannot fulfil a requirement of 50, 000 hair.

Virendra Sehwag is DHI’s biggest lie on the basis of which people are misguided in 3 major areas.

- Virendra Sehwag only got 2800 to 3000 hair at the front through FUE (DHI method) so he only from the front he looks as if he has full head of hair but when you see him from the sides or back he is still more then half bald and when he bowls in any cricket match, you can see his bald areas that are clearly visible.

- The pictures used by DHI in magazines and newspapers is only from the front and is computerised otherwise we all know how he looks today!!

- In Virendra Sehwag’s TV commercials they use wig to cover his bald areas at the back (crown area) but when he is on the cricket field and is bowling, we all can see that he is more then half bald!

The truth is that Virendra Sehwag’s surgery was performed by doctor called Dr. Eleftherios Papanikolaou who used to come to India from Greece but even he could only give Sehwag less then 25% of his hair back compare to what was required and he is still more then half bald. The bigger truth is that Dr. Papanikolaou no longer comes to India to perform surgeries. Why is DHI showing results of Virendra Sehwag to India of a doctor who doesn’t even come to India? Why are they trying to sell their highly new and inexperienced doctors by showing results of a completely different doctor?

DHI is claiming to perform surgeries for many bollywood actors but can someone ask them for a proof ? These are all false claims. If they have performed surgeries for even a single bollywood actor, why are they not using the name of the actor, his before and after results, pictures in newspapers and magazines. Why are they only using false and unethical images of Virendra Sehwag?

India, beware of DHI. This company by franchising the business to make money is misguiding Indian people in countless areas like

• Calling FUE method DHI method
• Trying to hide serious limitations of this method including the wastage of follicles.
• Promoting 4-5 inexperienced doctors who are newly passed outs and hiding these serious facts from people.
• Hiding the wastage of follicles part and charging people on something which is not even planted!
• Hiding a million $$$$ fact that after spending 3 to 5 lakhs rupees you will only get 2500 to 3000 hair and they will not be enough to restore your appearance!
• Showing Sehwag’s computerised image when the truth is he is still more then 50% bald!
• Hiding the truth about who performed Sehwag’s surgery to promote inexperienced doctors.
• False claims about bollywood and other people without having any proofs!


  • Th
    thamxy Jun 13, 2019

    I just did hair transplant at DHI Clinic Malaysia and it was awesome.
    You can find all the details at my blog (
    Cheers :)

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  • Pr
    Prav00001 Nov 22, 2018

    Guys...I have undergone a hair transplant at DHI recently...They have promised me 4k hairs costing 3.2Lakh to cover my front area.I borrowed here and there to arrange the money and paid them because I was planning to get married.

    Looking at the transplanted area, I don't think they have transplanted 4k hairs.looking at the transplanted area, I can guess easily that they have given me 1k hairs or less than that but they charged me for 4k hairs.

    It's completely big fraud to steal the earned money from you.never ever go to DHI.

    If u r planning for a hair transplant, count the number of hairs and grafts in the operation theater after extraction and before transplanting the hairs.

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  • Pr
    Pranitrs Oct 09, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went for a DHI session in June 2017, the extraction and the procedure were seemless. However the results after a year and a half not very promising. My issue with them is that when i was consulting in gurgaon, the doctor the told me they would cover the entire scalp, hwever on the day of the procedure the surgeon told me that they would only cover the frontal part. He told me this after trimming my hair down. As i was very nervous i agreed. today the frontal part is well covered but the crown and other parts are empty.

    In the follow up the consultant doctor in gurgaon asked me to go for another session. i was like WTF, you charge me for a mega session a year back 2.5 lacs and now another 2.5 lacs? i refused.

    All in all the procedure was good, but they are very manipulative and cheat gullible patients. Now i am not sure what is should do. My advise is go for a senior doctor and not the brand. Lesson learnt!

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  • Sa
    Sahil Aneja Sep 23, 2018

    I am very surprised to read what others have posted on this forum. I was also amongst those men who lost their hair quite early, to be precise, when I was 28. From my own experience, I can say that hair transplant is not a scam and especially not if you are getting it done from DHI.

    I am not sure if all the people who have posted their comments have really got a transplant or are just circulating fake information.

    To help you make the right choice related to hair transplants, I’d tell you my story and you can then decide on your own.

    In the year 2012, I started losing hair rapidly and consulted a lot of doctors for the same. The situation was so bad that the first thing people noticed about me was my receding hairlines. Honestly speaking, there can be nothing worse for a 28-year-old than losing hair and especially at the time when you are taking off in your career.

    The treatment with minoxidil and other medicines helped controlling hair fall up to a certain extent but they were not enough to regrow my lost hair back.

    Having faced enough, I decided to get a hair transplant done.

    After Googling day and night, I understood how a hair transplant is done and also that there are a plethora of clinics out there providing the same with different techniques and at different prices.

    I must tell you that choosing the best hair transplant clinic for myself was one of the toughest decisions of my life.
    After I decided to get a hair transplant done, I made calls to several clinics to understand the procedure. I even took 2-3 consultations but I was not able to make up my mind to choose which clinic to get my hair transplant done from. They were all selling FUT and FUE which were quite invasive and risky surgeries (as I could understand from my own personal research).

    Having hair was the most important thing then but not at the cost of compromising my safety and giving permanent scars to my head.

    After 2-3 months, I heard of DHI through a friend of mine whose brother got his hair transplant done from the same. He was all in praise for the clinic and recommended me the same. He stressed so much to book a consultation that I couldn’t say NO! (Thankfully this was a wise decision which I realized later).

    The moment I entered the DHI Delhi clinic, there was nothing ordinary. The place itself narrated the story of its excellence. Friendly staff, great infrastructure, advanced equipment etc.

    The moment I sat for consultation, a scalp test i.e. alopecia test was conducted on my scalp right in front of my eyes. Unlike other clinics who proposed me to get 5000 hairs without any test and quoted a price, DHI did not do that.

    They showed me my donor area, the feasibility of taking out hair from there, the recipient area and made some calculations by making grids on my scalp. They advised me that approx 3500 hair would be sufficient to cover the bald areas and getting a perfect hairline.

    The other thing I found different in DHI from rest of the clinics was that they guaranteed a graft survival ratio of 90-95% whereas the other clinics were saying 50% graft survival ratio.

    The consultation went well and by the end of it, I had decided to take my hair transplant from DHI.

    I was not given a cost randomly. With their comprehensive diagnosis test, they checked the type of alopecia I was suffering from, what grade of baldness I was having, how many hairs were required, how many hairs could be taken out so that there were no problems in the future and based on all of these, I was given a price.

    On the day of the procedure, local anaesthesia was used on the head (donor area and recipient area) and the procedure went very well. It took somewhere around 5 hours to complete the procedure and I could go home the very next moment.

    The procedure was absolutely painless, in fact, I was fully conscious and working on my emails. I got no scars, no stitches on my head and I could resume work right from the next day.

    DHI is procedure is not just extremely advanced but is completely hassle-free as well.

    To all those, suffering from hair loss, please book one consultation at DHI before you go anywhere else! I think you can pay that amount if you are ready to pay lakhs for a hair transplant. There’s absolutely no harm!

    With the little research that I did before getting a hair transplant done from DHI, here are few points:
    1. Most of the other clinics do not have a proper diagnosis system in place and propose treatment based on limited information and diagnostic tools. They are not able to diagnose the alopecia type and give a transplant which eventually fails because all kinds of alopecia cannot be treated through a hair transplant. There is no mathematical aspect to the diagnostics to identify the exact requirement and feasibility of hair transplant.

    2. Hair transplant at the majority of the clinics is done by doctors who are not either qualified or trained to perform hair transplants. The procedures are performed by assistants/nurses, Homeopathy doctors, Gynaecologists, Dentists etc and hence have no formal training in doing a hair transplant procedure.

    3. These doctors have no hair transplant certification making them medically unsafe. In their effort to learn and master the art of hair transplant and they spoil a lot of cases.

    4. Almost all other clinics use motorised extraction machines for extraction of hair. This causes lifelong scarring to the donor area and there is a significant transection loss due to the heat generated by the drill.

    5. Some clinics use and re-use the instruments meant for single use, jeopardising the medical safety of the patient.

    6. Majority of them do not guarantee their results and assure a graft survival rate of only 50% whereas DHI guarantees 97% graft survival rate.

    There is a big market of clinics offering hair transplant clinics but before investing anywhere, please think about your health, safety of the scalp and results. I hope you can now make a better decision for yourself.


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  • As
    Ashraf91 Aug 13, 2018

    Hi guys,
    I am planning to do FUE.
    Can anyone suggest me the best doctor in Chennai/Bangalore?
    [email protected]

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  • Di
    Diksha Grover Jun 12, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DHI involves a normal hair implantation treatment procedure, like any other treatment. If there is no successful growth rate in your hair after getting the DHI treatment done, then that’s not the doctor’s fault. That’s because your body is probably short of the essential nutrition it needs on time, or probably your body is not allowing for the treatment you are undergoing. You should be careful about your body post the treatment and follow every single instruction prescribed by the doctor so that you don’t encounter side effects or any kind of post-treatment problems.
    Even I visited Dr. Viral Desai for my hair treatment and am quite happy with the results. Its all about how you follow good diet habits, a healthy regime and doctor’s instructions post seeking a treatment. The doctor is not at fault if good results don’t follow the treatment. You can blame the doctor if by chance, he has not performed the treatment well or if he has fooled you for money. You simply cannot blame the doctor for no growth of your hair or hair-fall post-treatment; that’s actually your body’s fault for not accepting the treatment.
    In my opinion, it was worth giving US$30000 to Dr. Viral Desai as I got my hair back after sometimes. DHI technique really worked for me. And the best part is his team, they are very supportive and positive that they do not let you down. I am very happy with this, and of course, if some will ask me DHI treatment my response will always positive for them because I have seen results in front of eyes.
    Moreover, if the hair treatment does not work it is not a fault of the doctor it totally depends upon your body and eating habits of you. The hair, the skin these are natural being you cant do anything. If the medicines and treatment Is not working its because your body is not accepting that medicine or so. Dr. Viral Desai is an excellent doctor and is a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery, he is one of the renowned whose results are in front of everybody. Its all about the healthy and natural care that is to be taken.


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  • Ra
    Rahil.Hanif May 22, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dr Viral Desai Reviews. I was loosing hair badly and it had been a nightmare. I was loosing confidence and those bald patches had kept me away from meeting people. While searching for the effective hair transplantation on internet, I came across CPLSS. After consultation, I was recommended for Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) by the Doctor. I underwent the procedure without any pain & scar and I was back to work in few days. It’s been almost few months I have started seeing the results. CPLSS gave me my hair and confidence back

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  • Ma
    Macmil18 Apr 21, 2018

    I agreee with the comments above, DHI Glasgow claim to implant 3000 hairs with over 90% success rate. This is far from the truth, I had a no shave procedure and results are terrible. My hair is actually worse now than it was before the procedure after 12 months. They claim that because of the patented procedure there is no shock loss, again far from the truth. Beware of having a transplant with DHI as they do not implant enough hairs to account for shock loss or even cover up bald spots. Hence you will need to go back for more transplants again and again.

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  • Ka
    Kaberaglobal Aug 14, 2017
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    Hi, Thanks Sharing of this useful information. if are you find a best DHI Clinic in Delhi. You can go a best kabera Global Centre in Delhi provide an affordable budget treatment and get the best quality results. There are many professional surgeon doctors available they give you a free consultation before your Hair Transplant. For better more info regarding visit us :

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  • Ma
    MartinDe May 26, 2017

    A terrible customer experience... I came here for an appointment this year and paid the £100 consultation fee. I was told my DNA results would be back within 4 weeks. Over 2 months later and nothing. The I reveive a text saying they will be with you shortly but we will require another sample :-)

    I wouldn't have minded the delay (sometimes this is understandable) however, numerous of my emails were ignored and when I phoned i was told I'd be called back several times and never was. I would consider VERY carefully before using London branch as if they can't get something as simple as day to day customer service and admin right - would you let them loose on your hair???? No refund yet either!

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  • El
    Elahe Anvary Feb 08, 2017
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    Verified customer

    thank you for sharing this informative article. for learn more about hair transplant, check out this website:

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  • Hu
    humbolt Sep 01, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Dear Coolguy786, your post has given me a lot of relief. There seems to be positive and negative reviews on Dr. Viral Desai's clinic and procedure. It does not matter. The negative reviews seem to be much more & seem more genuine than the positive (possibly paid) reviews on this board. You just have saved me a lot of trouble, money and angst. Taken in by the ad, I had visited the place in the suburb of Mumbai a few weeks ago for a consultation. While sitting, I heard a poor lady grumbling about the treatment. This was the first setback. Thereafter, I was asked to consult with a junior doctor, who led me through a standard powerpoint. This denigrated the FUE process and claimed that the DHI one is superior. Acutally, both seem similar and if it is the question of a thinner pen type apparatus, beats me why others cannot have the same. After this sitting, I was asked to see the good rotund doctor, who seemed to put on a facade of being friendly before popping up the crucial point of how much it will cost for the therapy. The first quote was of INR 400, 000/- (roughly US $ 6500) for 2 sessions. When I winced, an one time special limited period offer of 25% discount was provided immediately. No harm in that but the entire thing seems like a drama and the doctor and everyone around seem like characters out of some comedy show rather than experts in trichology or transplants of any type.

    While stepping out I saw some people sitting in the reception with strange hairlines & that too made me decide firmly that I was better off with my bald pate than give it to some rookies cliaming to be experts to play around with!!! Enter this DHI clinic at your own risk

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  • Hu
    humbolt Aug 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Guys, thank you very much for the detailed eye opener about DHI in Mumbai. There seem to be positive and negative views about DHI in Mumbai. It is definitely possible that the positive reviews are paid reviews and also possible that these could be genuine. However, if there are so many negative reviews of actual patients, it also means that the success rate is very, very low (even if the positive reviews are genuine).
    I did visit DHI recently, taken in by the ads. The walkthrough was similar to what many have described here. Moreover, a poor old lady was also in the reception when I visited and grumbling all along how she was not at all satisfied (not sure what her procedure was). I also saw some people who had undergone the procedure sitting for some follow up treatment and they looked rather funny with the tufts of the hair on their head and it seemed like their hair was thinning rather than having a dense mop of hair (which is what one would expect after such a process). There was however one guy whose hair looked good and the doctor asked me to look him up while going out. I did and with years of experience in human behavior, I can say, he looked like a prop there - a good synchonized prop to walk in at the right time to impress gullible & prospective customers. On the cost, I was quoted INR 400, 000 for 2 sessions & when I cringed, the cost immediately came down to INR 300, 000 with a limited time offer. After going through the reviews here, hearing the grumbling at the clinic, seeing in person the tops of people who have undergone the procedure, I would definitely not risk showing my head to such clinics. Thanks for saving my head & remaining hair from DHI in Mumbai!! Very useful review. God Bless you!!

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  • Mr
    Mrs Mullic May 17, 2016

    Hi guys i was suffering with female pattern baldness, I was worried as i was loosing hair n it was affecting my married life as i was getting bald...I went to DHI kolkata and met their team. Each and every staff of DHI Kolkata was so patient. then i met the consultant and i went for the treatment (PRP & Anangen lase therapy) and yes it worked and i am very happy with the results... i dun know y ppl are putting negative comments being an DHi patient i am very very happy. Thanks a ton DHI Team God Bless You all

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  • Na
    Navu Ghuman May 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
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    Hi DHI is the no. 1 Rated Company in todays' date, my cousin came all the way from New york to get his Hair transplant done and we visited several doctors, but atlast we made our mind Getting DHI done, now its been 1 year since he got his DHI Session done and he has got extremley Amazing results, and the results are so natural that nobody can make out that he was bald earlier, so guys do visit ur nearest DHI Centres once atleast for the consultation or to get your younger looks back..Cheers to DHI...Keeping Rocking

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  • Ko
    kool KMS Dec 06, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I did a DHI at Viral Desais Clinic in mid 2015 and all I can say is that he has cheated by over charging and no results. Also, he has such attitude that he wont even spare more than a minute during the transplantation procedure or during your follow-up with him.

    As per my experience, I would advise to not even consider hair transplantation at Viral Desai clinic. His doctors are completely inexperienced and learners, Also I have seen a person who is not a doctor guiding patients and advising which medicines to take.

    Pls Avoid and dont repeat the mistake I did

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  • Ic
    Iceycold Nov 11, 2015

    I went through dhi Athens for my hair transplant after having door poor standard of work done by another clinic in the uk Wakefield albeit hope road !! they Wher excellent from start to Finnish at dhi on the follow up I said I thought I might have got a bit more density in the front they booked me in again free off charge to have it re done. Do disagreeing with me or any thing I was really impressed. Dhi are after my experiences with other hair transplants clinics are the best and I recommend them to anyone considering one.

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  • Aj
    ajays1111 Oct 30, 2015

    dear friends

    its true that DHI is nothing but a fraud company.Their partner VCARE has left them because of the serious infections they got post surgery.Their hydrabad franchise left them twice.First elite hair studio and then Vcare.Ahemdabad and Goa clinic closed down.They are just changing franchise over franchise.Actually they are franchise selling company.DHI will shut its shop down very soon.They dont have even single competent doctors.All their celebrities are getting their hair transplant repair from different companies.Gautam gambhir from advanced hair studio and amit mishra from alvi armani.Their own paid celebrities are not getting procedure from them.Imagine others.
    Most of the good comments are written by their own hiered agency.None of them were patients.

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  • Sh
    Shai Singh Aug 23, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DHI India trains foreign doctors in Delhi and Kolkata. These doctors do NOT have licence to work in India so it it completely ILLEGAL, and they are training on Indians so be very careful. DHI India is great with marketing but there is nothing special with what they do except they lie there is to charge a lot of money.

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  • Ga
    Garrynz Aug 22, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To some extent I agree with the writer and his claims. On the other side the article seems very biased. I must say FUE doesn't need general anaesthesia (only local) so the whole time you would know what's happening with your hair. Its a entirely individual choice what procedure FUT or FUE to chose according to individual needs. Any hair transplant procedure involves art and skills, it's the Surgeon who is more important than a brand. Please do lots of research and consultation before deciding on a surgeon/procedure. All the best 😀

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  • St
    Stan Evans Jun 22, 2015

    I had DHI treatment two years ago, 3000 removed and implanted. I looked at alternatives in India and London and after a consultation with Dr Viral I went ahead. It was an excellent decision. they were absolutely professional and the result was even better than I expected. I would recommend them to any one considering a hair transplant, and in fact have referred over ten people to them. The negative comments made on this blog are not representative of the true quality of the treatment given, fast speed of recovery and wonderful final result. They really are the best!

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  • Am
    amitsharma12 Mar 25, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wow, you saved my money bro .

    thanks a lot

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  • Ha
    Hardeepwalia Feb 19, 2015

    I differ from such a negative copy paste statement, my brother got DHI treatment done from Delhi and he has got wonderful results. The doctors told us everything clearly like how many hairs can be transplanted, by when can we see a clear visible growth of new hairs. Also most importantly they educated us like how to take proper care of our hairs so that they remain healthy. we went to many other clinics who do hair transplant but none of them could give us any assurance on the survival of transplanted hairs. Finally we landed up at DHI, all our doubts were answered properly and the results are fantastic.
    All that was promised has been delivered. Very Happy with the results, my brother is now a much more confident person. Thanks to DHI

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  • Le
    Letsroll Feb 18, 2015

    I am from Mumbai and am suffering from a common issue - male pattern alopecia - which means my hair can never grow naturally -unless transplanted. I am glad i came across this forum and so many comments posted on the subject. An unsatisfactory result after paying so much is certainly going to make any one livid.

    For the past 1 month, i have met many many hair transplant companies/ doctors including DHI in Mumbai. Here is my analysis on extensive research and experience during consultation -

    1. More than the technique, its your doctor's experience and ethical practice that counts. So i agree with what the other comments have to say on this.

    2. Even if an experienced plastic surgeon / doctor, avoid FUT as its after effects have been complained off by lot of people. Its unpleasant and leaves a permanent continuous patch in the donor area. I know that other hair at the back may hide, but the idea of having a scar forever is very disturbing. After all you are going for the treatment to look and feel good. Its the same feeling like you knowing your pant is torn in the wrong area and also knowing that its not normally visible to others - but do you really get comfortable then ?

    3. FUE vs DHI - I agree its one and the same with may be a slight difference in the equipment that is used for implantation - which in case of DHI is a pen like implanter. On the internet and also upon consultation, no one has really been able to tell me whats the exact difference. It is being promoted however that DHI has "100% guaranteed" results than FEU. Now whether 100% guaranteed means 100% scalp covering or 100% in what actually has been operated- needs to be answered.

    In promoting DHI as a painless procedure, there are videos on youtube which show FUT being carried out where there is a lot of blood and lots of scissors. Its just like how you use filming techniques to screw with one's mind. Its after all a surgery which will have blood involved. But the commentary behind makes you feel that people who have done FUT have actually been butchered. The result - you are driven to other techniques like FUE/DHI. Its a common trick - you want to look good in the picture, stand next to a horrible looking person.
    And yes, by the way, DHI looks like a surgery too. There are DHI video's online, which do involve cutting and making holes which also bleed.

    4. Results - I think we all would agree that DHI is a less difficult way compared to FUE and FUT. Cost wise, DHI is twice costlier than other techniques. The 1st big comment in the post, speak about requirement of 50, 000 hair while actually what happens is much less. I would not agree because, 50, 000 hair would be something where there is a lot of baldness over the crown. But, would you need 50, 000 hair for type II and type III as shown in the picture? I guess not. However, it does not take away a valid point that coolguy 786 has made - what if you lost further hair? One will have to personally consider case by case basis, that once you get the implant, hair will be on that spot for ever, but if you continue to bald in other areas, whether you will be ok with the look? whether you will look weird? I have situation type II and III right now, if i get it filled, i may bald towards the frontal scalp, may be i may not look patchy.

    5. The money and marketing scam - yes DHI has been marketing aggressively. But they have been very clever in their advertisements. See any of their advertisements, they will show Sehwag, but they will not say that Delhi/ Mumbai/ Bangalore etc units of DHI India have done the procedure on Sehwag. I was however, told by the consultant at Dr Viral Desai's clinic that Sehwag has got his grafting done by Dr Viral Desai. Which is not the truth as we all know. Bring chutput actors like Gaurav Gera, Ghajani and main stream actors who are not a style icon such as Govinda and Raj Babbar and you got a perfect propaganda for stressed people who are bald or are balding. Thats what DHI in India is doing. Here is what happens is Mumbai. You got to DHI clinic in Santacruz. They make you fill a form. Then you go to their junior doctor who is clearly inexperienced but a seasoned consultant (if you know what i mean) who asks you the right questions - is this hereditary, what medicines you take, any illnesses etc. But all through her questions, its clear - she care too hoots about the answers as she is ready to shoot her mugged presentation. She will tell you all what you already know - i assume you would be doing your internet based research before going for any consultation. Then, they click your picture and tell you what you know- "here is where you have thin hair and here is where you are very bad!" Then you will be told a very common line which is told in every hair transplant institute - "you have very good donor area" - i.e. you have good amount of hair at the back of your head (from where the follicles are extracted). Well don't we all have?

    Then you are left to meet Dr Desai for your questions, which you obviously don't have remaining as you have done your own research and the remaining the consultant has reaffirmed in her consultation. Now you know that you want a transplant (as she has told you without any further analysis such as fungal test etc). Whats left? Know what will be the damage. That Dr Desai will tell you. I am not saying anything against Dr Desai - he has done these procedures many a times so he knows about it. But at the end of the day, he is the only one in Mumbai to be doing DHI - and he does it for film actors and sportsmen - remember? So, he tells you how many follicles you need to be extracted and how much will it cost. I got a whooping number + a treatment called PRP, to hold (not cure as it can't be) further balding at other areas. PRP will need to be done once in a year which costs 30K. My feeling is that the numbers which were told to me, were not on any basis of calculation but just a random pick. I am sure it differs for different people. Wonder why DHI has very limited affiliations in India. Clearly, you can make a lot of money if you are a DHI guy. I can't understand why it is so expensive when it requires only plucking and implanting with a pen - and that too manually. Its after all not surgery like FUT. Clearly, its primarily the luxury cost that one is paying.

    So should i go or not - I think the comments in the forum are good enough to take an informed decision. The fact is, there is no cure for baldness other than implant. You may have to finally assume a risk of trusting a doctor and pre consider an appetite for 70% results of what is promised (if you get more- its icing on the cake, isn't it?) and be ready of not getting into math about the money. Broadly, DHI is costlier (more than twice) than FUE (which usually costs between 32-55 rs depending upon the company).

    Bottom line - If you can pay, you may get some hair than nothing. Whether you are ok with it? Remember, it won't cure any further possibility of baldness in other areas. Also, consider whether transplantation is your occupational requirement?

    If you have a bald patch, you can, till you completely grow bald, use hair fibre like toppik etc. These hide your bald patch and you do feel confident. Try look for hair fibre online which is ammonia free. Ask your friends and family in US/UK to get them for you. You will get them cheaper and better products. I use hair fibre. And it works.

    But if you are really going to be a clean slate at the end of the day- you can still look good. If you are in good shape, if you eat the right food. You have examples of bald celebrities like- Jason Statham (47), Vin Diesel (47), Bruce Willis (59), Dwane Johnson (the rock - 42), Billy Zane (49), Mark Strong (51), Pitbull (34), Ben Kingsley and many many more.

    Hope this is of some help. I am seriously reconsidering whether i need a transplant (and i aspire to be a main stream actor, i will be! ) -- cheers !

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  • Fs
    FSAHEB Nov 09, 2014

    Guys, I guess no hair transplant clinic tells the truth how many grafts they are plucking and harvesting, I am sure 25% to 50% they charge you extra. There are guys like MAXIM in Dubai, horrible. They are frauds and results are horrible. Even I observed that the doctors who do the hair transplant are themselves bald and upon enquiry I came to know their surgery is not successful. This is now fooling and money minting business. I know these clinics are minting in millions of dollars every year. Many unethical clinics are mushrooming in UAE like MAXIM. Be aware of these.

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  • Su
    suren colombo Oct 27, 2014

    hi all, I had DHI session in colombo as soon as they open, now its 4 months & i can see my hair growth . they are very good in both hospitality and taking care of the customers . would recommend to anyone. i paid about USD 3000 . Suren

    3 Votes
  • Fs
    FSAHEB Oct 21, 2014

    MAXIM is a big liar who cheat their clients by transplanting only few hair. They have taken cost for 2600 but I found only they have transplanted maximum 1, 000 hair. There is a guy who is a big liar in their clinic. No follow up post hair transplant. They are just making money by lies. I am really upset over my hair transplant done there.

    1 Votes
  • Si
    siva 222 Oct 15, 2014

    chennai best dhi clinic pl;z tell me

    2 Votes
  • As
    as1986 Sep 16, 2014

    I'm a victim of DHI and completely agree with the article. I can confirm that DHI is nothing more than the FUE technique marketed in a different way. Here is my experience; I have a full head of hair but mild recession at the tempal areas therefore I only needed a small session. First of all, the bruising - it is far worse than displayed in the DHI website pictures, my forehead was dark purple, I looked as if I had been in a fight! Furthermore, the brusing takes way longer to clear up than DHI state, it honestly takes about 2 weeks to return to an acceptable level - but is still visable. In all, it took my bruising 1 month to disappear - with the aid of a topical steroid healing cream! I Even though all I required was a small session, I got nowhere near the quoted number of hairs for extraction / replant and I know this because I counted during the extraction phase. The 'surgeon' extracted only 300 hairs when it should have been at least 600. Then during the implant phase only 237 went in. Neadless to say, although my tempal areas have been moderatly addressed, the hair density is nowhere near what it should be and looks 'thining' compared to the rest of my hair. Now lets talk about the hair it's self, I have dark blonde hair but the hair that was implanted into my scalp was blatantly BLACK! This resulted in me having a black / shadowy rim roud my hairline - this was very obvious in pictures. It has led me to believe that the hair implanted in my head was actually someone else's. I have been told this is impossible as the DNA wouldn't match and my body would reject the hair but the hair is BLACK and is / has been growing from day 1. Then there is the cost, I was quoted 2600 GBP;s which I paid in full. However, what they didn't tell me is that it was 2, 600 per visit. After the procedure I was told I would need to return for another session to increase density and possibly another session after that. Now the true cost is closer to 10k! Neadless to say I did not return. I will end by describing the 'surgeon'. Whilst in the seating area waiting to be taken to the surgery room, a scruffy, greasy Eastern Europen from what looked like Romania walked past me - I assumed he was part of the cleaning staff. You can imagine my horror when I was escorted to the surgery room - the door opens and there he is but now wearing a white gown! At that point I would have walked away had it not been for the fact you forfit 50% of the cost of the procedure if you do so! DHI is a massive scam - stay away!

    -4 Votes
  • Sa
    Sachin Nag Aug 04, 2014

    Can any one suggest good hair transplant clinic in chennai

    -1 Votes
  • Dh
    DHIVICTIM Jun 05, 2014

    Anyone who is planning to get HT done from DHI - Do not waste your money !! I got this done from DHI-Mumbai in 2011 after meeting Viral Crook Desai.In the pre-surgery meeting, he had told me these things - 1. 2000 grafts will be sufficient for good density in the bald portion(I had hair loss only in the front portion) 2. The surgery will be done by Mr Viral himself 3. It will be incision free, painless ..blah - blah. Agreed amount(after special discounts by Mr Viral) - 3, 30, 000. I was foolish enough to spend my hard earned money(more than 3 lakhs :( ), and to trust those fraudsters. For the above three points, what actually happened was - 1. Instead of 2000 grafts, people(not Doctors for sure) who were doing surgery were talking about 2000 hair(not grafts, for which I have been charged) 2. Mr Viral showed up only for 2 mins exactly, looked at my hair and said to his bunch of crooks, that "Yes, Donor Area is Good". Thats it, and then disappeared. I asked the staff, and they said that he had gone for some other surgery. 3. How the hell did I believe before that it would be painless !! Anesthesia was applied thrice by the doctors, and there was blood and injury marks in the donor area(heavy antibiotics for 1 week, swelling on face for 1 week and pain and injury marks for 3 weeks). And now the final result - Yes hair did come, I would say around [protected] max. But the density is so poor that it looks like a spider's web. The whole experience was very-very dissapointing, and all I am left with is extreme anger against DHI, and very few hair :) Guys, after all this experience and some R&D, I can surely say, DHI is FUE with 5 times cost and performed by inexperienced ###s. Each and every word written above is true, you can contact me on [email protected] I wish I had seen this forum earlier :(

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  • Ma
    Manavseva Oct 27, 2017

    @DHIVICTIM This doctor is accused for molestation under 354 - Dr Viral Crook Desai

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  • Ra
    Rahil.Hanif May 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Manavseva Top 10 Dr Viral Desai Hair Transplant Reviews

    About Dr. Viral Desai – M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S.

    He always saw himself becoming a best surgeon. Even as a child growing up in Mumbai, India, Dr. Viral Desai always dreamt of becoming a doctor. He grew up in a family of doctors – all specialists in their respective fields. His father, Dr. Ramesh Desai, was a Radiologist and Sonologist; Dr. Sarla Desai, his mother, is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.

    Dr. Desai charted his dream and graduated from medical school (MBBS) from L.T.M.M. College, Sion. He then joined residency in General Surgery and Oncosurgery at Tata Hospital, KEM Hospital and Cooper Hospital. Soon thereafter, he took up the Super-Speciality in Plastic Surgery (M.S.) course at Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, for the sheer gratification of beautifying lives through aesthetic surgery and “promptly visible results” offered by plastic surgery.

    In the 21st century, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery has become the mantra for restoring youth, improving appearance, and enhancing confidence or simply to achieve a balanced, toned and proportionate body figure that you have always craved for. The rapid development in medical science has made cosmetic and plastic surgery deliver excellent results. However, it is essential that people interested in undertaking cosmetic treatments are provided the appropriate guidance and the best facilities required to assist them in achieving the desired results. It was this singular goal that initiated Dr. Viral Desai to establish Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Super Specialties (CPLSS).

    Dr. Desai is known for communicating with his patients to understand their real needs. “I talk to them at length to get a grasp of what they want”. He likes to screen his patients for “realistic expectations”, and is being prompt to tell patients if their expectations are unrealistic. He believes in giving his patients accurate and complete information of the procedures. Dr. Desai developed his sense of aesthetic surgery as a natural extension of his interest in art and drawing – having done Elementary and Intermediate courses in Art. Most important in a plastic surgeon, he feels, are “common sense and a good artistic inclination”.Dr. Desai is the Medical Director of CPLSS Mumbai and the founder, promoter and Medical Director of DHI in India. All DHI doctors in India are trained and certified by Dr. Desai. He is also the Director of Sarla Hospital and ICU and of Desai Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. In recognition of his achievements in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Desai was awarded the Icon of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in India Award in 2010 at the national level.

    Dr. Desai is a board-certified surgeon, M CH (Masters Super-speciality Degree) and D.N.B. (Diplomate of National Board) in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. These are the highest level of education degrees in the medical field. The D.N.B. qualification is recognized across all Commonwealth nations.

    Dr. Desai is member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS), CSI, Maharashtra Association of Plastic Surgeons, Consultants Association of India, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Santacruz Medical Association, General Practitioners Association and other associations.


    We publish a review only after the informed consent of the concerned patient. The reviews listed below do show the satisfaction of the patients from the work done by Mr. Desai

    Mr. Govinda(Actor)

    In 2012 Mr. Govinda a Veteran Actor had hair transplant, performed by “the Greek Method” which was executed by Dr Desai. He said that “Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head?”

    Mr. Prabhjot Singh(NationalHockey)

    “After hair transplant through DHI, I am very happy with the results”.

    Mr Virendra Sehwag (Indian Cricket Team)

    “To maintain the position of international cricketer is not that easy, it takes heat, sweat, stress, injuries and sometimes hair. But thanks to DHI, the latest technique of hair restoration, I got my hair back. Now, again I can feel the joy of comb, shampoo or style my hair just like before.”

    Mr. Gautam Gambhir (Indian cricket team)

    “After checking several methods of hair transplant, I trusted on DHI as it gives the best result, without any pain or embarrassment of stiches. It all happens in one single section and the results are AMAZING”

    Mr. Raj Babbar

    “Dear DR. Viral Desai,

    Thanks a lot. You gave me so much confidence before DHI (that) Ithelped me to take a fast decision and I am happy I took the right step. It was a nice experience and I amvery delight that as the result areexcellent.”

    Mr J.D Majethia

    “Thank you for getting my hair back! The results are wonderfull and I have been getting compliments for my new look. (I am) strongly thinking of a coming back for a second session.”

    Mr. Pradeep Rawat

    “Dear DR. Desai,

    I came to you as a bald man. You have restored my hair as well as my confidence. I am very happy with my hair restoration and their growth. Thank you for the wonderful result”

    Ms. Aahana kumra

    “I am very glad that I was recommended the meso& hair therapy by DR. Viral Desai for my hair. Over the past few years, I was experiencinghairfall which completely dampened my confidence since hair is considered every woman’s crown. But when I started the treatment, not only my hairfall reduced, but there has also been an improvement in the quality of my hair. I completely recommend this treatment to whoever has been experiencing the same.”

    Mr. Abdullah Fahad

    “I am very satisfied with the result. The procedure was good and executed professionaly. I had encouraging results within four months and hope to carry on as instructed.”

    Mr. Gaurav Gera

    I was a gone case — my hair was thinning. I was recommended to DR. Viral Desai by two of my friends from the TV industry. DR. Viral and DHI helped me get my hair back.

    The DHI procedure was virtually painless — I was listening to music, messaging friends on BBM and chatting with Dr. Viral during the procedure.The results were so good that my family, friends and colleagues were amazed. A few months after my procedure, I had a second DHI procedure with even better results. I am a very happy and satisfied client of Dr. Viral Desai and DHI, and strongly recommend Dr. Viral Desai and DHI to anyone who wishes to get his/her hair back.”

    Awards Received by DR. Viral Desai

    VIRAL COMPLETES DHI CERTIFIED SPECIALIST TRAINING, 2007. Dr. Viral Desai underwent an advanced DHI training module in Athens, Greece, with Dr. Anastasios Vekris — Medical Director of DHI Medical Group and Mr. KostantinosGiotis, Founder — DHI. Dr. Viral was awarded Medical Directorship of DHI for India.



    Pharma Leaders Super Brand Award & Recognition to Top Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon DR. Viral Desai on 30th dec 2015. Dr Viral Desai received the award at the platform where more than 300 healthcare leaders of the country were present in Mumbai

    For more information visit his review site

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  • Dh
    DHIVICTIM Jun 05, 2014

    Someone talked about 2 extreme reviews: The reason is the extremely good reviews are DHI guys and paid reviews.
    All the guys in pain are genuine are those who are suffering because of DHI thiefs.

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  • Ne
    Neeraj1919 May 03, 2014

    i agree with the article above very helpful indeed. check the credentials of doctor performing surgery & end results before parting with your hard earned money.

    -5 Votes
  • Sa
    sameer6398 Apr 24, 2014

    Those who are in india & planning to do hairtransplant I would recommend dr tejinder bhatti & dr arvind poswal.both are IAHRS & american hairloss society certified. Just google their names to know more about them.

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  • An
    anshukumar Jan 05, 2014

    I have undergone through FUT technique..I didnt believe that it will work but it worked..if FUT can give me result then FUE and DHI will give better result.I will also undergo through FUT or FUE .it doesnt mean that i didnt find the my look is well..2500 hair have been implanted on my scalp..but there is fine scar on my head..and I want to go through luxury order to getting better look than..when I had the hair..and i hope that it will work..

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  • Ro
    rohit bhalla Dec 17, 2013

    i am planning for HT from dr..dr. bishan mahadevia .can anybody share his experience with dr. bishan mahadevia in ahemdabad. my id is [email protected] my contact no.[protected] please advice.

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  • Ma
    MarcRodrigs Sep 10, 2013

    DHI is a global failure and in all countries EXCEPT India, they are into huge losses. People dont realize that it is a franchisee and the procedure is performed by salaried inefficient doctors. They dont realize that DHI is not a new technique, rather its just an FUE, and that too...done badly. In India they are just surviving because marketing. I have been a victim of DHI and lost my donor area completely due to a failed hair transplant without significant growth. Ultimately i did consultation with many doctors, visited their clinics, saw their OTs, met their patients, saw their procedures and results, then went for my second procedure at a South Delhi based dermatologists center. By God's grace, i have very satisfying results. My message is- Dont get trapped by DHI. They misguide you by this "no touch technique". In-fact, the 3-4 hours time which they take in graft harvesting kills around 15-20% follicles and make others weak including 30% transection rate which was probably the cause of failure in my case. Search for a good doctor who is qualified. Always insist on meet-up with the patient who is undergoing the surgery and the person who has got it done before. --- [email protected]

    -4 Votes
  • Yu
    yuvraj singh956 Aug 31, 2013

    plz any one give yr phone no. i have baldness prob wants to discuss about these techniques and wants proper solution ..i m very very confused wants proper guidance..thanku my mobile no. is [protected]

    2 Votes
  • Yo
    young sufferer Aug 29, 2013

    why am i finding 2 extreme reviews??? i dont know which one to even consider. but being pessimisstic is better in this desicion is what i feel prudent and not undergo DHI.

    1 Votes
  • Sa
    Sai Reddy Aug 07, 2013

    Please do not go to DHI they are money sucking monsters they will promise something and will not deliver. If results are not achieved will tell you that you have done wrong to your hair. I burnt my finger and hope this will help some other out there who is thinking its most advanced technique which is totally marketing gimmick and nothing else. It is same as FUE and no difference.
    Beware of this pure marketing firm. In India there is nothing international about this firm as its running on franchise model which is win win for both of them, they are just collecting money. Hence dealing with these people may become nightmare for you. Results you should expect anything less then what Sehwag has got. Do not look into his topic spread artificial hairs and look at his actual tufted dolls like pictures and decide yourself. Oh my god, hope god may save you from falling prey to these people.

    -6 Votes

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