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Hey does anyone know anything about dhgate.com. Whether or not its legit or not. It looks like a chinese form of ebay, but just please let me know what you guys think or know about it.


  • Updated by [email protected] · Feb 16, 2018

    I'm trying to get my daughter dress and you have wrong state popping up it is Centreville Ms I have shipped with you all before it seems like I always have a problem getting my order on time

  • Updated by Manvin00 · Dec 04, 2018

    Poor performance

  • Updated by bahi · May 22, 2019

    hope to hear from you soon Thanks

  • Updated by Amanda Alli · Jun 07, 2019

    Hi i am writing to say that my package was ship to a wrong adresss in another state i contact the seller but they keep say its on it way i track it but it say it was deliver on the 28 at a total different adress and state my tracking number is VR077349937YP

  • Updated by tommigirl00007 · Oct 17, 2019

    None of my cards work, I placed a $1600 order last year with same card no problems, now I can't use any card, they said I did a chargeback before when in fact I did not, it is not even showing in my account of any chargeback, I want to make another large purchase but I guess they don't want my business

  • Updated by Jill mcgwynn · Feb 09, 2020

    I ordered watch 3 wks ago still saying it as not been shipped

  • Updated by Jill mcgwynn · Feb 09, 2020

    Orderered weeks ago still saying not dispatched not shipped yet

  • Updated by Jill mcgwynn · Feb 09, 2020

    Watch not recieved yet

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.


  • Ma
    Maricar Deguzman Jan 25, 2008

    Do not order anything from them, they scammed me out of $300. I never received the items that I ordered and it's very hard to get a refund.

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  • Bu
    buyonusa Mar 08, 2008

    it is a chinese ebay.but it will take much fee.
    buy derectly here,www.buyonusa.com
    it is a good wholesaler.

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  • He
    Heather Albertson Mar 08, 2008

    If you're asking this question, it means you have a gut feeling it's not legit. Trust your gut, don't go there and don't use the service.

    Many email spammers originate in China. Even if the site is legit, they do not have the same laws to protect consumers from misuse or sale of the consumer's private information. This means, even a legit site like that might also sell whatever registration information you provide to spammers, and they don't have to inform you of this risk. Then there's browser hijackers which install automated installers for various things, porn sites, "spyware removers", daily horoscope (which automatically uses any account information on your computer to set up a charge for the service)...

    If you do decide to go against your gut, do the following to protect your personal identity. Only contact them from a public computer. Create an email account like Hotmail or Gmail (via Google), then only use it for dealing with the site/company, and do not not not (not ever) put any personally identifiable information into their website. Pay through PayPal, etc. Do nothing that isn't redirected through a trusted source that prevents them getting at your personal information without your knowledge.

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  • Mi
    mike d n florida Mar 20, 2008

    i have examined the dhgate site and have found the same sellers that the tradekey site they are mostly trying to steal your money and or send conterfit goods
    this is a widespread game being proformed in china ..
    they feed on the us citizen who is eager to make lots of $$$$$$$$
    and never come through mostly that con you into sending the money via money gram western union or paypal. they rarly evry except escrow deals and if they do its most likly they send fakes or defective goods..
    never use these sites

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  • Ja
    James Worthy Apr 05, 2008

    I recently had an unauthorized transaction of over $300.00 charged from this site. I believe it to be the result of spamming emails and browser hijackers as mentioned above. I would highly advise anyone/everyone to stear clear of any affiliation with this site. Sketch business. China's outta control... this site allows PINLESS transactions to be made in large quantities. This shows they care nothing for your security/profitability and only want to suck you dry for every "dollar" they can.

    U.S. markets are already wobbly as it is. These guys are taking advantage of the weakening dollar and profiting off the bet that desperate Americans will want to buy cheaper goods to alleviate the higher costs within our own borders.

    Too much risk for me.. but hey, it's your call.

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  • Sa
    sam Apr 24, 2008

    we are chinese too. and we sell the products online. but we never cheat any one. we tell all the facts before we do the business. so there are only a few of business man like what you said, not all.
    we also sell those products on line. our website is: www.brothersinvest.com if you are of any interest in it, please be on it and have a look or talk with me.

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  • Ki
    king Apr 29, 2008

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  • Su
    sup Apr 29, 2008

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  • Sa
    Samuel D Wijaya May 30, 2008

    Hey guys everywhere,

    I think it's ok if you stop with any DHGate business as China Ebay, they have no customer protection from their bad seller, they always blame us as the wrong doer. I have buy from them 3 cell phones from them it's worth more expensive than it should but for me it's ok, but the bad attitude appear when I haven't found the stylus pen in one of their product and 1 of the battery is death.
    When I complaint this case to the seller they are silent and when I contact the DHGate coordinator they blamed me that I was wrong.
    Until now I haven't any resolve for this problem.

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  • Wi
    willan Jun 04, 2008

    They are just as middle man with a platform something like http://trade.meritline.com but giving different service.

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  • Sa
    Samuel D Wijaya Jun 16, 2008

    Dear friends around the world,

    As I have wrote above the DHGate make me loss, after I shown them this web address, they concern to me now, and they will refund to me USD15, for me it's more responsible.
    I have idea that you are all to tell the DHGate about your complaint via web, I hope it will be more diplomatic for them.
    After all of this I hope DHGate will be more bonafide to protect their customers and avoid the customers from bad seller.
    We all knew that DHGate just as middle man, but I hope they are will be more responsible to all of us and have a guts to throw away all bad seller.

    For now they are have changing and I hope I will be last.

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  • Ra
    Ran Jul 19, 2008

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  • Ro
    rockerita1984 Oct 23, 2009

    Sometimes you can find a good seller and good items... but my experience says "DON"T BUY FROM THEM"
    Their customer service suck!
    I just lost over $80
    And this time, it wasn't the fist time I had a problem with them... Sometimes I think they don't understand english or they just love ripping off people...

    Specially NEVER buy from the seller "hot_things" NEVER!

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  • Pr
    Pretaro Sep 24, 2010

    I had now written this to dh.gate:

    I did not get my order 1005177129 until now, as I expected.
    I had chattered with an executive of your firm leo-dh over Dhgate Internet, before I complained the first time, why is my order not sent with EMS as tracked order, because I had paid for this. Then you answered it is not sent as tracked order with EMS, but with Singapore Post. When I was chatting with your executive of your firm, he wrote that he never sent or will send anything to Thailand (where I live). Then my comment was:” Why you are taking my money!” After this very disturbing chatting, nobody would expect that you had sent the item to my place. Everybody will think the same like me, that you have cheated me.
    So I want my money back.
    I had already been several times in China and I do know already, that all the Chinese business man try their best to cheat you. I had learned in China how to deal with this cheating people, so that I had my fun with them.
    If I do not get my already paid product or my money back in the next 14 days, then I will run a negative campaign against your firm and DHGate in the internet. If I loose 150$, you will loose thousands of $ and much more. Because Christmas selling is starting. I will have my fun.

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  • Dr
    Dr_Mike May 26, 2011

    It is far better to buy from an American company.
    As for DHGATE: You will lose your money and you will not get a refund.

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Garg Jun 29, 2011

    Very true.

    ebay, amazon etc. are far better in service and customer relations.

    With DHgate you lose money if you complain. Pure cheats and scamsters.

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  • Kn
    K-nesh Oct 05, 2014

    I am a regular buyer on DHGate and so far... So good... Refunded whenever necessary on time

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  • Ca
    CalebWalker Aug 14, 2018

    Hello?! I emailed last night and called today! Is there anyone there?!?!?

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  • Sy
    Syed Hassan Aug 20, 2018

    I ordered BOV( blow of valve) on JAN 11 and to day is 18/03/2018 seller I'd is happyxy314 is not answering
    Kindly check pictures

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  • Yo
    yoness erraui Aug 21, 2018

    A week ago I bought some shoes with a $ 90 dhl. The seller had put the tracking code dhl wrong, I sent him many messages but he does not answer, he eliminated all the items that he had in stores is called Icp007

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  • Ea
    Earlington Aug 29, 2018

    So yesterday night i tried to but an item from liangjjngjing_bikini which stated 7.41$ inly to be charged 741$.I logged out and tried to log in on my laptop but it tells me wrong email address, am in the dark i cant contact the seller nor cancel the transaction.Am so pissed i dont knw wat to do i want my money back...

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  • Ma
    marry hooper Aug 29, 2018

    I paid for guess belt with white box, real leather, I get faux leather without box, and seller refund me only 8$. Don't recommend this seller!

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  • Th
    [email protected] Aug 29, 2018

    Track no 1254878521 we been trying to get her dress in here for today it was shipped on the February 2 2018 and we haven't received it yet and we can't even talk to anyone about it as to where it at but they didn't have a problem getting there money for it when we order it it's a mess for us we don't have any more money to try and get anyone with

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  • Ge
    George guerrero Aug 29, 2018

    Hi my name is george guerrero i have a acount with dhgate, i purchase some shoes but the provider dont have wath i wan, so i will like to get my money back on my acount please.the order number is.#277333815- on the amounth off $44.78. it was purchase on this date 1-30-2018. Thank you.

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  • Ob
    Obby Cazimir Sep 01, 2018

    I paid the money and on my email there saying I didn't bur on my phone it say that they took the money from my credit card.

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  • We
    Wemove Sep 01, 2018

    Some one used my credit card and it was not me

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  • Ro
    Roslyn Santangelo Sep 01, 2018

    ordered one pocketbook and received three and maybe more on the way?????? want to be credited on my bank card...every time I called they would not answer..." I am very upset"

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  • To
    Tony Fuller Sep 01, 2018

    414-254-2792 AND MY EMAIL IS [email protected]

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  • Na
    Natalia Felder Sep 01, 2018

    I accidentally bought an item with the 1 button option! I immediately filed a refund. What is taking so long?? I won't order any more products for my business. My business bank account still shows you have not refunded this order. The sellers already agreed to a full refund.

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  • Re
    Remy Rae Sep 05, 2018

    I ordered something and it was paid and confirmed on November 9 I requested 1 to 5 day shipping with DHL & also paid extra it told me one day to process order and my order still has not been shipped!

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  • Sh
    Shahe-Rose Sep 05, 2018

    I still haven't received my order.

    It has been more then 2 weeks now.

    My order number is 267853912

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  • El
    El mokhtar mebrouk Sep 05, 2018

    I have ordered a cellphone from dhgate company on Wednesday, October 19; 2017, but I haven't received my item yet: I tried to contact dhgate online, they put me on hold for so long, when I contacted the customer service, it was slow communication and they put me on stand by for so long that made leave the chat,

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  • Ba
    babydoc7 Sep 10, 2018

    Steven Hirschtick Order 341483401

    Please just look at this file. Ordered item 2 Sept. 17. Nothing received. Seller sent FALSE tracking number...plus many other lies. I have filed FORMAL dispute...and submitted MANY e-mails. I get no help from customer service. Seller not replying. DHGate no helping.

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  • Co
    Colehivnor66 Sep 10, 2018

    I order 8 pairs of shoes and got 2 pairs of cleats I tried to refund but the case has already went through to him I need my money back. The guy is not responding to my messages I need money back now this is fucking bullshit. DHgate u guys treat me like shit I'm done with ur crappy app I spend 500$ that now I can't get back

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  • Aa
    Aarroun Sep 10, 2018

    My Card is Restricted from being able to purchase products from your site. can you please remove the restriction so that I may order products

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  • Ja
    Janine Metrician Sep 18, 2018

    My order arrived and it's all broke. I can send you pictures. I cut myself opening the package up. You didn't even put a FRAGILE sticker on it!!! That's very reckless on your part. I either want a new one or my money back. I will contact my bank and file a dispute. I want to hear back from you ASAP PLEASE. This was a gift.

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  • Pa
    Payments Sep 19, 2018

    Im new to dh gate an you cancelled my order how do i use my visa card to purchase i would like be member wit dh gate really like product but my new account is stopping need your help

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  • Gr
    Gregory Joffe Oct 02, 2018

    Order Number: 365375228

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  • Co
    Courtney T Oct 14, 2018

    I ordered these on 22nd. They were due to be delivered today. I have received a message from my local carrier stating my parcel will be sent back to sender due to incorrectly address stated on my package. I am not happy as I have to wait another extra 30-40 days for my package to arrive in England again

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  • I was sold an enail from your website and the coil doesn't work I just opeNed it today and this is what I get? I want a new coil or a full refund

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