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I purchased a screen for my son from DHgate. Few weeks later we received the screen, but unfortunately it wa...

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order no. [protected] not received even after 5 months

i have ordered a watch through but even after 5 months of ordering the same has not been delivered...

fraud site

I bought a laptop back in December and they promised me a two week delivery. I received a confirmation email and a trucking number. Two weeks later I did not receive anything, so I contacted DHgate customer service. The rep told that they sent me the wrong tracking number and promised a new one. I actually received it the next day and decided to be more patient. One week later I called again and was told the same thing. Later I received the third tracking number, but when I decided to compare them, I realized they all were the same numbers! It's January 18th and I still don't have my refund. After weeks of frustrating emails, they returned me 50 cents. Horrible company!


At first I want to say that I really hate this company. I bought a laptop on November 25. They promised to...

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I purchased a bitcoin miner, brand new

Decenber 24th 2016 I purchased a Miner and paid for DHL shipping as directed by the site. The item was allegedly shipped 4 days later, they gave me a false, or non verifiable tracking number. I should have gotten the item by the first week of the new year, but then I was told by the company in a chat that I had to wait until more like the end of January. I contacted the seller who did not bother to respond, the site stated that the seller had turned off its chat communication messenger. I went to the facdeBook page of the company, they asked me to give them the information I took the time again, then, nothing happened, no delivery, no refund, no communication I kid you not. Here is a link to my blog with more information The truth is I do not know what to do. DHgate not a safe place to buy Posted on January 4, 2016 by Here and Now Rate This I allege the following; Screenshot from [protected]:20:22.png I purchased an item from DHgate and chose DHL as the shipper. The item was not delivered as agreed. I contacted the company, they have closed off the refund button. I do not know how to do this. I did a google and found this link, where the company ships empty packages, here is the link, Seems like I lost my money, why would I or anyone want to buy any item from this company when they seem to be running a business that does not assure that clients get the goods they pay for? I do not wish to hurt anyone it is not my way, but I may have lost my money. The supplier have turned off the chat so I cannot communicate with them sound ridicules right? it is Newbie * Activity: 28 View Profile Ignore China scammer (miner seller) on DHGATE !!! Guorui Zhang July 13, 2015, 06:24:02 PM #1 Attention ! A fraudster trying Antminer miners to sell via the DHgate. Example : The scammer username : wind966, wind977, wind999 Real name and address : Guorui Zhang No. 699 Jinbei Road Dongli District Tianjin City Zip : 300300 His method : Bitcoin miners advertise on DHgate, and instead sends this (empty envelope): No one should buy it! DHGate should be sued by someone in a class action for misleading its clients, it seems to have a history of doing this, the company seems to doing this on a regular basis by error or with intent. I was able to save some of the chat with the company. My concern was that the company has a failed policy with its sellers, that they do not pay the seller to ship the goods I do not know how this works on the China end. I contended that they were hurting the seller who most likely is a small business, ruled by a very large company, but it is the buyers who get to pay the mistake I do not know any this for sure all I can do is allege my thoughts. Below is some of the chat. I found that the seller have shipped empty packages to its clients according to the Bitcoin chat room link I found. Sil Continue Chat [protected]:56:09 did you give the sellor all of the shipping money I paid? [protected]:56:17 We are still holding your payment right now. It won't be released to the seller until you have received the order or satisfied with it. You can ask for a refund or replacement if you have a problem with the item. [protected]:56:25 DHgate still have the money. [protected]:56:33 That is part of our buyer protection. [protected]:57:07 so this sellor is hungry while he has to ship, pay and send his goods [protected]:57:24 how can this work? [protected]:58:53 Work what> [protected]:00:41 I do not mean to rush you but I just want to make sure, are you still there? [protected]:01:45 I’m not getting any response, it seems we lost connection with you. If you need any more help, please feel free to contact us back. Thank you for contacting DHgate Customer Center. [protected]:02:56 k [protected]:02:57 Welcome to DHgate. We would like to invite you to visit our new affiliated website called DHport where we offer great discounts. Please click|Telesales|cebu to see the wide range of items that we offer. Hi! My name is Sil from DHgate Customer Service. Can I have your name and order number please? [protected]:03:30 Do you have other questions or concerns right now? [protected]:03:37 it is not the sellor to blame its DHgate [protected]:03:55 you gave them no money to ship or to pay their goods [protected]:04:06 your are killing these small shops [protected]:04:21 your p;olicy faiked by your own doing [protected]:04:46 you needed to plan this in a manner [protected]:04:53 which suits everyone [protected]:05:06 I completely understand your side on this issue, this is what we are going to find out why your seller shipped this order using Hongkongpost. [protected]:05:27 We are not tolerating this kind of behavior. Thank you for raising this concern to us. [protected]:05:29 he has no money to ship my order [protected]:05:56 DHgate will become rich on the backs of poor working people [protected]:06:44 you blame all this on a sellor who you did not pay [protected]:06:51 I do not have the answers [protected]:07:31 We understand your side on this issue however your seller will not receive your payment unless if you will confirm the delivery of your goods. [protected]:07:35 This is for your protection. [protected]:07:36 I do not wish to make anyone unhappy [protected]:07:48 It is your seller who is the shipper and supplier of the items here on our website. [protected]:08:08 This is why we are having our Seller Team get in touch with your seller to find out why this order was shipped using a different carrier. [protected]:08:32 I am a publisher, you may turn the language [protected]:08:52 but I paid you, the contact is with you and me [protected]:09:29 if you hurt this sellor I will publish your wrong doing [protected]:10:05 We would respect your decision, however we are subject to give punishments to sellers who are violating our policy. Yes you paid us and this is why we are doing this to protect you. [protected]:10:13 I simp[ly want my order no problem [protected]:10:20 We are the platform and your seller is subject to commit to our terms and policies. [protected]:10:42 Yes and we will help you on that this is why we are doing this investigation to check if your order was really shipped or not. [protected]:11:05 how can a person ship a 20 pound item for $65.00 on DHL? [protected]:11:15 please [protected]:11:33 I will come to CVhina myself to buy my goods [protected]:12:22 please fix your policy to make it successful for everyone [protected]:12:38 For the shipping costs, the amounts listed are mandated by the carrier. We cannot control this since the seller will have to pay it to the carrier selected as well and since they did not use the carrier that you used, we are going to get in touch with them why they did not honor this. [protected]:12:44 if you do the right thing you will do so well [protected]:13:09 We respect your point. [protected]:13:15 Do you have other questions right now? [protected]:13:29 no bnye] [protected]:13:36 Alright bye too and take care., [protected]:13:38 If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I purchase a smartphone samsung s5 clone from this seller excellent_sale on the phone has 1 year...

invalid tracking code/not deliverd

dear sir i was given online order of walkera qr y100 wifi fpv hexacopter. after that i was waiting for my...

never receive a product

On 2014-01-17 I bought some clothes from DHGate, with the value of US$10.50 (Order [protected])

The case is I never received the product, the seller, "emilyfang", just put an invalid tracking number, and DHGate closed the order as completed.

Every time I talk to the seller, it talks it will send, it has some problems, every time the same reply.

And DHGate has a policy of cheating and stealing, because they said due to a policy they can't do nothing, so I just lost my money.

Poor DHGate, you will not last...

service and refund

Too many sellers take the order, then post the item as "out of stock". Dhgate takes your money, you have to...

a dishonest organization

It is surprising to me that a seemingly large online organization could be dishonest through and through but this is the case with DHGate. There is illegal (by American standards) manipulation of ratings, forum postings, and i'm sure any other data that suits them for the purpose of tricking the customer and allowing fraud artists to continue luring innocent customers. The chat, online help and customer support all use tactics of delay to technically outdate a claim or dissuade angry customers who eventually simply give up. If it is possible there should be as many formal legal complaints as possible to push to make it illegal for DHGate to transact in America and Europe where there are consumer protection rules that i am sure make lying and theft illegal.
The head office appears to be in Bejing and i am going to start to find out about legal protection for consumers and to see if there is any legal recourse against them.
I would encourage all people with a complaint to properly document and preserve everything and perhaps it can used to collectively to persuade the authorities in China to have a closer look at this fraudster. I'll try to post new information if it becomes available.
They also have left cookies that have been flagged as malicious by my antivirus software "gen:variant.symmi.1353". I don't know but that doesn't seem to kosher either...

  • Do
    Don Tarr Jun 11, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Let's see: Business in China + "discount" prices??? The only thing missing from this "scam-stew" is Western Union!

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damaged item returned but never replaced

i purchased a cell. it was defective. i returned it. have all the documentation to prove it. submitted this documentation to dhgate when they said i never returned it.
they said they would investigate. after 1 1/2 YEARS, they said that they could do nothing for me, despite my documentation.
the seller of course, is nowhere to be found.


non delivery of products

ordered products from dhgate october 2012. delivery time after payment states 30 days. it is now 15 march. up to date received one of the products. second product broken and still waiting for 3 product. after sales says they will partially refund but not the full amount. so i just gave dhgate 200 us dollars for nothing.

non delivery of products

defective merchandise

I purchased a laser hair removal and tattoo removal machine from I was directed to "message seller" for information about the machine. When I talked to the seller we arranged the sale and the machine was shipped to me. I was under the belief that I was dealing with but it turns out I was dealing now directly with the seller and not told that I was not going through which is the company I usually use. This machine cost over $1000.00 and does not work.
I have not even used it one time. When I went to use it the first time, it did not work. Now, will not take responsibility for the machine and will not respond to my emails requesting a new machine or refund. They have a warranty policy but it does not seem to matter.

I should have known that the price was too good to be true when I made the purchase

The product I ordered was imitation. I have been trying to get a refund for almost 3 months now and am still waiting. I will never order from DHgate again. The Customer Service Center tells you they will help you and that your money is safe but all they do is refer you to the seller. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I should have known that the price was too good to be true when I made the purchase...I sure learned a lesson."

  • So
    Sonia Ionut Aug 15, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered these watches 2 months ago and I have never received them. I would like to receive my money back as long as I don't think that I will receive them anymore. I liked a lot those watches but as long as I didn't receive them I would like just to have my money back.
    Thank you,
    Sonia IONUT.

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  • So
    Sonia Ionut Aug 15, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm not pleased to order a tinhg and not to receive it in 2 months' time.

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  • Mo
    mohsin mirza Feb 13, 2014

    dhgate is a fake site ...ALL they do is take money from you and never dispatch the product..
    dhgate is cheap criminal.

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I think every one knows to stay far far away from them

If you are familiar with this company located in china, I think every one knows to stay far far away. Last year I ordered some items from this website, oh I got the products, but as you know, (Counterfeit). At the time they accepted pp, but now if you go to the website, scroll down and see the payment that they accept now, hmmm its not pp anymore. Why is that because of the complaints.

I haven't gotten my money back for the one order

I made two orders, and only one was shipped. I was billed for both of the orders. I made both orders on Nov 2 in order to sell the products in my shop...the one order didn't come until about Dec. 15. So far, I haven't gotten my money back for the one order. The other order was nothing like it pictured in the catalog either

poor return policy

I purchased two items. One arrived on time and was fine. The other arrived late and was much smaller than...

seller disappeared immediately and unresponsive

Website for scammers. Almost all sellers that have good prices do not respond to inquiries.

I ordered a tablet PC at a good price. First come to the point that the goods shipped, and even sudden cancellation. "The seller has requested a refund."

Well would it! But no refund on DHgate is an action that takes 15 working days. In general, I now no money and no tablet. Seller disappeared immediately and unresponsive.

I wont shop ever with dhgate, especially for their poor customer service

They sell fake goods! None of my mobile accessories is usable now and i cannot claim for my money as they dont respond to my emails. I find really hard time with chargers and cables, which i finally reordered from other online stores like Chinabuye, better electronic quality and good customer service. I wont shop ever with Dhgate, especially for their poor customer service.

fraudulent company, seller who are theives, fake feedback

This company is a den of thieves. Order 10 dimmable led warm white candelabra bulbs from focusled through dhgate.
Items that arrived were not dimmable, flickered, and were not even the same color or warm white. Seller was crook & wouldn't refund. Waited a month to go through dispute process for buyer protection plus and submitted photos & then videos, and never got any refund. Their feedback system is a fraud. I can't even leave negative feedback for the transaction.

Stay away from dhgate. com they will steal your money.

  • Pa
    Patrik SK Jan 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DHGATE are a bunch of thieves, they ONLY protect the sellers on the site. DGHATE are amongst those sites that truly reflects how the chinese people are...scammers, liers, frauds.. the chinese people does not have any moral, ethics or any good hearts... stay away from dhgate, chinavision, alibaba and aliexpress... customer serivce only protect the sellers and they dont give a [censor] about whar you complain about

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