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Devry Universityfraud and scam


I am a DeVry graduate (2003) who possess a bachelor of science degree in telecommunications management. For starters, I am disgusted that I ever stepped foot in a classroom at that boot-leg institution.

When I started at DeVry, I was fresh out of high school and I held on to the fallacy that I would be making big chunks of money when I completed my degree their. I was 17 years old and did not have a good family structure (I was pretty much emancipated at this age). With no proper guidance and not much assistance from my high school counselor in terms of picking the right school, I fell for the DeVry sales pitch. Looking back over it all, I should have saw the writing on the wall. A few people who I mentioned DeVry to as my college choice recommended that I look into other schools, but they did not go into the reasons.

As I reached the end of the line within my curriculum back in late 2002/ early 2003, I really saw the reality of my education decision. Upon graduation, the job market was not that great, but I was determined to look for employment anyway. I tried for along time to find full-time employment in my field, but without the work experience and of course a degree from an institution with a bad reputation, I was unsuccessful in my job search. I only recall meeting with a career services advisor once and after that, the lady was not much help.

Bottom-line, I was sold a worthless degree that I worked my behind off for. There were many hours invested into studying, completing projects, and writing papers. If I had known better, I would have went to another school within the first year of starting their to minimize my loss.

I finished school in 2003 and it is now 2009. The only job that I have held in the IT industry was a rip-off job as a helpdesk/administrative associate for an IT firm that is getting ready to go bankrupt for misclassifying all of their workers as independent contractors in lieu of employees to avoid paying state/federal payroll taxes. The only reason I was hired for that job is because someone working for the company introduced me to the owner of the firm. Prior to that I worked as a bill collector for $11.33 per hour after I finished school and as a substitute teacher making $11.25 per hour for 3 years until I was hired at the IT firm. Even at the IT firm, I only made around $31, 000+. That is all and that salary is not commensurate with the debt load from student loans that I have as a result of attending this institution.

Too make a long story short, no one wants to hire a DeVry graduate. Sometimes I cannot help but to think that when I send my resume off to companies and when they see that DeVry degree listed in the education section, they must have themselves a very good laugh and then toss my resume in the garbage or send it to their trash box if the resume is emailed.

Don't waste your time. If you feel that you cannot do better or get into a better school, my advice is to attend a Junior College for a couple of years and then transfer to a university. This method will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars along with some embarrassment.


  • Em
    Emm Aych Nov 13, 2018
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    Verified customer

    DeVry instructors in the web development courses tell you to google tutorials. Last I checked, Google is free of charge as long as you have a device and a way to connect to the internet! This school is a total scam and I have tried TWO of their programs. Communication design management and web development. I couldn't code a website if my LIFE depended on it!

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  • Js
    jschmal Oct 23, 2014

    I am halfway through my bachelors in electronic engineering with a concentration in renewable energy. DeVry University has very accelerated courses I'm doing everything online because I have worked for myself for the last decade and It was the best way for me to get my education on my own schedule. Currently I re- furbish appliances while going through school and I have already had job offers for a technician internship in the robotics field, industrial robotics to be more specific. I feel if you completed your degree and you can't find a job you're not looking hard enough if you really want a job whether it be in your career field or not you go after that job and you don't give up and blame the school in which you were educated if you feel like you did such a good job with that education that was presented to you. Stop blaming your downfalls on the school that you chose to attend. I have attended university classes as well and military based classes and the courses I take to DeVry are much more intense as far as specific information that needs to be learned in specific degree fields taught by EXTREMELY over-qualified instructors. DEVRY is not there to give you a career or to hand you a life Devry is there to give you a foundation and learning tools to be able to go out and grasp that dream job that makes you happy and that makes you the amount of money that you want at any job. You will have to start at the bottom and work your way up that's just life. My sister has her doctorate from a very renowned university initially her bachelors from a very renowned private university and still she works as a legal secretary for 28 dollars an hour. I have worked for myself since my very early twenties I have owned a flooring company, a mechanic shop, I sold cars I did finish construction, framing, roofing, electrician work, plumbing, and numerous other trades. My family, friends, and aquaintances call me a jack of all trades. Prior to my adulthood I worked in the restaurant industry my father is a master chef and I trained beneath him since the age of 6 I'm fully qualified to consult, do menu designs, create recipes, train staff, manage an entire restaurant front or back of the house and for that matter just about any business that I have stepped foot into I have been able to learn and manage those businesses. all the job experience I described was from the age of 6 to the age of 30 it was all self taught self learn and specifically made to be more efficient and organic depending on what I was doing and who I was working for if not myself. I decided to go to DeVry at the age of 30 I have a 10 year old son and he can already work on appliances better than a lot of adults that I know.

    My point to all of this is not to brag or say oh look at all the stuff I know but my point is when I was 18 I was not ready to go to college I did not know what I wanted to do and I was curious about the world so I took it upon myself to go out and learn every aspect of every job that I have ever found interesting or anything that I could not understand. I did this so that I could ensure my future career that I spend the majority of my life on I am truly happy with and I don't have regrets saying that I didn't try other things out.

    If you truly want a job you will go find it if you truly want a job and a career that you've been trained to do you will find the most entry level position and if you work hard enough and prove yourself you will work your way up but to think that you can go to college and come out of it or need a hundred thousand dollars a year right off the bat without any experience is ridiculous.

    Once again I reiterate College is your foundation it is there to teach you how to think it is there to teach you how to learn it is there to teach you how to mesh within a certain environment in society so that you can go on and be a successful member of society.

    If you want to play the blame game, blame yourself for not trying hard enough blame or your parents for not teaching you well enough which is also ridiculous because you're an adult. But don't blame the institution that you chose to get your education and then slander it online telling other students that may be a perfect fit for Devry that the school is not worth the money that you're paying for it. College is what you make of it life is what you make it any education you get whether it be from university or self taught or just on the job experience is what you make of it.

    So please stop adding to the stereotype that Americans are entitled little brats because you're making the rest of us look bad the founders of our country, our ancestors, and all of the immigrants that traveled to America that make it possible for all of us to be here in this fabulous country would be ashamed at the lack of responsibility that should be taken for personal accountability.

    If you are reading these posts and are considering DeVry University please give it a shot if it is a fit for you and it sounds like it is a fit for you it is not for everybody some people do not have the self discipline to take the courses on their own in a timely manner and do what it takes to take control of their lives. Those people should probably go to universities where they have to go and attend classes have attendance and be babysat. Even so you did go to the best universities in the country and still not find a job at the end of your degree that's just a tough economy people but if you really want it go out and take it figure out a way and stop complaining on stupid internet forums maybe if you spent more time looking for a job and leas time complaining online you wouldn't be in this situation.

    I apologize if my sentence structure and punctuation are not completely correct I did all of this with talk to text. However, I suppose I could blame my education haha lol grow up people.

    I said good day!

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  • Ja
    JasonSh5 Jun 05, 2013

    I'd like to commiserate, and go in with you on suing this institution ... The admissions rep lied to me by telling me that I would learn programming through their MIS degree. The 8 week "accelerated" courses barely scratch the surface. I'm currently in a deep depression, realizing that I should have attended another University I order to achieve my goals. Contact Meir your lawsuit is still open. [email protected]

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  • Pc
    pcola1 Dec 10, 2012

    Keith J Kocher doesn't list Devry as his university... He lists, Harper College Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration and CIS 2009 – 2014 (expected) . What a bonehead... not going to waste my time anymore... Went to Devry... have experienced all of this, fortunately i was already employed and my mentor, advised me to switch schools... and Keith, i make six figures too... You should at least put your "REAL" credentials on here...idt

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  • Ma
    Mary-C May 10, 2012

    I am currently going to Devry for a degree in Multimedia Design and Development. I am currently employed and am getting the degree in order to learn more about web development ( I have a small side business as a web designer) and having the degree will help me advance my career. For me, I needed to do on-line courses, so my choices were more limited, but I really liked the program. They also explained to me that my local community college (which also has classes on-line) has an agreement with Devry and several of my general education classes I could take with the community college and transfer the credits as soon as I'm finished with the class. I just finished the second such class and will apply for the transcript to be sent as soon as the records are updated. This option is saving me thousands of dollars. My adviser also suggested that I take a test for one of the first required classes because he suspected I already had enough knowledge and experience on the subject and could "test out" of the class. This means I got the credits but did not have to pay for the class.
    So the bottom line is, they had a degree program that met my needs. They were friendly and helpful in helping me to save where possible. They are expensive and I am paying my tuition's up front, so I really need to save where I can. I have been at it a little over a year, taking classes half time (2 classes per semester with the occasional overlap of an additional from the community college).
    Now... I am not fresh out of high school. I am in my 40s with a full time job and a family. I think with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. Taking on-line courses can be harder than on-site classes because of all the extra reading and not being able to have someone look over your shoulder. If I was fresh out of high school and looking at colleges to go to, I would not have chosen Devry. I would have chosen a college to "go" to. To get the college experience etc. A 19 year old likely does not have a full time "real" job and two kids to cart around to all their activities. Devry is a great choice for someone who is not in the position to do the full time college thing. They are also a good choice if they have a degree program you are interested in where as others do not. If you are young and not sure what direction you want to go in, I suggest going to a State school and not only getting that experience but the time to figure out what you really want to do. If you are going back to finish a degree or just find they have the program you are looking for, then go for it. I have not had any problems with them and have learned a lot.

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  • Au
    autoshop Apr 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got tricked into going to this school after filling out an application at this website: It says find your dream, but its been nothing but a nightmare. Now I am attending community college which was I wanted in the first place, and what I thought my application was for. Now I got debt and the company just got paid.

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  • Ar
    arbelaez79 Mar 20, 2011

    I am a former devry student not graduate and have had a very successful IT career without my degree. I do use Devry on my resume as I attended. EXPERIENCE is key. I started at helpdesk level [censor]...did it for about a year at Morgan Stanley and worked for IBM only on weekends under contract for 1 year participating in a token ring to ethernet upgrade for all CHASE manhattan banks. Then did helpdesk for the board of ed in NYC. After that I moved on to a Desktop support position for a healthcare collections agency. And today I am a the Site administrator for one of the plants at a chemical company. Now I want to finish the degree I started at Devry and will start this fall to compliment my experience.

    If you just graduated..don't expect a great position cuz you probably don't know [censor] about IT. Experience is key..get your foot in the door and learn! Stop complaining and apply at staffing agencies for IT.

    Unless you know active directory, ms exchange and really know how to troubleshoot and resolve network issues stop complaining and whining. Just get your foot in the door and stop thinking you know everything there's a [censor] load to learn out there. Learn how to troubleshoot vpns...what happens when the dhcp server runs out of IP addresses?

    U need to really knock out those technical interviews. Depending on the position will determine the question. I will give an example to help u out.

    Helpdesk interview questions: walk me through troubleshooting a network connection issue . User says I don't have internet.

    2. User says she has internet but shes not receiving email in her Outlook
    3. User says she can send but not receive email in outlook
    4. What are some of the ways to tell if a user has network connectivity?

    Desktop support questions: 1. You can ping the users machine but she can't log on to the network.?

    2 . We have a remote user that calls because she can't log on from home. Walk me thru some troubleshooting steps.
    3. Do you know what an SLA is? What were the SLA's like at your previous job.

    Stupid questions but they will ask.

    Bottom line is...use your degree as a tool. School won't teach you everything. Companies want to depend on you and on your expertise to keep the users working and functioning. So know your stuff.

    You don't need to know everything. But you NEED to atleast know how to troubleshoot. Noone knows everything but they like to feel comfortable enough that you can figure it out and resolve it eventually.
    So stop [censor]in and use your degree as a tool to compliment your personality and eagerness to learn and become part of a team. If you have no experience and just need to be willing to put your head down and take what you can get for the moment. After a year or so you can move on to a different company and keep working your way through the ladder and become more valuable and knowledgable. There's lots to learn in IT. Be smart be patient and work on getting your foot in the door. Devry is a great school. If you can't get a job then your interviewing skills are probably weak and if your rival candidate happens to have some experience...guess what? They're the chosen one. So focus on getting experience first. Then move on after you feel more comfortable.

    Devry rocks and I haven't even graduated yet. But its will definitely compliment my experience. Good luck!

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  • Wo
    Wombat123454 Oct 22, 2010

    I interviewed for a job at DeVry itself and it was the worst job interview experience I've ever had. I was cross examined for a hour and a half on the phone by a woman from HR who had absolutely no understanding of my profession, obviously reading the questions from a script, and then was told that I had to take an automated online exam to analyze my personality and intelligence, and that took an hour and twenty minutes, the longest one I've ever taken by far, and then 24 hours later I was informed by a form email that my qualifications were not what they were looking for and good luck and all that. If you include the long job application I had to fill out as well, I probably spent nearly four hours just to be summarily rejected without ever talking to anyone who would actually be making hiring decisions. I told them that I wanted my personal information deleted from their records, as I would never again apply for a job there, but they refused. Who knows what they're going to do with their precious "personality profile" that they now have on record. Sell it?
    Beware before you apply for a job with DeVry, they will waste your time.

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  • Mo
    Motifatorxs Oct 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So i was looking at going to devry, and the people seemed nice, but now im seeing that i should stay clear? if anyone has input i would appreciate it.

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  • Ma
    mayz429 Oct 02, 2010

    Don’t go to Devry. I am an actual graduate and will try my very best to keep everyone from going there. They are not a goog school at all. You won’t learn half as much as if you went to a state university. I had a Dean teach one of my classes and it was the worst experience of my life. He didn’t know s***. I graduated and never got a job. They claim that they have a 90% placement rate but it includes anyone that is working even if it’s not in their field. If you work at Mcdonalds you are part of the 90%. Hooray!! That’s what they don’t tell you. Biggest mistake of my life. My career services advisor never helped me either. She created a resume for me that was immediately changed when I went to a temp place. Never heard from her again even after sending several e-mails. Took all the money they could get and cut ties.
    All they did was keep calling me to go to Keller so they could get more money. I'm going to spend the rest of my life spreading the word.

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  • Cr
    crving for knowledge Sep 24, 2010

    I'm looking to get into a online course and I haven't really heard bad things about classes and things of that sort but about finacial aidissues and playing with my money is more scary then not obtaining a job. I'm starting to really get nervous that continuing a education and making it easier on myself is truly not a true factor. For the person that stated that they are now making 190 and that people need to stop whinin that's probably why they don't have a job, when you jump on someone like that it makes me question you as well, makes me wonder if your not a student but a member of the school itself, like a staff which makes me even more question my decision for this school or anyother school I see with that type of comment on a site. All I can say is wow, Im trying to gain more not lose what I at this time want to start or accomplish.

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  • Lo
    loaferkan Aug 21, 2010

    Sorry to hear the stories here: I got to say DeVry has one of the best Accounting program. To be an Accountant, you have to pass the CPA. That require the study, it don't matter which school you went to, you have to study to pass it. I just finished my Capstone course and aim to start with the Becker Review. You also have to understand that the economy is very bad, and you can't find a job, don't matter if you went to Columbia. People with x amount of experience, and as well who went to those so call [censor] schools, are lying off or can't find a job. Just don't blame DeVry for it.

    I read a few stories here, and they are not true. If you go to lets say NYU, and want to get your CPA, you have to first finish off your MBA requirements, and then take additional courses toward your CPA, by the way I have a few friends who are from NYU and doing their CPA at DeVry because the time constrain. You get it here quicker, and once you got your CPA in your hand, don't matter which college you actually got your MBA or degree from, because the same CPA has to be passed by all the colleges. Now here is what makes DeVry a better option: first you get your degree fast, don't select the MAFM program, go for the MBA+CPA. Becker Review has a good rating, over 50% of the World CPA has taken it, and 9 out of 10 that got the highest score went through the Becker. now beat that come back to me.

    As for Job you have to look hard, you have to take small jobs, get experience, doesn't matter if you are an MBA and you got no experience you wouldn't be selected, The difference between other colleges and DeVry is that with other colleges you can't enter unless you have work get it...first get some experience and once you get that...put the DeVry name on your Resume and see how you get hire.

    But if you got an MBA and you looking for an entry level job, you are just over qualified, and if you got an MBA and no experience you are under qualified.

    Work on your resume, your skills set, and once you worked in the industry for a year or so, go on paste DeVry on your resume and see who can stop you from getting what you want.


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  • Ke
    Keith_J_Kocher Feb 23, 2010

    I was going to go to DeVry, as the person who contacted me was friendly. He made DeVry sound like something I was wanting. He was a bit quick on the phone but I figured that he was just excited. I was handed off to the DeVry Student financial services, where she then emailed me the Federal Student Aid web site. (it was legit, checked it out before entering info).

    After setting up a Federal Student Aid PIN number, I was then contacted by DeVry and they wanted to set me up with the classes for the field I was going to go in to, Network and Communications Management. I was then also told I would have a LOAN of 30k plus by the time I was finished with the class. I put the brakes on and explained, I was unemployed, 40 years old. and have nothing else to fall back on incase upon fininshing the classes DeVry can not assist in placing me in the field. At that point I never heard or recieved an email on the discussed Government Grant Programs by the first guy that he eluded to, and the second person never mentioned. So I ignored the calls.

    Well, today I got a call from the first guy I talked to and it was an angry call were he was very acusatory in his manner of talking to me. This call was a high pressure heated discussion as to why I did not complete the process to go to DeVry. After a while he tried to make it look like I did not understand how to get a Federal GRANT, where people have to apply for a Federal backed student LOAN first.

    Problem: If you get a LOAN, and are approved for a LOAN, you no longer qualify for a GRANT for the same program, GRANTS are awarded PRIOR to going to school, NOT AFTER.

    If this was the case, then everyone would have a LOAN and get a GRANT upon graduation.

    He kept telling I was wrong, or it was another school that I was going through, and that I just don't understand how paying for school works.

    I explained to him that at 40yrs old I was not about to put a 30k to 40k LOAN on my head.
    He asked "So a grant is the only way you will go back to school?
    I replied. "Yes, as I see no guarentee that I will have a job in the field I am trained for upon graduation."
    I then realised he hung up on me after hearing I said Yes.

    So DeVry in my opinion falls under the class of Schools that scam you to get a LOAN, while they get the money from using the Government as a loan shark.

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  • Ha
    HAHAHAH Feb 14, 2010

    ### all you haters. I'm making 190 grand a year with a masters in economics & business degree from Devry University. Maybe you shouldn't be such winey ### when you go out and look for a job.

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  • Do
    DonotattendDevry Jan 04, 2010

    I actually had to sue Keller. I too have a masters degree in Accounting and Financial Management and cant find a job. The reason why I am suing Keller is not because I cant find a job but because their student finance is a fraud. I withdrew from a class when I was there and was told that my loans will not be adjusted. I have the document to prove it. Well 4 months later after I graduated they adjusted the loans and sent the money back to the lender. I was told it was for me getting extra money for a loan which i paid back but once I sued them it was a totally different story. They told me the loans were adjusted because they used the Title IV Return of loans calculation, so I requested a copy of it. All of a sudden they dont have it. So I found it from the Federal Government website and emailed them a copy. Now all of a sudden they didnt even use the calculation. I have a signed letter from them stating this what they used. I know they are lying and I am going to subpoena the document to prove it. 15, 000 is the limit in georgia for small claims court. I know I will get it because they havent given me my transcripts and I didnt get a job because of it.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh K Oct 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to second this comment. I am from Texas. Here in Texas while the State of Texas Accounting Board does recognize Devry's credits as legitimitate to sit for the CPA Exam, many of top second tier and 1st tier firms dont' recognize my Masters in Accounting and Financial Management as legitimate. While they own Becker CPA Review oddly enough the pass rate for Devry students in Texas is a dismal 14% or some cases 0 ouf of the people all over Texas who take the exam from Devry. I complained and almost threatened violence because multiple times I had asked for the local Devry Career Service not to handle my account and the online career service refused even though I was legitimately an online student. I was an on campus student for most of the time even though they knew that I didn't have any onsite classes to take because they never offered them or when they offered many core courses it was once a year at a time where I didn't have the Pre reqs or I had already previously taken it. I took only 6 hours onsite and was an onsite student for most of my degree. What bull ###. The Texas State Board of Accounting does not recognize my masters even though it recognized my courses and the Devry courses were under monitor by the State Board as being so low standard so Devry complied with the State Board and made the changes but the education still sucked with respect to onsite Accounting courses. It has now been a year and other then a CPA I found a job with that didn't work out well, since I received my Masters in Oct 2008. Today in Oct 2009, I have not yet found a job. I was told when I got the Masters by the Texas Society of CPA's that Devry is such bull ### that I would either have to start over or actually pass the CPA Exam before any employer would accept me. I will go ahead and pass the CPA Exam. Take my advice folks if you don't do well on GMAT borrow money study on it there are many different preps not just Princeton Review but as long as you get a good GMAT and high undergrad grades go to your local business schools. Devry may have legitimate Federal creditation but it doesn't have AASCB creditation which is the American Association of Schools of College of Business accreditation which costs 2 million dollars and every major University here locally in Texas has it except for one. Devry claims its 'too much to pay" since they don't have a PHD program. Damn't so the f what if you don't pay it your graduates will not get jobs. People I got so mad and I lost my temper and I have ordinaces blocking me from any Devry company including retaking Becker as well as any association with the school and I have to go through a police security indivdiual if I have any future business with Devry in my lifetime because I threatened those people with violence, due to anger because they screwed me over and I owe 50, 000 + in loans + interest at 6.8% for a long time. That would have been fine and nor would I have lost my temper if I had a job. One more thing, their advertising is such that they claim which started my fight with the local carreer center that they will give you career assistance for life yet they make you wait till a graduating semester before they work with you. Folks in this economic age that is Bull, you have to have as much experience as possible before entering the market place. Devry is a FRAUD. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. My advice committ suicide before going to school there. Since no one is gonna do that. Don't go to school there. I regret it till my dying day even if things work out later, it still wasn't worth it.

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  • Re
    Redbirdwarrior Jul 27, 2009

    Maybe you just didn't try very hard to find a job. That seems to be what I'm reading here.

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