Dermstorethe worst website


So many things this company has to fix before selling their products. Well, first of all, I am very disappointed in how your website operates. I put some items in the cart, but the cart itself doesn't show anything.
Ok, for some reason this problem was gone and I finally ordered what I wanted. On the next day I got an email from the DermStore thinking it was a confirmation email or something similar. But no, they notified me that the ordered items are out of stock. I checked everything again and didn't get one thing: the same items were still on the website and it said they were in stock. Ok, it might be one more error.
But I was charged for nothing then. How this can be explained? Of course, I called them and asked for a refund. And was said that they only thing they can offer is to give me a store credit. No, why the hell do I need your credits when I want my money?
Absolutely useless place. Run away, save your money.

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