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Good day Sir / Madam

I really need urgent assistance.

I have been employed at Collect a Debt (Pty) Ltd since December 2018, in a "casual worker" capacity, as a "Collector", as per my employer, to "see if you can do the work and execute the drafting of documents".

Then only on 31 January 2019, handed a Contract of Employment, with a formally starting date of employment from 1 February 2019.

I have been compensated on a weekly basis by an eft payment of R1 000.00 per week until February 2019, when I was paid by eft a monthly salary of R4 000.00 up until today.

In the meantime I saw I acquired a "re-assigned" title of Admin Assistant, as per my payslip.

I met with my employer on two (2) occasions to discuss the salary I receive and the fact that I have, when asked at which salary I require, answered a starting salary of R6 500.00.

It is my firm believe since I was unemployed for a few months beforehand and had experience in civil litigation field, my employer made use of this information to employ me, in the legal department, and keep me salaried at the breadline level.

I have been, since 1 December 2018, sorting, arranging, diarising and drafting 900 red(legal) files that was in extreme and total neglect and disarray since the previous "legal/admin person" left this company.

I draft various Court documents such as Summons', Default Judgments, Warrants, Notices, Plea's, Affidavits and different correspondences with other Attorneys and firms on a daily basis.

I came with the experience of drafting of legal documents in civil litigation.

The "legal department" is flourishing, garnishee payments, attachment, removals and payments are primarily in place with excellent returns.

With my last meeting with my employer, she stated that the Sheriff fees and registered post expenses are high and she cannot increase my salary, AND it will negatively affect other employees.

What I cannot fathom is the fact that when you are establishing a new department in your firm/company, are you not supposed to do financial projections for at least the next three (3) years thereof? Just a thought.

Hope to heart from you soon.

Thanking you in advance.

A Lemmetjies
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Oct 01, 2019

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