Dditservices.comThey took money from me without my notice

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I went to the website www. and filled the form, but it wasn’t mentioned that they would take money from me. They charged my card without my warning and notice. They behaved like scammers and i was shocked. I sent them emails, but no one replied and i had no idea what measures to take now in order to get money back and stop this company. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?


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    Noneya12 Aug 09, 2014

    Dditsservices has an online chat as well as a toll free phone number, I suggest calling them.
    You can find their contact info at

    By the way, they are the billing provider of the live sex cam website livejasmin.
    If you have not created an account with them, then someone stole your identity and committed fraud.
    Dditservises does not mess around, so I suggest contacting asap.

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  • Pa
    Pasolo Napoletano Apr 12, 2015

    On 04/03/2015 was subtracted € 30.99 from my postepay number 6006 5811 **** ** 88.
    This also happened the day 31/03/2015 always € 30.99 for the same beneficiary which corresponds to "DDTSERVICES.COM LUXEMBURG LUN 651 260".

    I do not have any transaction authorized by this card through Paypal or other managers.

    Please answer [email protected]

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  • Pe
    Peter Erikson Sep 07, 2015 is either a scam site or is used by hackers regularly. I just got scammed for $101.99 through the fraudulent use of my credit card on this site, and the bank says they've received many complaints already this month about If you see that name on your account, you've been scammed ...

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  • Se
    servacce1 Apr 23, 2016 chargon charged me 18 times 161.99 on 04/18/16 .. I called them and they said that they are not refunding my card. I called my bank and I am disputing the charge. They are scammers.

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  • Ha
    Hakonkva Apr 26, 2016 handles payment from p***site. Normali service is pre paied, but lately they have effecticed the transaction process. Now new charges is automathically drawn from credite card without acceptance. I have spent some money on livejasmine service, and have never been overcharged. If suspecios transactions occure, check for other possible family members stole your identity (or creditcard number). If your own use has been overcharged Lievejasmin customers service will probably be able to check your spendings and refund possible frauds (Personally I have spent far to much on Jasmin models, but I have no other to blame...)

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  • Ta
    tamy66tf May 23, 2016

    yes they are scammer is already scammer and stole of me 350.00 dollar

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  • Co
    Cody Johnson Jun 14, 2016

    in my experience, if you give your credit card information to a website. its your own fault because you gave authorization to the website. Now someone might end up using your credit card information because its available but in the end. You are responsible. I am a victim to the uses of the website and the danger of loosing my most precious gift. the love from my wife. Not sure if she will forgive me and let me live out my lesson in full.

    more over, just add this website to your google account as a website to never allow again and no one will be able to use it.

    Protect what can be protected and allow what you can control but if evil does walk into your mind. Remind yourself that we are human and God is the best medicine for our success. It will hurt to fail but if you succeed and run away from the issues. You will come out stronger with Christ and not weaker from Sin.

    Just like they say, "7 seconds is not worth your life"

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  • Ka
    Katrina Sim Jun 18, 2018


    I am in Australia. I found 3 transactions for $53.99 each on the same day from my bank account. Initially thinking this was a scam and furious I contacted the company. They are a company who take payments for porn and fortune telling sites.

    After contacting the live support of and raising my issue, it was investigated immediately and found that my 13yr old son had in fact "stolen" my credit card and registered for a porn site. When I stated that the fraudulent transaction had in fact been made by a child, the representative stated that he had processed a refund and that I should receive it in the next couple of business days. Watch this space, I will update as to whether I receive my refund.

    If you find any transactions from DDit Luxem on your bank statement, contact them at the above website immediately, the representative was very helpful.

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  • Ma
    Manikantha K Chakravarthi Jul 05, 2018

    I am spending limited but charges are whare high so how can stop dditservices sir please stop the service

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  • Pa
    paula1111 Feb 11, 2019

    Hello. My name is Paula. I created an account earlier but i didn t used my real name. The credit card ia registred with my name i guess you guys can check it. I am sorryyyyyy o hope you can help me. The email is my personal email [email protected]
    The account is called delasalamptteavi.

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  • Mr
    Mr.oregel Mar 24, 2019

    I had selected a smaller package deal and it selected the most priciest of them all.I want my money back.I did not agree with the selection and it did not give me an options of reviewing before purchasing.Please contact me at ([email protected])

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  • Ro
    Rocco Fratia May 02, 2019 charged $60, should only charge me $5.00
    please see what you can do
    Rocco Fratia

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  • Ja
    Jack the ripped Jul 10, 2019

    Somebody is gonna be very upset. I see a $350 charge from these assholes in my email. Funny thing, I never use this spam email account for any bank or credit card transactions. Obviously they used it as a fame email address with most probably a stolen cc number. Good luck to the owner of the cc

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  • Mo
    moisan Aug 10, 2019

    J'ai 15 débits de 31.99€ sur mon compte (2 le 17/7; 11 le 19/7 et 2 le 31/7). Vous mévez volé de 479.85 euros. Je vais vous inscrire sur perceval.gouv en tant que société frauduleuse.
    Bon courage bande de voleurs ! Et je vais vous faire une publicité d'enfer sur le net puisqu'il est impossible de vous joindre...

    [email protected]

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  • Is
    Issis98_ Aug 11, 2019

    I just registered liveJasmin, they deducted money from my card and they did not approve my user is, GirlDirtyColombi ... I would like my user to approve me or, if not, return my money
    the photos they asked for
    my identification with my card

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  • Da
    DavidONeil91 Oct 11, 2019

    People, before you make any assumption that the company is scamming you, first remember if you have ever signed up for the Livejasmin website as previously mentioned. If yes, check the 'Smart Buy' section of your account settings. There you agree by default with an automatic purchase of a credit package once your account is below 7 points. Untick it and that would solve it - or consider 7 as you 0 limit. If they have taken money from you and you have the account and this feature ticked, then they are not stealing per se, you are agreeing to it. I had it, got surprised and discovered it was for Livejasmin. Instead of shouting "SCAM!!", I figured something must enable them to perform the transaction 'legally' because I was very much aware I went on it and spent money. If this continues however once unticked then there is an issue that should be investigated. For those who do not have an account, maybe another cam/porn/adult website uses the same company, cannot say. Hope this will help a few relieve their anger and confusion. Cheers.

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  • Ka
    Karthick Rsn Nov 18, 2019

    4687792808043602 is my card number someone has been using it ...amount got credited without any notice...please block my card and if you can get refund if possible.

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  • An
    Andra Gabriela Jan 18, 2020

    Hi! I'm complaining to you because you took money from my Monese account without a reason and I don't understand why. Please reply and help me.

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  • Ar
    AR Enterprises Feb 05, 2020

    Transaction is getting declined again and again

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  • Ma
    Makayla Hamilton Feb 29, 2020

    I never heard of this before and got a notification that money has been taken off my card early this morning I've tried looking for a number no luck can someone help me they literally took all of my money

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