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On 8/27/2018 I met with david foyil about helping me with a conservatorship for my disabled child. I signed a contract for a flat rate fee, and I paid david foyil $950 that day. On 9/12/2018 his office emailed me asking only for my birthdate and my social security number. I eventually called his office to find out what was happening, and they took additional information regarding my case. On 10/31/2018 he emails me documents to review which I had to take to kinkos and pay to print out myself. I notify him that names are misspelled on documents. On 11/02/2018 I get an email from his clerk with the address to mail the documents back to him and he says he will correct the spelling errors in names. 11/6/2018 his clerk calls me wanting $400 + more dollars for filing fee. I told him to do a fee waiver. The clerk says he isn't sure if a fee waiver is possible for this kind of case. Total b.S. I go home and look it up for myself. He emails the wrong fee waiver form to fill out. I notify him that it is not the correct form and I have to tell him which form number it is that I need. I go to kinkos and pay to print the form out myself and mail it back. None of the paperwork he emails me lists him as the attorney of record. There were numerous mistakes made on the petition when it came to answering questions about my son, whether he had recieved medical care, whether he had social services, etc. When I informed his office I was told they would not matter. When I showed up to court on 2/6/2019 I was told by the judge that the case would have to be continued because the parties involved were not notified in a timely manner, or had not been served. The judge also had his clerk hand me a flyer on where I could obtain free legal services for help with the case. David foyil did not show up at all at court that day, and because his work is half assed, it had to be continued. I returned to court on 4/24/2019 and again on this court date david foyil was a no-show. After the hearing I took the copies I had printed out at kinkos myself, and filed them with the clerk. David foyil is a lousy attorney. He does not seem to know what he is doing. He doesn't show up, his paperwork is full of mistakes. He is too cheap to even mail me copies to sign, and instead I had to take documents on a flash drive to kinkos and pay to print them myself. He did not serve the people involved in time, resulting in the case having to be continued another date. His name is not listed as the attorney of record on any of the documents, he did not show up at all for either court date. I signed a contract for a flat rate fee and he sends me a ridiculous bill with a long list of itemized b.S., when in fact he did next to nothing. He tried to get additional money when I qualify for a fee waiver automatically when my child receives ssi. I stood in line after court and filed the documents myself. Horrible attorney. I wish I had read his online reviews before paying him $950.00 to do a half assed job. Now he is repeatedly sending me bills for an additional $133.99 for some made up b.S. I have answered these bills at least twice, telling him I signed a flat rate contract and I will not pay him another dime. He was not worth the money I paid him to begin with. Do not hire this attorney.

Oct 01, 2019

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