Dave & Buster’shorrible and embarrassing experience

L Nov 05, 2018
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On Saturday, November 3, 2018, around 10pm my girlfriend and I went to the location out Hanover in Arundel Mills. First there was nobody at the Host stand and there were empty tables so we didn't know if it was self seat or not. So we waited for about 10 minutes before anybody showed up to seat us. Once we ordered it took about another 10 minutes for our drinks. I ordered the lettuce wrap with the chicken, avocado, tomatoes, and some sauce but I asked for no tomatoes because I can't eat them due to health issues, but my food came out with tomatoes anyways. My Girlfriend ordered a salad but we never got an utensils. So after waiting for another 10 minutes I called the manager over to inform him on the issue. He took my food to have it replaced but still never gave us any utensils. Meanwhile while I'm waiting for my food to come back out my girlfriend still can't eat her salad and its getting soggy from all the salad dressing. Once I receive my food we ask for the salad to be removed and for the check because we were ready to just go home. The Same manager that replaced my food came to the table and asked us what's the problem now like we were getting on his nerves or we were the problem. I told him about the salad and we just wanted the check. As soon as he walked away the server brings us a check with the salad removed and said here you go he just took it off. The check Came up to $31.55 so we paid exactly 1 ($20 bill), 2 ($5 bills) and 2 ($1 bills), which came up to $32 total. We did not tip because of the bad service and she barely checked on us but we did pay the whole bill. We sat the money and the check on the table and walked out and then the manager followed behind us yelling we didn't pay the check. I was so embarrassed and upset that he just followed us yelling we didn't pay the bill and I know I had just sat the money down. So I walked in behind in so we can both ask the servers and she admitted that we did pay we just didn't give it to her the busser have her the money. The Manager said I'm sorry and I told him how embarrassing that was to follow a black gay couple yelling in front of everybody that we did not pay and we did. Ask for something more than I'm sorry then more managers came to us and told us to get out actually walked behind us and one of them pushed me out the door. I did not like my experience at all and will go to the news station with this information. I have not ever been treated like this at and I will not let it happen now.

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