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Cultural Care Au Pair / International Carecultural care au pair

They are horrible. They are rubbers. I had a terrible au pair who stole and lied. When we terminated with her, she lied that we didn't pay her for the last week with no proof. First of all, they deducted her stipend from my program fee without informing me, which is wrong! I only discover the "thief"behavior months after when reviewing my account balance. After I complained about their behavior, They took one step further, they deducted 40% of program fee then kicked us out. We are filing a law suit against them.

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    Cultural Care Au Pair — childcare

    We have been with this company for over 1.5 years. They are impossible to get in touch with. The screening...

    Cultural Care Au Pair / International Care — refund policy/extension policy

    I do not expect Cultural Care to address my issue at all. I have fought with them for over a week regarding...

    Cultural Care Au Pairabusive au pair - cultural care cover up

    I had an au pair that was a rematch, we had to go into rematch because our au pair passed the Cultural Care English exam but didn't know more than five words of English. What we got in the process was an au pair that systematically abused our children and scared them enough to never say anything. Once she was out of the house, the children started to open up and now Cultural Care's answer to our story is...well she's gone now. Isn't that great! After a few added conversations with our new au pair plus the neighborhood "bully" au pair that Cultural Care has "talk" with all of the new au pairs that arrive I believe that this abuse was designed and supported by the LCC. She makes it a point to introduce all new au pairs to the "bully" and then has said to me...I can't help who they are friends with. Has anyone ever seen this? The "bully" au pair goes by the name Lilo and is located in Newton, MA. She actually called my phone that I had but it's the phone my au pair uses as part of her job and started cursing at me to get off of a phone that wasn't mine. The LCC was there and did nothing. My old au pair is in rematch and should be considered unstable.

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      • Updated by MJHer · Aug 15, 2017

        My LCC is ignoring systematic abuse and bullying that is happening in Newton. She even said to me...there's nothing you can do. The LCC encourages the au pairs to lie to host families and also places the au pairs in a position to help other au pairs which has caused an interesting dynamic where there is a leader who is encouraging au pairs to verbally abuse children. My most recent au pair even stated that she told a neighbor child very "sternly" that only babies sleep with their parents. And she was encouraging their au pair to get more forceful with the kids. She had also locked the door when she was in my son's room so that I couldn't get in and my son was begging for his mother. Needless to say that au pair is in rematch (which is as scary as it sounds...she's going to another unsuspecting family because CC is not willing to do a real assessment). My previous au pair would withhold food from my children, call them fat and force them to write down bad things about themselves. She let them know that this was a life they didn't deserve. This is all centralized on the au pair that is the "ring leader" who encourages this behavior (Newton, MA based). She is controlling the activities of these young girls even after they are gone. This behavior is being passed from one au pair to another and will not go unnoticed anymore. I see what is happening and the LCC just wants it to go away. The LCC may even be involved considering her lack of response to my continued requests.

      Cultural Care Au Pair — Au pair

      If anyone is considering an au pair do not use cultral care!!. They are the worst. The people they send are...

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      Cultural Care Au PairAu pair services

      I know experiences differ, but stay far away from Cultural Care Au Pair if you are looking for an au pair. At the very least, cut an au pair loose as soon as you know it is not working out. Get someone who is only interested in getting to America and hates working with kids and the agency will defend them up and down while they go off somewhere else (or get out of their contract) while you're stuck with yours, which is the most one-sided legal document you'll ever encounter. I can't even begin to describe the amount of lost productivity and gained frustration this whole experience has cost us.

      Our au pair simply lied her way out of the work and was placed in a new home while we got no refund. All over their contract are statements about how they are in no way responsible for the actions of their au pairs. So it begs the question: What exactly are they being paid for? What exactly are they responsible for?

      CC has the right to terminate Host Family’s participation in the program at any time if it determines that the au pair is in an unsuitable
      environment, or if the Host Family is in violation of this agreement, of Cultural Care or U.S. State Department regulations, or the terms of the
      Host Family Financial Agreement. Host Family acknowledges that CC has complete and unfettered discretion to utilize whatever methods it
      deems appropriate to assist it in making this determination. In the case of any termination pursuant to this paragraph the Host Family shall
      not be eligible for a program fee refund or a replacement au pair.

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        Cultural Care Au Pair — Child care

        An agency that only focus on money not people. Au Pairs that come here not to care for kids but to hang out...

        Cultural Care Au Pair — Disappointing au pair, once again

        We are currently on our 6th au pair and the au pairs we've had in the past we pretty good, I felt like they...

        Cultural Care Au Pair — Childcare

        Cultural Care Au Pair is a master at false advertising and negligence. They sell falsehoods to au pairs and...

        Cultural Care Au Pair — Mistreatment of Au Pairs

        This agency is deplorable and should not be allowed to bring these young people into the country and have...

        Cultural Care Au Pair — stole our money

        We had an au pair who the agency deemed unsuitable to remain in our house any longer and got her that same...

        Cultural Care Au Pair — Horrible au pairs

        My “replacement” au pair for the previous hideous au pair that I had to get rid of, was a girl...

        Culture Care Au Pair Agency (former EF)Inhumane and blindly one sided. To avoid at all costs.

        I am reviewing this company from the other point if view, that is as a former au pair. Anyone who might have in mind being a au pair, please read carefully. Unfortunately I was an au pair in 2002, when I was only 18 and when it was called E.F. au pair. I was supposed to spend a year in Pennsylvania.
        This company literally ships au pairs from Europe to America as if they are starved 3rd world-ers. Before you leave, their brochures and informative material let you think that you actually kind of matter in the whole experience. Let me tell you how it really is.
        As soon as you arrive, they drop you in some misused college, which falls apart and has cockroaches infesting it. After some days of "training", you are sent over to the host families all over the states.
        Now, I reckon that at the time I was an au pair I was young, I could have done things a lot better and that probably that sort of experience wasn't ideal for me - but most of those families couldn't care less about bringing in cultural diversity, they just want a very cheap live-in baby sitter, who'll work 6 hours a day for peanut money. Fine with the money, you go in as an aupair, but this is to explain you how open to multiculturalism most of them truly are (I say MOST, I had the impression that some of the other families were actually good people). If you have problems, there is a local contact from the company. In my case, it was a shady person by the name of Terry Bell.
        Anyhow, this person was siding 100% with the host family (of course, they were the paying customers), she seemed to be good friends with the HM, and I have been accused of the most absurd things on a family's whim. Such as: "compromising "the family's email account (they were using the previous au pair's email as their own! I had logged out once in order to send an email myself, and obviously, they did not know the password to get back in). But any rational discussion was impossible, they seemed all utterly tech ignorant (including ms. Bell) and didn't get it, so I was "grounded" from the internet and sent to use the internet in the library when they could take me themselves (I was supposed to be using the car, but I was never allowed to move around by myself). I was polite and sincere through all that, I have to say, and to this day I don't know how I made it through. But thankfully, I got back home asap.
        Ms. Bell only fully showed her true colors when I was "transitioning" and had to stay at her place. She dropped the circumstance half smile she had kept when she was around the HF, and was just plain mean. She kept us "transitioners" in a dusty storage room, with a cat and a couch to sleep on for a week. She ignored my presence those few time I was walking out of there to go to the restroom. She told me to grab food from the kitchen, but considering that they always ordered and that all they had was toast bread and soda, this is all I ate during all those days. I was starving. Of course, I was very young, far from home and in a very awkward situation where everybody seemed to treat me like a worthless immigrant (and I come from a quite important family in my country) ... honestly, I didn't have the courage to even ask for food! When I finally had my ticket back home, and I had to talk to my family to share the details, she forbad me to send an email or make a 1 second call to tell them the number to call me on. I had to dictate letter per letter the email in my language to her 15 year old daughter. Ridiculous and outrageous. The whole experience was inhuman and humiliating.
        Thinking that all those american parents who send their 21 year old to drink in Europe, and expect all the world to revolve around them. And thinking like younger Europeans are treated over there, makes me sick to my stomach. My experience with EF aupairs (now Culture Care) was a real and true nightmare, I advise aspiring aupairs NOT to use them, and now that I am in my 30s and am able to look back with a mature look, I think that person should be sued. I am NOT even interested in what their PRs are going to replicate, it's going to be mere words vs facts.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Cultural Care Au Pair — Au Pair

          Here's what happened to me. We had a Cultural Care au pair for 9 months and then I found evidence that...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Cultural Care Au PairPoor service and lack of ownership

          Cultural care is an agency that provudes child care providers to homes to watch children.
          The nanny which is an employee of cultural care who committed a negligent act. The act was placing diesel fuel into the car. This caused damage of 1400 dollars that was sustained.
          This repair was not covered by insurance since it was not an accident.
          The company was not reachable, not willing to resolve this issue with shared payment due to issue. They just tried to say that employee can pay 500 toward repair but they would not pay anything since they did not do anything. We responded that we had not done anything either but we should have some shared expenses and also the employee who makes minimal money should not pay so much.
          They are poor service oriented company that has no umbrella policy to protect against negligent acts. They put all the payment for damages above 500 onto the family.
          In addition the nanny who has limited money is expected to pay 500. We as family who had damage is expected to pay the rest with no accountability at all for cultural care Au pair. Inspite of logical discussion about the issues at hand
          They are atrocious in their respondes. They are not reasonable inspite of how much money we paid over years for this service.

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            Cultural Care - Au Pairs — Poor Screening of Au Pairs

            It seems that we are another family who has unsuccessfully utilized the au pair services from Cultural Care...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Cultural Care Au Pair — DEPOSIT BACK A LIE

            CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR IS A COMPLETELY LIE So I signed up for this program 2 years ago, I ws 18 years old and...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Cultural Care Au PairCultural Care Au Pair does not Care

            Stay away from them, Cultural Care Au Pair created a multi-month nightmare for us and does not at all stand by their services. During the pitch, you will hear about their value, they prescreen and help match, etc. Also, if you despite this, it doesn’t work out with your au pair you can easily switch to another. The reality is much different. We had a terrible match involving factually incorrect information that any decent screening by them would have avoided. When we went to switch, we found out that unless we wanted to wait 6-8 weeks for a new match, we had to choose only from a handful of au pairs that had been rejected from other host families. Their responsiveness was highly suspect throughout, not responding for days sometimes. Also, be prepared to live with an au pair that doesn’t work out and creates discord with your kids for a minimum of two weeks after you make that decision, because that is your obligation. When we finally gave up after two terrible matches and months of disruption, Cultural Care Au Pair totally did not stand by their services, blaming us for not choosing the right au pairs, etc. And they clearly get a lot of complaints, as soon as I requested a refund they went into a well rehearsed script, blaming everyone but them for the bad au pair, pulling out fine print, etc. No refunds. (They say they give them but it is a joke, 10-20% of the total that you paid.) Avoid at all costs! They are all about getting the money and moving on. Our only consolation is that our terrible experience might save others from Cultural Care Au Pair.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Cultural Care Au Pair AgencyBait and switch tactics

              Cultural Care AuPair agency LIED to make us take our re-match Au Pair sooner & CC LIED about discounts!!


              Check out their reviews on yelp for other major cities like San Fran, CA, Boston, Cambridge, DC, Chicago, IL, etc and their reviews on consumer sites...wish I had.

              We found a nice AP thru CC. She was in re-match and had issues driving in her rural setting w/ the snow & rain. Since we are in an urban city where the weather is milder that was not an issue. We like our AP and after almost 8 weeks we found out that CC lie to us and CC lied to her previous host family.

              We had gotten a last minute call telling us we had to take the AP w/in 72 hrs or risk not having an AP for months b/c she was in re-match and had to be placed in 2 weeks, which ended in 72 hrs. This was a shock b/c our AP had been working w/ her HF and officially in re-match for over 4 weeks since the HF was in no rush to push her out and they too were looking for the right AP for their family, especially since it was the Christmas season.

              I had been told that we had the 1 week before our current AP would come so we could complete our home renovations BUT I was forced to pay $700 extra to have workers come on Saturday, very last minute, since the current AP came that Sun. I then paid the extra $196 to the AP for the extra week. CC told me her previous HF refused to drive her to the airport mid-week and needed her out, which was a lie. The previous HF was told that I was demanding that our current AP come ASAP another lie. I contacted the previous HF and they confirmed that they never demanded anything and would of preferred my AP stay the extra week & I confirmed that I never demanded the AP come so soon. I spoke w/ my LCC and even Abby Gambill but I have gotten no resolution to this situation. Of course Terry Bell is no longer our placement manager, she was the one who strong armed us into taking the AP 1 week sooner than planned. I think it would be fair to give me $425 credit to my acct which is less than half of the extra costs that CC forced me to pay by taking my AP last minute. It would be fair to give me the credit since in Jan CC was giving $825 credit to new HFs like us and we had only gotten $400 credit.

              Also I chose a new AP by myself after sending our new placement manager specifics of what we needed. She was useless and did not send us any candidates that met our requirements. She could not tell me what my requirements were when I asked if she had read my email -especially given that I sent her TWO emails!

              As a result I had met requirements for the repeat discount $525 and the early re-application discount $350 and technically I would of met the 7/2/12 early re-match with a $175 discount but I had ZERO assistance from CC's placement manager but I still got an AP selected by 7/4/12 but the CC office did not know until 7/5 b/c they were closed for the holiday.

              I have sent emails and left phone messages about the current AP and asking for the $425 credit and also about the lack of correct discounts being on my invoice for the future AP to no avail. My LCC referred me back to Abby Gambill, so I left numerous phone messages and sent emails Abby Gambill but she refuses to return phone calls or emails!! I have even responded back to Mallory Farmers request to pay with this information BUT AGAIN NOTHING!!! Obviously CC wants to wait til the last minute and threaten me again w/ the fact that if I don't pay then no AP supposedly for at least 2 months.

              As a result I am ready to terminate my business w/ CC since I have found other Au Pairs thru other agencies and can get one within 1 week of the original CC future AP's arrival date, which is fine for us.

              Plus I found out the prospective AuPairs at CC are checked out by phone calls ONLY so the girls have friends lie that they are parents of kids they watched or that they are previous employers at Day Cares instead of verifying the business or person by doing an in-person visit or checking the telephone directory, or even Googling the person or business.

              LCC Teresa Vink confirmed that CC never does home visits, never requires cashed paystubs, or references from bosses using the letter head from the DayCares, schools, or churches where the girls claim they worked. She asked me to complain to CC about that practice.

              I know of an AP who is leaving soon who bragged to my AP and others that she has zero childcare experience and she is currently caring for a baby, since her friends pretended/ faked they were her previous employers. She also bragged that she dated 3 married friends of her HF so she has lots of gifts; the pics are on her private are of Facebook & my AP was given private friends access so my AP show me the pics w/ men over twice her age.


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                • Na
                  Natalie Jordan Aug 01, 2012

                  Dear AG123456,
                  I’m disappointed to read of your continued frustration and concerns. I remain hopeful that we can continue to address your concerns so that you are able to find some closure on these issues. While we have contacted you directly and addressed your concerns regarding discounts and waivers as well as the timing of your former au pair’s arrival to your home, we are continuing to await your response regarding next steps. It appears that you have made the decision to no longer use the services of this organization and we respect your decision. However, you have made several comments which I feel are important to address on this forum.
                  It looks like you are taking a look at each organization which is an important step to take for any family considering this program. It is critically important to compare organizations in terms of their policies and procedures on many aspects of the program including discounting, screening, program fees, transition policies and fees and even return flight policies to make sure you feel comfortable. In particular you point out the issue of references.
                  With regard to references, we welcome families to contact the references on their own as you have clearly done here. We are very upfront about the fact that we confirm the references and we share what the reference states about the applicant. We also provide their contact information so that you are able to ask any questions that you would like of them directly. I would urge you to review the reference policy of other organizations as well to see if you find that their system is something you feel more comfortable with. No agency is conducting home visits for reference verification and Cultural Care has never suggested that this is something that we offer. Again, your thorough review of any element of the au pairs application, including references, is something you are more than welcome to do.
                  You mention that you are aware of an au pair who provided false references. I urge you to contact me directly with any specific information you have in this regard so that we may investigate these claims immediately. This is a significant allegation which we take very seriously and I am hopeful that you will bring to my direct attention, specific details so that it can be addressed right away.

                  If I can be helpful in clarifying anything with regard to how we operate, I am happy to do so. The final issue I wish to address is with regard to your claim that we are facing “lawsuits of sexual molestation and porn”. This is simply untrue. Again, these are serious allegations and we certainly do not take even the suggestion that we are involved in such matters lightly in any way.
                  As always, I remain available should you wish to contact me directly at [email protected]
                  Thank you,

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                Cultural CareBad Service

                All the negative reviews are TRUE! This agency does not screen effectively, train at all or support clients when things go wrong. They are all about the fees and as soon as they get your $, you are on your own. We had an Au pair sleeping on the beach while "watching" my son swim, total our car and steal our liquor. Their response was "lets place her somewhere else and you can try again". Furthermore, they falsified my statements on their reports to indicate that we recommended this girl! On top of that, if you opt out - THEY KEEP THE FEES! There is no refund. They should have been put out of business after one of their Au pairs shook a baby to death! (they are EF Au Pair with a new name!)

                DON'T HIRE THEM!


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