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The mission of Ashford University is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable, innovative, educational programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing advancement in their lives, professions, and communities.
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Ashford University Complaints & Reviews

Ashford University / Fraud, monies owed, personal and mental anguish

Nov 15, 2016

In Jan. 2014 I started going to Ashford for a BA in Psychology. I am a 45-year-old woman now, sadly in around Aug. of 2015 I had to take time off after an illness which was going to be temp. and then recently I was being called and sent e-mails on a daily basis until I finally found out...

Ashford University / Misleading, false information

Jul 22, 2015

This college is misleading and has threatened me with collections because I wanted to withdraw. Prior to the threat, I was advised by my advisor on two different occasions that I could not withdraw. I called twice within a week span (1 call being in week 3 of July and the second being week...

Ashford Universtiy / Fraud

Feb 11, 2013

They lied to me about how much financial aid I would get. They did not counsel me on how much the program would cost and if I could afford it. They took all my financial aid money and wont let me continue. They had me start before my transcripts were reviewed and didn't finish the...

Ashford University College / lack of concern, overcharging


The financial aid office at Ashford University is concerned with only one thing--getting YOUR money in their hands but they are completely unconcerned with giving your money to you. Their advisors do not tell you when you need documents until it is too late, they also do not let you...

Ashford Unveristy / Ashford Unversity


I was mislead by an enrollment advisor who after looking at my college transcripts saying the I was very close to obtaining my AA (approximately 20 credits) and confirmed to me not one time but over five times in numerous different phone conversation that my Pell Grant was good. I had told...

Ashford University Online / Dropped From Courses/Given the Run Around


ismissal for attendance Complaint Rating: 100 % with 4 votes Company information: Ashford University Iowa United States I have attended Ashford for 3 classes. I transferred here because I have over 90 credits and they were only one of a few online universities that will...

Ashford University Online / Poor Quality


This school was a waste of time an money. After returning from maternity leave I was assigned my 5th Academic Advisor in a course of two years 8 total from [protected]. I was so tired of getting used to an Academic Advisor only to be swapped sagain in a matter of months. So, I received a...

Ashford College / Degree Mill


At first I was very excited to being my adult education at Ashford. Now, I am kicking myself wishing I had researched a bit more. I knew about the sales pressure. I knew about the financial complications. I knew about the technical fee. I thought to myself, "I know it is more money, I...

Ashford University Online / administration


I should have known that it was to good to be true!! I had enrolled at Ashford in June of 2008. I made it clear that since I did not work and had no income coming in that I needed finacial aid and all of my loans on time in order to purchase the books and other materials needed so that I...

Ashford Univeristy online / Lies,Lies,Dectiption,misinformation and more lies


I wish I had found this place before I made the bad decision to enroll with this place...Big..Big..Mistake!!! I enrolled at Ashford University Online in April, 2009. After comunicating extensivly several times with the enrollment advisors and being reassured multiple times that All my tuition...

Ashford University Online Degree Program / fraud-Ashford University


In the beginning everything seemed on the up and up. My mother had received her Masters degree via an online program at University of Phoenix and I was interested in doing this for my bachelors since my work schedule was so difficult to fit into school. We looked for an accredited school...