Credit Central, LLCharassment, i'll treatment, refusal to let me end my account & stalking


I'm not sure this will be seen by anyone who matters. I got a loan from your company and ever since its been hell. I got my loan from the Cullman Alabama store and Michelle Kelly has harassed me to no end. She has asked numerous personal information and I didn't release it. She asked about my checks, she followed me out side to my motherin laws car for money, she stalked my Facebook. And asked about my baby!! That's not all she's gone to the lengths that she's yelled at my family members! I'm angry that this is allowed to happen next time I will record every thing she says and does and a law suit will be filed . That is not how you treat a customer she refused to let me close my account, she's lied to me numerous occasions and I've caught her doing it and she gets an attitude and says I'm stupid and I Heard wrong um no I think not!! Justice needs to be served!!!

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