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S Jul 19, 2019

My small business purchased the logo and website package for $999 from CRAFTY/CRAFTIVE BRANDING(they change their name when they want to). We were assured via email that there were no extra fees or charges AT ALL throughout the process. Logo design was fast and we were happy with the result. Everything from then on was terrible. Weeks would go by without communication or progress and every few mo that someone new would contact me, starting the painful process all over again. At one point we tried desperately to get a refund only to get no where. Communication was impossible and in order to get anywhere close to having a live website required more money after more money. As a new business with very little funds left and desperate to get a website running after investing money on this company, we felt we had no choice but to pay for extras. First we paid $388 for ‘copyrights' and a month later they tried to get an extra $300 towards these ‘copyrights' we refused. we then paid $385 for ‘plug-in' then we were asked to pay $400 approx for ‘hosting, ssl and maintenance' when getting frustrated and refusing yet another payment, the person we were dealing with offered us a deal of $250 for ‘hosting, ssl and maintenance' we said we would need to think about it and get back to him. Wishing 15 minutes they took the money from our account without permission. The website is now live but not what we had wanted it to look like. we want to add new events we are doing this month to our ‘plug-in' (blog) which cost us $385 and they are refusing to make any changes until we pay more money for ‘maintenance ' . I realise now that I had been so busy with my third child being born recently that I have been completely used and taken advantage of. I am so disappointed that there are companies out there like this. Initially when I requested to see previous websites they've worked on they sent me links to the and other top sites. It is disgusting that these people are still operating and taking advantage of people everyday. I desperately want a refund, however they are extremely rude.

Crafty Branding
Crafty Branding

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