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Crafty Branding / Craftive Branding — unauthorized credit card charges / unethical sales tactics / failure to deliver paid for services / poor customer service

Engaged initial company (Crafty Branding) via online search to create company logo. After this, the same firm sought to create website for us. Despite clearly stated condition...

logo and website

My small business purchased the logo and website package for $999 from CRAFTY/CRAFTIVE BRANDING(they change their name when they want to). We were assured via email that there were no extra fees or charges AT ALL throughout the process. Logo design was fast and we were happy with the result. Everything from then on was terrible. Weeks would go by without communication or progress and every few mo that someone new would contact me, starting the painful process all over again. At one point we tried desperately to get a refund only to get no where. Communication was impossible and in order to get anywhere close to having a live website required more money after more money. As a new business with very little funds left and desperate to get a website running after investing money on this company, we felt we had no choice but to pay for extras. First we paid $388 for ‘copyrights' and a month later they tried to get an extra $300 towards these ‘copyrights' we refused. we then paid $385 for ‘plug-in' then we were asked to pay $400 approx for ‘hosting, ssl and maintenance' when getting frustrated and refusing yet another payment, the person we were dealing with offered us a deal of $250 for ‘hosting, ssl and maintenance' we said we would need to think about it and get back to him. Wishing 15 minutes they took the money from our account without permission. The website is now live but not what we had wanted it to look like. we want to add new events we are doing this month to our ‘plug-in' (blog) which cost us $385 and they are refusing to make any changes until we pay more money for ‘maintenance ' . I realise now that I had been so busy with my third child being born recently that I have been completely used and taken advantage of. I am so disappointed that there are companies out there like this. Initially when I requested to see previous websites they've worked on they sent me links to the and other top sites. It is disgusting that these people are still operating and taking advantage of people everyday. I desperately want a refund, however they are extremely rude.

logo and website
logo and website

logo / marketing company

Began dealing with them when they were called crafty Branding, purchased a logo for a set package fee then later they charged me $330 for supposed copyrighting which is actually free and automatic in Australia, when questioned they 101 excuses and then told me the fee was for trademarking. I contacted the trademark agency in Australia, this company had never applied for anything for me at all. I requested refund and then shortly after noticed they changed their business name to craftive Branding - I now continually get email threats from them as I was smart and cancelled my credit card (so they could not keep taking money from it unauthorised), they continue asking for money and wanting me to pay more to trademark which I have already paid, almost daily threats via email from their supposed "legal team".

I have reported them to the Australian authorities "scam watch" so hopefully they can be tracked down and stopped, before they scam anyone else.

I believe they are based in India and are using Australian websites/urls and emails. Although they have a Melbourne based landline number I believe it it diverted from elsewhere. As when you call them they are only available at around 9 am but at other times of the day not available so I assume they are operating while we here in Australia are all sleeping. (Different time zones).

  • Mo
    Mojo74 May 08, 2019

    I also have been scammed by these guys.
    I have paid just over $30, 000 for total branding-an online retail website, logo, video & social media & marketing.
    The work has been frustrating, slow & very unprofessional.
    The whole way through they have constantly bullied & harassed me to pay more.
    After nearly a year of back & forward & so many mistakes I requested my money back.
    Surprise, no money is being returned & they are getting nasty.
    They changed business names half way through my dealings with them also, as the writer above states.
    I have discovered they operate under multiple names such as Logo Sensation & WebNado.
    They are an Indian company that claim to be Australian, have no abn & are using a domain they are not entitled to.
    I am a single Mum with MS that was trying to start an at home business & this has destroyed me.
    I can not afford to lose this much money.
    This company has no morales or professional conduct & I hope more people don’t fall into the trap I did.
    I am taking this further & am interested in hearing from anyone else that has been conned by this company.
    This is not ok & needs to be stopped no matter how difficult it seems.

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  • Mo
    Mojo74 May 08, 2019

    I forgot to mention in the above post, so now I have no website, no logo & no $30, 000.
    I have since seen many posts about this company, where people have suggested it has been the customer expecting too much for the $250 or so they have been scammed & that they were expecting too much for such a low price. That it’s not the company at fault but customers expecting too much.
    Judging by the amount of complaints, lack of abn, unprofessional responses from the company, stealing of funds from bank accounts etc I cannot fathom how people have come to this resolution.

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website and logo package

Scammers under crafty branding/crafting branding. These are Indian group pretending to be legitimate. I was fooled by them mainly because I didn't do a background check before I...

[Resolved] did not deliver the website they promised - threatened me

I needed to have a website built for my small workshop and did not have a very big budget, so when I came across crafty branding advertising websites for $249 I found it wa...

[Resolved] crafty branding review - they took my money & left

I signed with Crafty Branding after being done over by another company who took my money and did not deliver a website.

This company sounded good but they have no way to contact them, they only have a phone service that is not their company they just take messages and they are not answering me.

They took my deposit and now are not contacting me. And now I find they are taking money unauthorised from my bank. They don't quote full costing upfront. They add on various fees later and just help themselves to your bank account.

To date I have not heard back from them and feel that I may of been scammed, just be careful everyone else when it comes to using

  • Crafty Branding's response · Jul 25, 2018

    Another fake review, we have tracked the IP address he is the same guy who posts the same review earlier.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] crafty branding scam website, they operate under many names

I asked for a modern landing page that had a similar feel to a portfolio of sites that I provided.

The outcome was very unprofessional and looked like someone tried to put together in a couple of seconds. What's more without restarting they would be unable to deliver a quality product but they are demanding full payment - terrible

I later found out they operate under multiple names such as Logo Sensation and WebNado, these are all the same Indian company that claim to be Australian but if you go and visit the address they have on their website like I did there is no office there, total scam company. I would never use ever again

  • Crafty Branding's response · Jul 25, 2018

    We have already refunded the full amount to this client and we have done the work for him initially he was happy with the refund and the work what we have done but don't know what happens suddenly and he posting such reviews.

    The rest he said it's totally false and none of that exists like that.


  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Te
    TerryZZ Aug 24, 2018

    I got a logo from them, which is fine, but then was immediately followed up with a proposal to register the logo as a trade mark for another $200, which I agreed to. Never got any email advising that the registration had been submitted despite multiple requests.
    Got additional phone calls about building a web site, which I refused, until I received official confirmation of my logo registration.
    Now realise it was all a scam. The original logo creation was just a foot in the door to keep charging me additional fees for things that never happened. And now the web site has gone.

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  • Ig
    Igorot Nov 13, 2018

    crafty Branding are scammers. a mob in disguise.

    Stay away from crafty branding guys. save your money. These guys are a group of indian mobs under the name of crafty branding. In general as a rule of thum; Do your background check before you commit to any online website services in this particular the crafty branding.

    Many outthtre are legit but just be careful. Some proven relaible are 99designs, wix, crazy domain, and many more or even go to Upwork, fiver, or squad help. but not these crafty branding they are scammers. They will get you and i can guarantee you are not smart to look for somebody else other than these pretentious mobs.

    anyway Heres is a post from victim client by crafty branding, i copy paste it here the notes becuase i am tired of writing the same thing as this guy who wrote the review said it as exactly as my own experience dealing with crafty branding recently this past two months (September to November ). To cut it short;beware of crafty branding! to some who choose not to heed on this warning; i say..go ahead at your own risk.

    here is the story:
    "I needed to have a website built for my small workshop and did not have a very big budget, so when I came across crafty branding advertising websites for $249 I found it was within my budget.

    At the start they seemed fine but as soon as I sent them the deposit they took 8 days to send back a design, even though on their website they claimed they would send a design in 24 hours. The design they sent back was very basic, it looked like a child had put it together, was very disappointed.

    They mentioned they would send through another design, that took an extra 5 days to send through a 2nd design which was no better then the first design, it looked as like they simple have a library of templates they must use and do not custom design their websites as they advertise on their website.

    At this stage I had tried calling them and they said they were busy and to only contact them via email, at the start they were happy to take my calls and now they're blocking me and I can only get a hold of them via email which they take forever to reply.

    After searching around online I found crafty branding had many other negative reviews from other people going through the same thing I went through and never getting a website, so I had decided to pull the pin after 3 weeks of waiting and asked for a refund.

    This is when they started to get nasty and mentioned they would not send the refund, even though once again on their website they mention they have a 30 day refund policy, I guess that is to lure people in.

    I mentioned that I would be contacting Consumer Affairs and leaving a negative review and they started to threaten me mentioning that they would post up negative reviews about my business, so at this point I had enough and just want to warn everyone else to stay away from crafty branding –

    Again stay way.

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[Resolved] horrible customer service by crafty branding - did not deliver website

We used Crafty Branding to build and manage our website but in the end we got a half built website that did not work properly.

We exhausted much of our time to rectify many ongoing problems that in the end were too time consuming to fix and some problems that even their team couldn't fix, our customers got tired of trying to access the site and most of them just called and ordered over the phone.

We were also charged miscellaneous charges that we didn't agree to and when we asked about the charges we got no response.

I feel that we had made a big mistake going with Crafty Branding as they offered websites from $249 which seemed appealing but in the end of the day we're very disappointing with not only wasting our money but also our time.

Just remember that it's your money and your business that you are putting on the line and I would stay clear from these guys

  • Crafty Branding's response · Jul 25, 2018

    This client sign up for the services and whenever we tried to contact him to get the feedback he never responded because of his busy schedule and after few months he is coming back and says our customer service is not good if he is not responding whenever we tried to contact him then he disappeared again for 2 months and came back again mentioning he was on the vacation overseas.

    Does not make sense at all.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Aa
    Aaron Morris Oct 14, 2018

    I got a logo made from these guys and then they said they would trade mark it for me I paid in full the cost and it's been over 6 months and still nothing and can't get in contact. Need it trademarked so I can sell what I have. As far as I was aware it had already been done but haven't received the paperwork.

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