B Dec 09, 2019

I ordered my wedding dress and fell in love with it when it came. Online it said it was guaranteed three day shipping. A week later and my dress still wasn't shipped. After emailing back and forth they finally expressed shipped it. When I received it it was in perfect condition and quality but to big I decided to return it. I had it three day shipped and after they received it I was issued store credit. I then ordered a different dress and my credit card was charged due to the store credit issued not being valid yet. After going back and forth about a refund for my card and the store credit being active it took over a week to get an update from their "back office" approving the dress was in good condition and I could get a refund even though the dress has been there for two weeks and I was issued store credit that apparently I couldn't use to repurchase something. When you reorder using store credit there's a no return policy. My second dress was almost 80 dollars cheaper and I was charged extra fees for repurchasing a new dress using my Money! So that I had zero credit left over. If you order from there which I highly recommend you do not! Don't expect a easy return without a fight.

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