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C Aug 26, 2018

Dear officer,

I am writing with regards to a serious disatisfaction standard to Courts staff at different outlet providing misleading information and wrong applications made for my Flexi plan applications on 5th August evening at Causeway point Courts.

1st of all I went to TPY Courts in July to check on the flexi plan scheme on reno and furniture to understand how this scheme works.

Your sales staff Sun from Tpy courts advised he could help me to make an application to check on the advised loan amount.

As I am a new customer of Courts and I have never told up a flexi plan before Sun advised the suitable amount I can take up as a new customer with a higher chance of approval based on his experience is 5K max.

So I went on proceed to apply but I told Sun that in the event approved I might change the items that I took up for the flexi plan.

Shortly within 2 days I received call from your officer that the loan amount of 5k was approved. I was happy and Sun did a good job by advising me to choose items within 5K and not exceeding the limit.

But because I was busy with my reno works at my new house. My husband and I didn't have time to go down to TPY Courts to purchase the items on time so I told Sun to on hold the items delivery as I will come back to reconfirmed on the items.

On 5th August Sunday, My husband and I wanted to visit TPY Courts again to confirmed on the furnitures but in the end we decided to go Causeway Point courts because my mother in law wanted to buy a TV and it's nearer to her place and we decided to go Causewaypoint Courts instead.

We initially wanted to buy an Air-con and staff there mentioned I could apply for flexi plan here too.

We were introduced by Sebastian to do the application. Sebastian check my record say I have applied before I told him yes at TPY. I told him CLEARLY that Sun advised that the maximum loan amount was 5K. But Sebastian said it's alright he can re apply for me again and even said that I can also look at other items he could apply for me in separate transactions!

In my heart thinking how could this be even better than what Sun had advised. Knowing that my limit 5k approved and buying an Aircon system 4 already hit a limit of 4k. Sebastian said doesn't matter just choose what I want he will process for me and if later the application fails we can take out thd items.

Is that the standard practice ? Hence I believed in Sebastian seeing that he seems very well experience and Courts staff WON'T QUOTE WRONG INFO.

I was there for few hours just waiting to apply the applications. Sebastian said he would cancel my previous and reapply again.

To my horror. The next day my WHOLE APPLICATION WAS REJECTED. WHY?

Because Sebastian APPLIED for a 8k transactions which I only asked for 5K. Sebastian said don't worry I choose then apply and see how the result goes.

Hence not only 8K was rejected but my initial application APPROVED LOAN OF 5K WAS ALSO REJECTED.

I demand that this is a mishandling and mislead of information by your staff. I REGRETED that I should have gone back to Sun at TPY Courts such things would not have happened. I am sure he wouldn't advised me on buying exceeding this amount.

I like to stress on I DIDN'T AGREED ON 8K AS THIS IS A MISLEAD FROM YOUR STAFF. I have said that anything beyond 5K will not be approved.

So why am I being rejected if I want to take back the initial loan amount of 5k which Sun applied and credit approved!

Was it me the one as a customer who will understand all the policies and procedures?

If I do not received a satisfactory answer. I will highlight this matter to CASE.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Carmen Chow
8333 2330

  • Courts Singapore Customer Care's Response · Aug 30, 2018

    Dear Carmen Chow,

    Thank you for contacting COURTS.

    Our utmost apology for the unpleasant experience you have encountered and we understand that it is definitely unacceptable. We've managed to check your invoice number and this matter has already reached the manager in charge for him to investigate further.

    We will update you with regards to this matter once we received the feedback from the relevant department.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Specialist

    COURTS (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    (a subsidiary of COURTS Asia Limited)
    50 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528766

  • Courts Singapore Customer Care's Response · Sep 02, 2018

    Dear Carmen Chow,

    Good day to you.

    We understand that the relevant department has already contacted you have settled the above mentioned issue and you have amicably agreed on the explanation given.

    We want to thank you for your valuable feedback and rest assured that we will take it as a service improvement on our part to continuously provide better service to our valued customer like you.

    Should you need our assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us again.

    Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Specialist

    COURTS (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    (a subsidiary of COURTS Asia Limited)
    50 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528766

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