Cosmetic Dentistry Grantsis this a scam?

G Jan 11, 2020

I am a practicing implant dentist, with 39 years experience. I heard about "cosmetic dentistry grants" advertised on a local radio station, and I went to the website. My first, basic question, was if it was a non-profit, which it claims to be, where is the funding coming from? One spot on the site suggested it was coming from the government somewhere, but I could find no hard evidence of this. So what is it? It' appears to be a mere referral service. That the "participating dentist" pays for. This is the only income source for CDG, and the only source of it's "grants". By avoiding payment for general dental services and limiting "grants" to "cosmetic procedures" only, it creates an income flow for the general work, then supposedly offers "grants" for subsequent "cosmetic" work. And the income to the participating dentist is enough to warrant his/her payments to CDG for the referral. That's a unique scheme, and, in my opinion, a deceptive one. I would advise anyone looking at this "grant program" to be cautious. It attracts dentists who "need patients", and this unfortunately also can result in what I would term "aggressive" treatment plans. (i.e., plans that prescribe treatment that is questionable and possibly not necessary). One thing that tipped me off was the "claim" that they've paid out over $1, 000, 000 in grants. Only one milllion? Over ten years? That's not much in the scheme of things. The reality is that good dentistry is, and always has been somewhat costly, and implant treatment is even more so because of the cost of the parts involved. To all the potential patients who are looking at this, please, please be careful.

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