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S Dec 09, 2018
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Since month one of our beloved Dogs suffers from chronic kidney failure. Our Vet takes exceptional care of our Dogs and we are very thankful for that. But for those Readers which don't know what kidney failure means... it is a noncurable disease what leads earlier or later to death. It is time consumable, expensive daily fight to keep the chemistry in our dog in good standing, so there is no pain and there is still a good quality of life. Traditional and holistic medicine combined, especially Chinese medicine, brought life back in our little Dog Curlie.
Always looking for more information I found the Web site of the Coral Springs Animal Hospital. It stated house visits and a specialist in Chinese medicine. Immediately I made an appointment the same day noon after the Lady on the phone confirmed that a holistic doctor specialized in Chinese medicine will be there and home visits wouldn't be a problem at all. That all was on October 24, 2018. I called my Vet and he faxed all Blood work etc. to them. He was very happy that I finally found a specialist in Chinese medicine and looked forward to working together. I arrived at the Hospital at noon, my Neighbor with me. Because of the long trip, my little dog showed signs of dehydration(loosing orientation etc.). I asked for Water please, nobody cared. We moved to another front desk and the lady behind that desk took my Pet insurance papers. I turned around and my dog was gone. After 5 minutes asking around, I found my dog and my neighbor in a little room with 2 ladies, one a a vet tech. The Doctor told me what I actually already knew and counted all the proceeders which she wanted to do with Curlie. She found the faxed Documents from my VCA VET not to "impressive". I asked for the holistic Doctor... she never heard about anybody and gave the advice than to go to another doctor. She also never heard about home visits... on the other site the vet tech did.
ok...she wanted to measure blood pressure in the back and I went out to that Lady at the desk, which told me now that they don't bill my Pet insurance direct.
Immediately I asked for my dog, which still didn't receive any water.
For me, it didn't make any sense. It seemed to be a scam to get new patients in that clinic. And now the best!!! This clinic has the nerve to send me a bill over $149.51 for an "InternistPE/Consult(R) with Stefeny Pollack, DVM, DA".
I wouldn't repeat on here what my VCA Vet said when I showed him this Bill.
To make it clear, I just wanted to forget that miserable Animal Clinic and I`m definitely not one of those who tries to make trouble...but as it is there with... I will forward this complaint about Coral Springs Animal Hospitals business praxises to any Institution which oversights Veterinarian Hospitals and their veterinarians.
I also will use the social media platform to discuss this openly.
P.S. Thanks to our VCA Vet!!, to my friends and all who help to feel our beloved little Curlie so much better! She still goes strong with the daily fluid regime and a lot of holistic medicine and we enjoying every day we have still together

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