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Coral Springs Animal HospitalBad service

We went to Coral Springs Animal Hospital to have our dog checked out after he was very lethargic and weak looking. The vet saw him and said he may have a mast in his stomach.

She said I will be right back and came back with two estimates. Truthfully, I have never seen anything like it. Normally, when we go to see our regular vet he tells us the procedure and he goes ahead and does it. Basically, she wanted to take about six X-rays of our dog. The cost of each X-ray was $60 and to add insult to she wanted $70 to interpret the X-rays.

When humans get x-rays they are normally $40/ X-ray or less and the "interpretation" is included with the X-ray. Of Course with humans, a doctor has to wait several months to be paid by insurance and there is much more paperwork involved. So we were astonished that a vet center was charging nearly double the cost of X-rays for humans when there is no insurance involved and they get paid right away!

To make a long story short, the doctor said it was over $700 to have the six X-rays done and "interpreted." I do not know if all the vets. at Coral Springs Animal Hospital are independent contractors or not, but I have never seen a vet. hospital that was less compassionate! We felt as though they were selling us a used car: If you want Car 1 it would cost you this much, but if you want Car 2 it will cost you this much. It was all business! I suppose they are trying to fund the building of their new facility by "gauging" customers.

Nonetheless, we took him back to his usual vet who came and hugged Max and us. It was one-quarter the cost of what Coral Springs was going to charge us, and there were no sales pitches, no coming out with two estimates to choose from, no 75% deposit required before they will touch your dog, and no bureacratic forms to fill out!

Our vet recommended an ultrasound and since no other place was open that had an ultrasound he told us to go to Coral Springs. Reluctantly, we went back there and a specialist was "too busy" to see us so we spoke to a regular vet who setup the ultrasound. True to form, she came out with two estimates and we had to pay 75% of the procedure up-front. In fact, the billing lady was trying to charge us more than what the actual price the vet quoted us was. I suppose she was trying to pull a fast on us. I caught it and had her put the charges back to where they should have been. It cost over $700 to have the ultrasound done there. This was extremely high, and Coral Springs Animal Hospital's dictatorial policies are ridiculous.

This place is all about money! That is they are all about charging you as much as they can get from you! I have never met vets. that were as uncaring and uncompassionate. It seems they are not about helping your pet, but only helping themselves!


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    marco Dec 02, 2008
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    Sounds like that crazy "dr' becker.

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  • Va
    vanessa Dec 04, 2008
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    Your rediculous! If they didn't give you an estimate they would of probably gone over the procedure and then did it becuase you would of probably ok it.Then when it was time to charge out you would of had a 2000 dollar bill. They were warning you by showing you two estimates. Letting you know that it can get expensive and don't compare human doctors to vets because you can tell the doctor whats wrong with you, what feelings you are having.Vets have to figure it out and take from what you have observed. Also x- rays for humans cost a lot and for you to mention 40 dollars is because you have insurance and the insurance pays the rest of the money.X-rays for humans depending on how many and size is 75 to 250 a sheet and doctors don't charge you to go over it because it is included in the ofice visit which is actually 90 dollars but you pay with insurance 20 to 40 depending how good your insurance is. Every clinic requires a deposit because ALOT of people skip out on the check. People have to pay their bills nothing in this world is for free. I don't work for coral springs but i have worked at many animal hospitals and your just mad because you didn't get it the way you wanted it. If your regular vet is so great then you should of found a way to bring your pet to him and a dog or cat becoming lethargic or having a mass usually doesn't happen over nite so shame on you trying to play the bleeding heart when you finally notice somethings wrong with one of the members of your family.

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  • Ph
    Philip Weber Dec 17, 2008

    I'm not sure either if the vets at this facility are private contractors or not. However when I offered to pay my 75%estimate of $1, 650 in cash, IF they provided a 3% discount, the business office seemed befudled. I was told "we do not barter"? Barter is defined as:the exchange of goods and services WITHOUT money", I offered to give them 3% MORE than they would have recieved 30-40 days sooner than if paid with credit? "Lots of people pay cash here" she explained, so my less than compassionate response seemed complete. Right now I am up to $1, 960 in fees without the cat even being better, and the additional cost of catherization is now necessary. The cost of care is an important point to make, however in almost 40 years of vet bills never have they been so forward with costs, expressed pre-payment. I was refered by my origional vet whom did not have appropiate surgical facilities if the cath preforated the urethia, so I did just not arrive with an unknown pet that had been hit by a car. I will never come here again under any circumstances!

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    truth10 Mar 01, 2010

    People do not understand the high cost of veterinary care. They do not understand that as technology and diagnosis methodology improve, the costs of care increase. They enjoy comparing the cost to human medicine but not the difficulty or quality. The absence of true "insurance" for pets (thank God) is precisely the reason veterinary care costs so much. They are not digging into the pockets of drug companies or insurers. Veterinarians will pay $36 for a bottle of human medication to stock in their practice when the local pharmacy is only charged $10.

    The complaint and a commenter were both REFERRED to this vet for a reason. Their vet did not have the equipment or (presumably) expertise to diagnose and treat their pet.

    Bottom line is vets don't really have one. They make jack squat compared to MDs and have a harder job than just dolling out pills for whatever ails you. Which is clearly a lack of common sense. I understand South Florida so much better now...

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  • Da
    Damon Palazzolo Jun 29, 2010

    I brought my dog to Coral Springs Animal Hospital because my dog was having trouble walking. The doctor on duty took x-rays of my dog and told me that my dog had a herniated disk and surgery was needed. I was told this is a normal surgery and my dog would live and have better than 60% chance of making through surgery with out any complications. I was told this is a common procedure costing $3.000-$3500 inclusive of all charges. I gathered all of the money I had to my name a measly $4000 cash. Upon arrival with the money the price of surgery went up to $4, 000 - $4500 desperate to save my dog I gave the hospital $3, 300 (the 75% they require to start surgery) As I am ready to leave the hospital I am flagged down and told the surgery is now going to be $4500-$5000 and It would require another $400. At this point my girlfriend, my 9 year old son and myself are all hystericaly crying since the dog is a member of our family and we are soooo worried. I again paid them the money they requested andwent home to awaita phone call from the surgeon. At 3:00 am I recieved a phone call letting me know that after running more tests the prognosis is grimm. My dog now has a ruptured disk and has a 30% chance of survival, 10% chance of surviving and 100% chance that he will no longer have bladder function. And to add more guilt and pain to my suffering family we are told that if we had brought the dog sooner his life could have been saved. My options were to put my dog down or pay $5, 000 to have a paralysed dog that would need his bladder emptied 3 times daily. I of course opted to put the dog down so he wouldn't have to live that kind of life. I rushed my family over to say our last goodbye to a dog that was loved more than most humans. After 30 minutes of intense grieving I was handed my final invoice for $2, 400. I am in now in the process of fighting over my bill to have my money returned to me. I now wonder if my dog was dropped between the original diagnosis and the final diagnosis. My family is now completely heart broken and have to live with the guilt that if we just would of acted sooner our dog would still be alive. My poor girlfriend has morbid thoughts of suicide because she now belives that she killed our dog! I am outraged and will do everything in my power to put an end to the theft and incosideration that goes on at this poor excuse for an animal hospital.

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  • Do
    doggie tech Dec 26, 2010

    If your having so many problems with Coral Springs Animal Hospital then do not get reffered there. There are other referral hospitals in the area.Just beccause your vet only refers to one hospital doesn't mean you do't have options. Veterinary Specialist of South Florida is about 20 minutes away from Coral Springs, They have board certiified specialist as well. They are wonderful!!!

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  • Ma
    Marymary123 Feb 09, 2011

    I want to know where I can go to get 'human' xrays for 20$ - 40$. Because I just went to the ER and had 2 rads of my wrist done and they gave me a brace (that I had to adjust and put on) and it cost me close to $1000. So to compare human medicine to animal medicine is just crazy. If you cant afford to have a pet and take care of it, dont have one or at least carry insurance. There are many different types of pet insurance that are not too expensive. If you had insurance it wont cost as much, just like when you go to doctor and pay $30 and your insurance is charge $150 for the visit. GET A CLUE
    Veterinarians go to school as long as MDs and have to learn how to treat many different species, as opposed to humans. AND they make 1/8th or less of what doctors make. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR PEOPLE

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  • Zi
    Zing Q Apr 20, 2011

    It is extremely unfortunate that people don't understand nor take the time to understand how expensive it is to staff and operate a top-notch referral animal hospital. These specialty practices provide specialties outside the expertise of the patients' regular veterinarian. It is common for a general practitioner to run into a diagnostic brick wall. As a pet owner, you should have either 1. pet insurance 2. a savings account for your pet's emergencies. Please don't blame Coral Springs Animal Hospital for any wrong doing. They have every right to collect a substantial deposit for their services. Guess what? If everybody paid like they promise to pay, they and all veterinary practices would waive such substantial deposits. Veterinarians get financially burned all the time because of "promises" made to them by clients. Would you fill up your shopping cart at the grocery store and then tell the store manager that you promise to pay the bill the following month?

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  • Di
    Disgusted Victim Jan 11, 2013

    For Coral Springs Animal Hospital and all neurologists, be SURE you do not let them do an EMG/Nerve biopsy on your dog. For many breeds there are genetic marker tests which requires a mere cheek swab and costs only $140 and can tell you if your dog is "affected" by polyneuropathy. In my case the neurologists here I was shocked to discover knew about this completely non-invasive option, never disclosed it, assured me that no harm would result from the EMG/Nerve biopsy when I asked, and now I have a dog that was previously in no pain, in great pain that I will have to live through with him for years for absolutely no reason.

    When I sent an update and video of my dog's agony (see, Dr. Lisa Lipitz merely reprimanded me for having interrupted her Thanksgiving holiday after waiting 5 days before calling to check on the patient whose agony she had alone unnecessarily caused. When I asked Dr. Lisa Lipitz to be sure to give this option to her patients forward so no other dogs would ever suffer this fate, she didn't care, didn't plan to change what she was doing going forward and hung up on me. Reminds one of the Hippocratic Oath which I guess doesn't apply to CSAH: First Do No Harm.

    *** Response to the Owner where posted (Google, etc.) -- their Facebook Page is rigged so you can't read anything negative there -- also be sure to see all the filtered Yelp reviews with more horror stories. What is stated by the Owner is simply untrue as their is excuse is that it is excepted practice not to present the non-invasive option to owners of pets. The CSAH Owner remarkably is either uneducated in the field, sadistic or greedy. Under no circumstances should it be anyone other than the OWNER'S decision to do a procedure than may severely injure your pet (without warning of any risk from CSAH) when there are non-invasive options readily available for some breeds (which are also about 1/10 the price). Intentional failure to present non-invasive options is unconsciounable especially when it results in agony to an animal that was in no prior pain as it did with my dog then abandoned by CSAH.

    The non-invasive genetic testing for Leonbergers are available through the University of Minnesota, for Greyhound as published by the University of Florida (…) and for Malamutes via the University of Copenhagen, Department Of Veterinary, Clinical And Animal Sciences, Section Of Genetics, Groennegaardsvej 3 Dk-1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark (+[protected], dir +[protected]; [email protected], Also see "The Genetic Connection: A Guide to Health Problems in Purebred Dogs by Lowell Ackerman DVD, DAVCD published by the American Hospital Association Press. All of these discuss and encourage non-invasive procedures primarily and are more than reliable sources.

    Feel free to contact me if you need help or more understanding at [protected].

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  • Do
    DogL Apr 18, 2014

    Stay away for this place. They will suck you dry in unnecessary fees. Find a other vet.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Cory Jul 21, 2015

    You get what you pay for? Does that explain the incompetintcy of Dr. Donna Shwartz? My ooor Chelsea suffered at the hands of this witch. My dog was 11 & 1/2 she was full of irritation from allergy. She had previous thyroid problems which Shwartz never even looked into. My baby had been experiencing symtoms of a brain tumor or cds with sundowning. Her legs were giving out, when she went to get up. One of the horrific symtoms was barking all night and lunging at latching on to me and biting me every night for 4 months. Donna, said i needed a behaviorist or i would die. Why would an 11 year old dog who was always gentle and wasn't hurting me during the day. need a behaviorist. She misdiagnosed Chelsea and she stuck to her guns, giving her kangaroo food for her alergies. Chelsea was still an angel during the day. She never even rechecked her thyroid. She destroyed me mentally by insisting, my dog was biting me because i had spoiled her and she didn't respect me. She caused me heartache money and grief beyond repair . Coral springs medical hospital is money crazy. They will let your animal die in front of them without money.


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