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payment - deducted credit card no order number or refund

On july 14, I entered contigo webpage and procees to order three bottles. As I was in the process to check out, and entered particulars of my credit card, and submitted for payment, while I was still waiting for the page to load, I received message from my bank approving transaction and within a minute I got a message in the checkout screen that my card has been declined. I contacted my bank and was informed that the my card has been debited for that transaction. I did not receive any order number from contigo.
I cintacted contigo immediately and cintigo responded after 2 days requesting me to submit order number and evidence nce of payment, saying they do not see any order or purchase done by me.

I responded on the same day and submitted screen shots of bank sms and email. I informed contigo that I did nit receive order number as I got the error.

As of todate contigo has not responded or refund my money. My bank confirms payment to contigo.

Please help me to get back my money from contigo.

payment - deducted credit card no order number or refund
payment - deducted credit card no order number or refund
payment - deducted credit card no order number or refund

contigo mug

The Cap to the Contigo Mug started to leek. I wrote to the company several times.
I received the automated message that my e mail was received and that they would get back to me. I reached out to them multiple times since then but they have not replied back. This is not the first time I have had issues with their product.
Below is the e mail
"Thank you for contacting Contigo

We have received your message and look forward to assisting you as quickly as we can. We respond to all inquiries in the order received. Your reference number is: [protected].
Please check your SPAM folder or add our e-mail domain to your SPAM filter ( to ensure you do not miss our response.

Thank You for choosing Contigo
Contigo Consumer Solutions"

contigo mug

  • Se
    Sean Members Jul 23, 2019

    Worst customer service ever. Did everything they asked. Send pics and filled out their questionnaire. It’s been nearly two months and zero response. Won’t be buying this product anymore.

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coffee mug

I received a Contigo coffee mug as a gift. I will say that it worked great, kept my coffee nice and hot and fresh. But it only lasted a few months. I've had my mug for almost 3...

contigo autoseal westloop

The top of my Contigo Autoseal Westloop became impossible to close properly back in early Nov, 2017. I'd had it maybe 3 - 4 years. It was just earlier than the easier to...

did not receive product.

I did not receive product. I ordered it on 12/6/17. I received their e-mail saying order is being processed using flat rate shipping FedEx smart post 8-10 business days. I did not receive an update e-mail with fedex tracking number. Contigo will not respond to e-mails, and I was put on hold for over an hour when I called their 888 number on 12/20/17. great product, but they are horrible on customer service!

travel mug

Contigo quotes a time of 2-3 weeks to respond to warranty requests. Despite this, Contigo has failed to respond to any of my messages requesting them to honor the warranty for my...

No customer service

There is absolutely no customer service! I'm very disappointed with Contigo!
I sent them an email asking for an assistance and received no reply back. Then I sent another message and they never even bothered to send me an automated reply!
Then I found their phone number and called and their rep said that they did not receive any emails. I asked them to assist me via phone, but they said that they needed my claim in a written form. Sent them another message and they promised to contact me back later, that never happened.

  • Do
    Doug Horn Oct 03, 2018

    Non existant customer service!

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  • Ma
    Maryam.k Nov 20, 2019

    Hi we bought 2 water bottles for our kids school from Canadian tire and they didn't work with water suction. Water doesn't come up when we suck int the straw. We bought in August 2019. Please make a refund

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  • Va
    Vaughan davies Feb 02, 2020

    I bought a contiguous snap seal travel mug, and the seal on the lid as broken, could I please have a new lid, I love this travel mug
    Kind Regards Vaughan davies

    See attached picture

    [email protected]

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