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A free dating site riddled with problems which includes a small percentage of real members and a large percentage of fake profiles plus high traffic of scammers (please don't think they are just from Nigeria. I found one who was a White Russian scammer and dangerous!). Internet abuse by members can flare up on the forums which are on public view on the net without signing in and unless profiles are hidden when not online the risk of copied photos and profiles is high. Internet abuse ranges from name calling, derogatory comments, harassment, disclosing members personal details from across other social networking sites. A recent example of this was a thread started by a member about members. This was left to escalate out of control for 2 days and only when one of the victims complained on a public forum that she would take legal action was the thread deleted. Another example includes a 70 yr old Greek man who stated on a thread it is okay for some members to use and abuse others and was allowed to get away with harassing female members. The moderator response tends to be condensing allowing the abusers to remain on site. The site is unsafe, disrespectful and does not respect members privacy

dating and relating


  • Je
    jena_massie Jul 21, 2012

    completely agree. i just got out of that hell hole. a white coward swore at me in the Poetry section which is supposedly a holy of hollies.. i am a woman. brown. Indian. i love me. being me is a privilege . this username Odons is full of hate and anger toward those who he thinks are below human beings. he chooses to fling accusations against the brown race. what is most obnoxious about it is that connecting singles favours the whites but ofcourse! they are white and they are jews the cursed race. my first experience at a dating site! i want to forget. its not worth wasting my time over this. i am lucky i got away.. there are people there so fake one can tell without even questioning!

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  • Se
    seerie Aug 11, 2012

    its an outrage that site. racism is rampant. i am a Muslim. I am an Indian Woman.
    i will not permit Anyone to abuse my identity. the poetry corner filled with arrogant and insulting poets who ignore or abuse anyone who is not English or American, i had the most horrifying time i am still stunned. this site has more fake profiles than real if any) real ones. the blogs have sharks the poets Andrew Bentlee Hedi Stuff Jazzy Turorob Odette Pink poetess Orientalkoru drove me out with their insinuations in their hardly veiled well crafted couched poetry all created for me!. i used to be a poet there in fact i started the Poetry at CS!
    i am now at peace. the evil that exists in the Poets got me for the time i was there till yesterday..
    thank you for giving me a voice that speaks from a heart that escaped evil forever
    good riddance to evil connecting singles

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  • Sc
    scherievazir Aug 24, 2012

    i just got expelled banned from CS. for telling the truth. their slogan about Honesty is a hypocrisy a shame.
    its a racist site. the aussies rule. i was stupid enough to go back.
    Now i know hate. the hate of a white human for a brown muslim one.
    yes Now i know.

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  • Ru
    ruhan Sep 06, 2012

    you are right seerie they are manupulaingt with words others even peoplenot on this poem site an they stil going on with it begores its not easy to proof bud i no they do i am a victim from orientalkoru, i no God wil be the judge in time

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  • Ca
    carhop122 Sep 06, 2012

    Another loser on a dating site.

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  • Ru
    ruhan Nov 15, 2012

    Dear peaple around Orientalkoru i want to correct my complains about her i am never being a victum from her it was a very bad stressful time for me, i think also for the lady, we ouwer relationship was ofer i was realy flipping about it .I am very sorry now, that i was wrigthing these things about Orientalkoru, pleace untherstand that she cant do anything about it.I wright this begores i am always trying to be ones about things.I hope that she can forgive me one day for it .God bless you

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  • Ru
    ruhan Nov 20, 2012

    I have think the last days about the situation on cs, that i have had with some peopleofer ther i give them til tomorro the time.To do som things away on ther blog that hurt me.Lying an ather things atherwy i wil come with the hole story, how it realy was an is.

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  • Ru
    ruhan Nov 23, 2012

    I WILL waith for you Orientalkoru to proof that my love for you is real

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  • Ra
    raaree Jul 01, 2013

    i purposely banned myself from CS. the open hostility, the cavalier treatment meted out to someone who is not white or a christian, a white "lady" username "gypsyheart" copy/pasted from google of a mentally ill person and put it on my blog she also went on to say i should stop bothering the elite!. her husband hanged himself for this she gets everyone's sympathy even the Mods. they allowed her to castigate me openly for everyone to laugh and snigger at me. why no one asked her or take her to task for her malicious envious atrocity i don't understand. I was a victim of a secret conspiracy about which only Andrew the poet, turorob, jazzy, bentlee & hedistuff, knew and slayed me.. wow so much for fair play. i Am Happy to get out of cs.
    i am an indian muslim...!!!

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  • Sc
    scoobey Jul 10, 2013

    "Hi, i'm Darren looking to meet women from anywhere in Europe for fun & friendship to see where it leads. I love to travel & regularly do so. " Sounds okay doesn't it to begin with until some ladies found out this 45 yr old from Peterborough in the UK has been met several ladies from that site for 'intimate' encounters and not friendship/relationship. Turns out he is still living at home with his parents too. He gets around does this seemingly mr nice guy on the forums. Among his encounters include a woman from Indonesia he arranged to meet on holiday while she was visiting prague with the first time they met, a single parent mother from wales he visited for the weekend and a woman he met for one night in birmingham not to mention what went on at a weekend meetup in glasgow. Bottom line, don't trust anyone on this site. Guys like him have been around the block and back and although he looks cute discusses who he has met behind the scene so before you know it most of the regulars are 'in the know' and you will be trusting thinking he respects your privacy. You may get lucky and meet a nice guy but remember all the 'regulars' on there have been there for years and for some it is just sex and some play the game very well. Truthfully, you are better off meeting people face to face at dating events in your areas or other social groups.

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