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Zynga poker is 100 percent rigged for the last 2 years i have been unable to have any decent wins. Ive been over $50m but now it's impossible for me to even win a $100k tournament which in turn has made me miss out on winning potentially hundreds of millions or even billions. I refuse to purchase chips, maybe that's why i don't win anymore, you can only win if you purchase chips. I can't even win when i have the best hand because somehow the river card always seems to be in favor of someone else. Zynga poker used to be fair and it didn't matter if you had purchased chips or not but it seems those days are long gone. If this isn't true i would expect $500m in my zynga account. That is a lot less than what i could of won if zynga poker wasn't rigged

Dec 25, 2014
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  • Je
      17th of Nov, 2011
    zynda poker - scamming
    zynda poker

    been buying chips an then get them hack an stolen an zunda will not rufund me my chips or money

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  • La
      8th of Mar, 2016

    I would bet my life that Zynga Poker doesn't deal anything close to the way cards do in reality. I flopped a straight 6 times tonight and lost 5 of them. Oh it's just one of those nights you say. It happens to everyone. NO! This crap happens every single night! When I flop a straight, two pair or a set. I automatically assume I'm being set up and I'm going to lose. I'm not a bad poker player. I played live in the casino 5 days a week for over three years. I have over 1 billion chips at Zynga. The game is not fair the way it's dealt. Once again, I'd bet my life on it. It's impossible to lose with a 92% chance of winning seemingly half the time. How come when I have 12 to 15 outs of the flop it rarely hits when miracle hands hit on a regular basis? Why play here you ask? I've played at 6 different sights over the years. None of them seem fair. My friends are on FB so I play here. I wish you had more tournaments where people can reach a final table. Now that's fun.

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