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Zynga poker is the most rigged site in the history of online poker. How can a company who has massive funding not create a legitimate poker app that doesnt cheat players on the last card every other hand. Its absurd!!! No matter how good a player you may be or how patient you are zynga will ultimately cheat you of your skills by giving the pot to some ### on a 2 percent chance win and this happens regularly. I cannot wait for someone to create a poker app that puts zynga out because of their indifference to real problems with their garbage software.

Jan 2, 2015
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  • Sa
      26th of Nov, 2014
    Zynga Poker - Hacker stole my chips
    Phone: 923006714743

    Today on 26 november 2014 i had 80 million chips but when i log on after some time in the same day my chips are only 1 million. Please recover my chips its my humble request.

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  • An
      2nd of Jan, 2015
    Zynga Poker - Profile locked out
    zynga on facebook
    United States

    When i attempt to get into the profile part of the game and collect bonus things like items or friends attempt to send me chips it just stops. I get a spinning circle like it will load but it never does. The extras in the game give the player free ships. None of the extras work now. Maybe call them bonus instead of extras. . .

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  • Je
      11th of Dec, 2016

    This site constantly cheats you out of everything you buy. It seems quite absurd that EVERYTIME is sit with middle eastern players, the game is rigged in their favor. I TRULEY believe this site funds terrorism. Why else would it cheat Americans ALL THE TIME. It's not just occasionally, or even once in a while, it is constant. I have spent hundreds of dollars on the app and get cheated every single day. I will now take my money to a different site and zynga will never #### me again.

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