Once again I do not get the chips that I win. For easy math, if my account has 100 million and I buy in for 10 million and then win 10 million my account will only go up 5 million. So my account will be at 105 million and I will be on the table with 20 million. If I lose 10 million at the table, and go back to what I originally sat down with, my account will go down to 95 million.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Baroda, MISo on the table I am at even money but my account has lost 5 million. On the table it shows that I have not won or lost chips, but 5 million is taken off my account. Right now zynga poker owes me just over 80 million in chips. I purchased chips a while ago and just started playing again, so technically you are taking real money from me and not just play chips. Please get this issue fixed I only play on my android phone.

May 13, 2017

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