Zyngahackers and cheaters

N Nov 25, 2017

Hi, i'm not the person who's moaning or do such things like now. But I've noticed that your game Farmville2 (het boerenleven) is been hacked by several players over the whole world, it's not fair against the players whose playing your game fair.. I'm really frustrated about this, I play your game several years and I'm a little bit addicted too it, but that's not the issue.. I've already heard that you banned my best friend nicky hougaard from your game l can say she was a honest player, so it makes me sad, and mad that cheaters and hackers can be active playing in your game, they can do and take things how many till they reached their goal.. and we are hopelessly.. lots of people stopped playing this game because we can't competed with them... I spent days for reaching a higher rank in quest, and they come up and in a few min they have almost the highest rank. Really frustrating


  • Updated by nicolleke · Nov 25, 2017

    Hi I'm back again to let you know there's also another one, who's cheating, her name you can see below on the pic and have a question too how it can be that I never get a golden or silver bonus, only quick seed or money, and these people they use constantly golden bonuses . I really hope you can solve this issue plse, Otherwise I have to decide to stop playing this game . dear regards

    hackers and cheaters

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