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North Royalton, OH, United States

The dates of my incidents fall over the past month or two. I have lost several charms sent to me, by one player. I sent the date and time, with the player's name each time to customer support and not once did I receive a response!
The 2-hour timer is stopping and affecting our game! When the timer stops, all of the sudden your coin total drops!!! Then when you leave the game and come back in, and the timer is restarted, your coins start to rebuild. I brought this up to customer supports attention, as did other's, no response!!!
My Charm Meter will fill to the top and get stuck forever!!! I am stuck on #6 in the Race to the Rose even though I am at 944 million in the Daily Race and we are still within the 12th hour????? There is just so many bugs that are just not being fixed. We complain and we are all told the same thing!! or we are ignored!!! WE DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT FROM YOUR SUPPORT TEAM!!!

May 5, 2017

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