Zucora / Magiseal / Scam

Toronto, ON, Canada

This company is a scam. Called the zucora the day my furniture got a tear. Took 2 months to have a service tech come out just to take pictures and 2 more weeks to get an answer. 2. 5 months just for them to tell me it is not a covered repair. They said their "accidental tears" only qualify if it's what they considerate "accidental". . . Sitting on your couch and your jeans get caught is not accidental. . . But they will cover your dog's piss 100%. They're customer service reps sound like kids. They never once called me to tell me what was going on. I called them about 8 times to get an updated. They told me different stories the first 4 weeks. Do not buy the insurance!!! Save yourself the money!!

Jan 20, 2015

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