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Forsberg Isaksson Schaardijk 498 Rotterdam, 3064 AM, Netherlands, United States
Contact information:

I got an email from an erik friis hr from the company forsberg isaksson. I have copied the email below says he found me thru ziprecruiter:

Erik friis hr. [protected] via gmail.
Nov 13, 2018, 4:59 am

To me

Hello! My name is erik friis.

You have responded to our vacancy announcement at ziprecruiter. I have seen your resume. I'm hr at forsberg isaksson and we are looking for an executive assistant for our head of branch.

Please, do not ignore this message! If you are not interested in this position, please, write to me ‘not interested'. I should know this in order not to send you messages any more.

You should confirm your interest, so that I could add your candidacy to the list of interviews. Below are the basic requirements and conditions for this position:

Here, at forsberg isaksson, we are engaged in repair and supply parts for yachts and boats from europe. Our head office is located in netherlands, in the city of rotterdam. For many years, our company has been working in an offline mode. Today, we have a large customer base both in europe and the usa. The amount of requests has considerably increased over the previous year and we've decided to establish a branch in your region, in order not to lose time on international shipment.

We are planning to put the branch into operation in the nearest time. Head of the branch is arriving with the team in a month. But there are some urgent matters that should be completed before their arrival. This is precisely why we have already opened the position of executive assistant.

There is very little time left, so this vacancy is opened for immediate employment only! Therefore, if you are still employed and need a two week notice, we cannot proceed this interview, sorry to say. Please, confirm that you are ready for immediate employment.

Search for the temporary warehouse, office furniture, and equipment are the examples of your first tasks. During the first month, you will work remotely; but you'll surely continue to work as executive assistant after the team and head of the branch's arrival. It is a long-term job with good prospects in a fast-growing international company in yacht business.

We invite you to have a look on our website:

This is the first time our company appears on the internet. We have ultimately bought a domain for our online shop and now it's under development. Our online shop will be launched in a month already!

All in all, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity of participating in the interview for the position of executive assistant for head of the branch with a salary of $77, 000 per year and the comprehensive benefits package.

During the first month of work, your basic workplace tools will be a phone and a computer. You will be able to start working right from your home office. Most of your duties will be connected with data search.

Our company, of course, will cover all your working expenses associated with the internet, mobile telephony, petrol, and others.

You'll have standard working hours from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. Saturday and sunday will be your days off.

You'll receive a salary twice a month:

$3, 208 - salary (payment every two weeks)
$1, 562 - (in lieu of benefits)
$1, 375 - (retirement savings plan)
Total: $9, 353 per month

Please, confirm you have interest in this position, and i'll send you the details of interview in my next e-mail.

Copyright © 2018 forsberg isaksson, all rights reserved.
You have responded to our vacancy announcement at ziprecruiter. I have seen your resume.

Our mailing address is:
Forsberg isaksson
Schaardijk 498
Rotterdam, 3064 am

Everything sounded sooooo good, got an interview the next day from the head of the branch who was named henrik klausen, says he was calling from france because he was traveling for work. Interview went well and I got the job the next day. Mr. Klausen had asked during the interview if i'm willing to quit my job that I was currently in, of course I didn't. So got hired and mr. Klausen and I started to communicate thru email about jobs that I had to do for him. It started off with me finding furniture and making a report with pictures and details so that they can decide which ones to buy for their future office here in the bay area that was suppose to open sometime soon. Couple days went by and everything sounded normal, next task I had to do was a game room. But in his emails there were money talks about him running some money remittance tests because he will be sending over money to buy the furniture. Then he starts with the testing of bitcoin atms:

Henrik klausen
Tue, nov 27, 4:53 am

To me

Good morning, kathleen.

How are you today? Thank you for update!

You made great game room report. I have checked it and I think that we will have best game room ever. Wonderful! Thank you very much! As for fun activities, kathleen. You know, we are open to any great ideas! So please show us what option we have and we will choose the best. Thank you.

But first of all today you have priority task. It will be first part of test task.

Test task will be connected with equipment for storing parts:

1. When this package with equipment will come in usa, it will be necessary to pay custom house fee.
2. It is possible to make this process automatic with electronic wallet - bitcoin.
3. Bitcoins will be automatic pay for custom house fee.

In general, financiers will make not large test remittance on your bank account, you will need receive test remittance, get cash and put money on bitcoin wallet - all is easy:

- when a plane with equipment will come to usa, customs fee will be written off automatically from bitcoin wallet, which will be added customs payment system.

- financial department will see that you may work with different types of finances plus one of our affairs will be done already.

About bitcoin.

There are bitcoin atms, which help to change cash on bitcoins.

I found atm with best fee rate which is nearest to you:

Please don't search bitcoin atms yourself. The main of factor of such search is fee rate. Some of atms have terribly high fee rate and there is a chance that you can choose exactly such bad atm. So please use only those atm which location I send to you. Thank you.

Atm location:

You need go to this atm today and try to use it, to get experience how it works.

Please make video of this process (with help of your phone or camera). I know the process, but I need to see you exactly know all steps how it works. And send this video to me. Please go through all steps there till the step: "scan qr code".

All this will be first part of your test task.

So, please use your camera or smartphone in horizontal mode, when you will be filming:

Please confirm you understood this task.

I will let you know about exact date and time when remittance come to your account. And today you need only try to use bitcoin atm to understand exact steps how it works.

P.S. To do list for today:
1. Please confirm that understood this task
2. Go to atm and try to use it
3. Make video how it works
4. It will be large file, so use to upload it and send link to me then.

I tried it once just to show him that I did the task. I put my own money of $20 in the machine. He used a qr code which I scanned so that I guess goes into his atm. He shut up after this transaction.

Now the big transaction of more money remittance testing:

He used zelle to transfer money to me, again he said that his finance team was sending me money to test which money remittances option will best to use and which one was faster with less processing fees.

He made two transaction thru zelle of $1000 each, which was a total of $2000, but when they came into my account, it had two different names that I did not recognize. I questioned him about it here is his answer.

Henrik klausen
Fri, nov 30, 10:56 am

To me

Just got your update and confirmation, kathleen.

Oh, it is completely safe. As I explained financiers made remittance by three different ways to find out the best option. Only that.

Ok, I will keep you posted. Please stay in touch.

I withdrew the cash and deposited it again in a bitcoin atm, after I have done that, something didn't feel right to me. And I knew that I was done with this guy. Although he promised that my first paycheck was suppose to be deposited in my account within 2 days. I have been working for him for 2 weeks at the time. Come that day and of course he is postponing my paycheck till friday. I told him that he is an irresponsible employer and that I will not continue to work for him until I get paid. No email back ever!!! Then my bank calls me to let me know that there was been fraud with the money that sent to me. And the bank then takes $938 from me because I was the middle man, I have told bank of america that I was scammed as well and they said that there was nothing that they can do. I have closed my account thru bank of america.

Just a warning to all that use zip recruiter, do not be scammed by dumb jobs saying that they saw your [censored] on zip recruiter, I am very surprised on how these people got thru zip recruiter and is able to post scam jobs. I am very angry and pissed! I lost my money to these idiots!

Please everyone be careful. I've read several complaints on here and it looks like action is never taken. What's the point of trusting anything anymore? Where is the justice system? I have also filed a police report and I hope they catch these [censored].

Dec 15, 2018

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