Ziprecruiter / culture of atlanta

Atlanta, GA, United States

I had the unfortunate experience of having an interview set with culture of Atlanta and I was dress professional I got to the building which looked old and shabby I entered into the building the furniture was all old and shabby and people are dressed as if they had been to the nightclub or party they were marketing online that they had careers for management position come to find out when they sit you in the single room one on one with a person they let you know that you will literally be taking this product which was makeup out on the street face to face two people to sell and it was 90% walking because you needed to literally walk up to a stranger and offer this makeup product, my point is all the advertisement for that position is bogus it's a scam is useless and I was angry because I spent time out of my day to dress and go to an interview that was represented by ZipRecruiter and several others on your website just like it are pop up offices and scams.

Jan 09, 2018

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