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Dear zip recruiter manager,

I would like to inform that I lost the credibility in this website due the lack of security and to not have a secure way to verify the companies that are looking for employees, giving persons with another intentions many peoples data.
A couple weeks ago I was contact by a "supposed company" that found my resume on your website and was interested and making an interview with me. The company in question was suppose to be a norway company called "bama gruppen" that was going to open an office in tampa. Well they conduct the interview and apparently they liked me and offered me a job, I was happy since I am an immigrant from brazil going trough a divorce and I will soon having to be able to support me and my son, since it would be my first job in america I thought that was the procedures to hire someone.
I enrolled my son to the host program in his school "since I had a job", and made all the arrangements for a single mother be able to work.
Long story short, in order to me start to work (From home until they open the office) they would send me a check to buy computer accounting programs, and a new laptop, I found wow, here in america things are very fast and professional.
They asked me to fill out all my information a w4 form an ucis authorization of employment, and send copy of all my documents, including my social security number that I just received.
In a couple days I received the check, and as a good professional wanting to show I was honest I run directly to the bank to deposit the check, getting there was when my red alert started to show up, because the tellers started to ask many questions about the check and I realized there was something wrong but the check was still deposited.
After I get out the bank I started to google and I realized I was victim of a scam and I got desperate and run into the fbi to be able to make a formal complaint.
After google reviews about your website I realized you guys are a scam and careless about the peoples, taking advantage of them in their most fragile phase of life.
That is why im closing my account and making a formal complaint against your company, and I hope the harassment of sending millions messages on my phone and email will stop.

Jan 29, 2017
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  • Mo
      Jun 06, 2017

    Hi Sabrina,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your unfortunate mishap. Here in the US, where we are free to do whatever we want. For example, someone many contact you on the phone, they might say they are with a religious organization or maybe they want you to donate money to help the needy. Instead of calling you, these people sometimes show up at your door. They claim to be with XYZ Organization (Fictitious Name) and their walking around collecting donations for whatever reason. There might even be someone standing on the side of the road, with a sign, asking for money!
    These were just a few examples of how thieves, scam artists, etc try and manipulate anyone who they think may fall victim to their scams. This is where you, unfortunately, fell victim to their heartless scam! I'll be honest with you, from this point on, you must, when applying for ANY job, do your research. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is! If you come across a job posting, and you're thinking about applying, before you have ANY communication with the prospected job posting, do your "due diligence", meaning, make sure you do your research! This mean, Reviewing a Business's Website to Determine Legitimacy (look for the address and phone number) If the job poster mentions a "REQUIRED" upfront cost before an applicant can proceed with employment. Here are several more examples on ZipRecruiter's site;
    I also wanted to mention that, unfortunately, ZipRecruiter has a "Terms of Use Agreement" that states' -----> "You understand and agree that you may be exposed to User Content that is inaccurate, objectionable or otherwise unsuited to your purpose, and you agree that ZipRecruiter shall not be liable for any damages you allege to incur as a result of User Content."
    I hope you see this as an informative response to your original message and not as an attack. BTW...I currently work from home and I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to a business being legitimate or not! Feel free to contact me; [protected]

    Good Luck with Everything,

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