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I was preapproved fro a loan under 50k talked to april rincon she was supposed to send me detail to start loan process as i am first time home buyer, never heard from her after that.

Talked to another person suppose to set me up with another mort. team never heard from them again.

All of a sudden i am a pariah, a little disheartening fro my first time dealing with alleged mort comp. I never received an email or phone call detailing anything not even an explanation saying that although i was preapproved iam no longer eligable for the loan.

Perhaps they went out of business or the person became ill. I hope that others arent given such a cold shoulder.


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  • Dear Mr. Sitman:

    Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us why our pre-approval process did not meet your needs. We have every desire to address your needs and provide the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

    Can you please contact Zeus Mortgage at your earliest convenience so that we can make our best attempt to regain your confidence? In addition, we will further evaluate how we can prevent this problem from occurring again in the future.

    Please accept our sincerest apology for any trouble and inconvenience this has caused you. It’s our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer and we hope to serve you again in the future.

    Very kindly yours,

    Steven Kaufman
    President of Zeus Mortgage

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  • Er
      May 20, 2011

    I too was called and spoke to April just to never get a return call or any info she assured me she would send. I am a first time home buyer and find that dealing with this company is a bit discouraging. I have left countless messages for her and still have yet to hear from her or any from that company. I then sent Steven Kaufman a message and that was several days ago. Isn't he the president? Well he hasn't contacted me either. I am very disappointed and am plaining on taking my buisness elsewhere..

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  • Nl
      Oct 18, 2011

    You guys are lucky...RUN now while you can! Find another company...we have been dealing with them since August and still have not closed on our house. It took them 3 weeks just to set up an appraisal. They have lost our paperwork, more like deleted it, one person would give us one piece of info while another says something else. We have been given the total run-around for when we will be closing. One says Thursday, Mr. Kaufman says Friday...I regret using this company! Have filed a complaint with the BBB as well. Anyway, RUN!

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  • Ih
      Jun 01, 2012

    I couldn't agree more with these complaints. I am disgusted with Zues Mortgage and I will NEVER recommend them to anymone.
    We were given the run around as to when we would close and told not to worry that we were in good hands with our loan officer, Matt. WRONG!!! I was "pre approved", found a home, paid for inspection, appraisal, deposit and earnest money and they postponed my closing date twice just to tell us were were declined!!! I have wasted nearly 3 thousand dollars and this entire "first time" home buying experience has been a complete nightmare for me and my family. We have wasted time and money with this unprofessional company that obviously hires incompetent loan officers. I will be reporting this to the BBB and I pray that no one has to go through what I did.

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  • Ze
      Dec 09, 2012

    Yes i agree with everyone. Stay away from Zeus mortgage. They are the worst mortgage company i have ever used or seen. People should band together and do a class action lawsuit. Sometimes i think they use people tfor appraisals and inspections.
    I have been fighting with them for a year and half. They tell me all is fine, it will close next month, then either the Mortgage guy you are working with leaves (which happened 5 times to me) or they string you along and then BOOM, decline you.

    Stay away from these fools.

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  • Sm
      Jan 11, 2013
    Zeus Mortgage - Bait and Switch
    Zeus Mortgage
    United States

    Borrower Beware - Bait & Switch is the Name of the Game at Zeus!
    In my opinion, the sharp business practices of this lender are nothing short of astonishing. Do not be surprised if they promise one interest rate and origination points, and then at the last minute come up with some lame excuse in efforts to justify why they must now charge an OUTRAGEOUS interest rate and OUTRAGEOUS points. Nothing short of unfettered greed is the motivation for their false promises, and waste of the borrower's time and money. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU LOOSE THE HOUSE YOU WERE TRYING TO BUY! In fact, if you can't buy it (due to the bait & switch & delays)... perhaps one of their investors can/will.

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  • Ve
      Jun 03, 2013

    I'm a Realtor who attended one of Mr Kaufman's seminars, I believed he and his company ( and staff) were first class, so I decided to try their service and referred one of my buyer clients to them. Long story short after a long period of time and my client being "pre-qualified", closing never happened, then I was told loan went to underwriter, then they needed to update files, then, etc etcetc
    My loan officer was Jackie who never returned calls to the point that she scheduled a call with me which she "forgot". I communicated with Mr Kaufan several times but no action was taken to remedy the situation.
    At the end, I lost my client ( and the sale), the latest was that the underwriter needed to revise the file ( again), for that reason Zeus needed to "re-submit" the file.
    I work with many lenders and have substantial sales in order to know that Zeus never deliver, actually, I feel they never processed the loan and just gave excuses to justify their horrible service.I hope never to find a company like Zeus, no idea how they brag about the fast growing . Be aware, if you apply to Zeus, you may never buy your home

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  • Ma
      Mar 25, 2014

    Same here - I agree with everyone, STAY AWAY FROM ZEUS MORTGAGE. Run while you can. They cost me precious time and money. Perfect candidates with high credit score, etc - and they never close the loan. Don’t fall victim to their Zeus charm and empty promises. Be aware!!!

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  • Mi
      May 03, 2018

    Wow, I was considering investing with them; not any more!

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  • Ch
      Jul 19, 2019

    BEWARE! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!! Unbelievable dishonesty and fraud. I gave them a chance to finance a triplex that they assured me 100% would be financeable. The loan officer ran my credit, took my financials and even sent me an email saying it was 100% financeable. He then charged $575 for an appraisal and told me it would take a week to get back. A week came and went and the loan officer called and said the appraisal had been delayed another two weeks and they had to up the price on the appraisal to $750. Two weeks came and went and no appraisal and again the loan officer called and said the appraisal had been delayed. Another 5 days of waiting and still no appraisal. When I asked for a refund because I still had not received an appraisal the loan officer told me a refund was not possible. I don't think they ever ordered the appraisal and they took my money to steal from me. Very fraudulent company.

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