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I too have become familiar with this company. Initially they called me relentlessly at work. I wrote to them disputing the claim that was against me spelling out the fact that my son was on Medicaid and what my insurance did not cover Medicaid did, and that the doctor had agreed to this since he was the one that encouraged me to get my son on Medicaid. The next thing I know I am getting a letter from the courts, that I answered. I did not hear anything more until I went to refinance my home. I found that the company had placed a lien on my home. I called Zarzaur & Schwartz and spoke to someone who offered no help just tried to talk over me. So I wrote to the director of the Dr's office. I received a call from the Dr's office advising me that they would never put a lien on my home and they would never authorize anyone to do such a thing. They were going to check this out and in the intern could I send to them proof that I had faxed to them my son's medicaid card number. I not only sent this proof but the letters their Dr and case worker had sent to Medicaid on my son's behalf. After a week of not hearing anything I called and was told I would get a letter. Well because this was all of the information they wanted to give me I called the rep back at Zarzaur & Schartwz, she informed me they were giving me a 1200.00 credit on the bill what they think Medicaid would have paid had they filed, oh I missed something, initially they stated they did not take Medicaid??? When I asked to receive a detailed listing of what they had billed me for as I did when they had first contacted me I was told again they do not have this information?? So how do they know what I supposedly owe? I then called the Dr's office back which by the way the name of this office is Alabama Psychiatric Services aka APS. I asked for the same information and was told that I would get a letter, that they did not have the detail of my billing records?? I also found out from the court where they won the civil suit that the reason they won was they had sent my response back to me stating I had not signed it, I have a copy of this in my files, and I told the clerk yes I did sign it and send it back. I also had the letter that they sent originally stating I needed to sign it?? I have hired an attorney as I feel there is some fraud going on with the Dr's office and with these attorneys. I feel it is strange that I requested the detailed billing and can not receive it and disputed the claim twice once with the attorney's and once with the court but no one got my letters?? I have hired an attorney and I can not tell you how happy I am that I found this site and was able to see that I am not the only one this has happened to. I believe there are more and wonder if calling Fox 6 on your side would bring more of us out in the open?? I am leaving my email address in this forum as I would like to hear from others who have had similar situations with this law office. Oh by the way initially my bill was 7100.00, after applying the medicaid credit it went up to 9800.00??? Pretty good interest for 1 week huh???


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