Yours Clothing / shipping charge to canada

United Kingdom

I ordered a $30 USD top. When I started the checkout process, I saw that standard shipping was $15. It had gone up from a very reasonable $5 USD for shipping to Canada. (Also, why am I charged in USD when I am in Canada? Canadian money is not worthless!) So, when I proceeded with checking out, I saw that suddenly standard shipping to Canada was $20 USD! When I clicked on the button to confirm payment I saw that shipping to Canada was $30 USD! I can't afford that! I sent two emails to customer service asking for an explanation and have not heard from anyone. If Yours Clothing refuses to reduce shipping charges to Canada to a reasonable amount, I will not be buying anything again. I have been a longtime, loyal customer. I can only assume that international customers are no longer wanted.

Dec 10, 2018

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