Yours Clothing / goods never arrived, possible scam seller?

United Kingdom
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Good day,

I ordered a pair of linen pants from Yours Clothing. They received my payment on 22 August. To date, goods have never been received.

Yours Clothing is supremely unconcerned - first they said wait 18 working days before they can investigate. Then after 18 days they said they would investigate and revert within 7 working days. However this seems to be an eternal 7 working days - as each time you follow it up they pretend they were not aware that the package had never arrived and will "now" launch an investigation, which will take 7 days. And so each mail from them just begins with me waiting for a new 7 days, nothing received, no mention of refund. Are they a scam seller, as I see now there are similar reviews online

Sep 27, 2017

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