Yours Clothing / faulty sparkly blue long cold shoulder top

Yours Clothing 44-46 W Gate, Mansfield NG18 1RR, United Kingdom
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Mansfield Branch
Returned faulty top after wearing for an hour and washed using laundry instructions and air dried. Shrank and had pulls on the back when tried on again to go out making it unwearable. On returning i was asked for the receipt, i wanted to keep the top so i didn't have the receipt. Manager said my handbag must have damaged the top in front of a shop full of customers who then started saying that i had damaged the top when i asked for a cash refund with it being faulty. Was told in sale so I could not have £23 it would be £17 on a gift card only. After being made to feel small by the Manager i had to be assertiuve with the shop worker and customer after the Masnager had walked off down the shop. The sales lady staerted crying and the Manager said that she was heavily pregnant which made me feel bad, when i went to apologise the Manager told me not to. It is just easier not to shop at this store.

Another occasion i returned an item with recxeipt the Manager took an iPad picture of my receipt is this company policy? I felt quite bad returning items there, I spent alot of money in Yours clothing. I was pleased for a Mansfield store to open now i feel this is not the case.


Jul 22, 2017

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