Younkers / unethical professionalism

Ames, IA, United States
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I went to Yonkers on 3/17/18 in the evening with my father's credit card. I asked the sales associate working at the Lancome base about my eyebrows. I told her what I liked and that I was looking for something different. I loved the way her eyebrows were looking and asked what she did. It looked like she knew what she was doing and that it took a lot of time. She didn't specify. I kept asking questions because I wanted mine to look just as good as hers. They looked beautiful. She kept looking at me weird and said she liked what I was doing with mine. I'm an amateur. I told her that I only used one product that included the gel. Anyways I decided to buy some Lancome lip gloss because I still didn't know what I was doing with my eyebrows. I came home and got on Facebook and viewed a video that showed me that I needed like 3-5 different utensils to get your eyebrows as perfect as the sales associate I was talking to at YONKERS (AMES IA NORTH GRAND MALL). A sales associate is always looking for commission pay, especially at Younkers. As many questions as I asked her I just don't know why she wasn't interested in educating me on eyebrow makeup and getting money. I had my dads credit card. I said that several times to ensure her that I was interested. I had 60$ to spend. I've attached a video with what seems like the proper way to style your eyebrows. The aftermath looked just like the sales associates at Younkers. I know that Lancome has the perfect shade for my skin tone. I was also looking at the other different brands that Younkers carried, but at each station was only referred to "one utensil" to do my eyebrows. I'm upset that I didn't get the knowledgeable service that professionals are supposed to give.

Mar 18, 2018

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