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I tried booking a domestic air ticket for Paramount Airways flight thru Things went fine till the final step and my money was also debited from my bank account, then it said that tickets not booked. But when verified, my bank confirmed that payment has been made by

When contacted the support person said that the money would be debited back in 5 business days, and after 5 business days nothing happened. My second call to the support dept said that it would take 20 days and denied the details given by the person in the first call.

This incident happened on 29th may and today is 21st June, nothing has happened till today. I called today and the guy says that no such transaction was made on that particular day.

I even sent email to the support mail id and it is reply less.

I am planning to take this to the court and penalize these guys.


I am planning to start an campagin email, if u get that forward do forward the same to your friends and help them.

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  • Ke
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I have the same experiece, it's very disgusting things happening .. I have also booked my flights for my travel, My money debited from my account and no booking ...

    I Have spend 74, 000 Rs. for No booking ...

    They said, you will get money after 14 days .. I have to travel immediate and really make a farse at all..

  • Gk
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    Yatra is totally unreliable for booking tickets.

    I booked two tickets from Delhi to San Francisco from and confirming they debited my account an INR of 85, 000.00. I just checked my mail account and I saw an email from for confirmation and saying the following crap:

    "Thank you for booking your travel with Yatra - we value your business. Your booking reference number is XXXXXX.

    Your travel documents (e-ticket or paper ticket) would be sent to you within 3 business working days."

    It just happened to be a chance that I called up their call center to confirm my booking, and I was told that there has been some problem with their website and the tax is not being calculated properly, and they are sorry for this. I was taken a back because I wasted almost my full day to research over internet and find a good deal and arranging for the money in my bank account and now you are telling me you have some freaking website problem.

    After talking to them for almost 30 minutes the call center people told me that they will refund the money in full today itself, but it will appear in the bank account in 2 days. After hearing your story I am not very sure if I will get my money back in time. Meanwhile, I am also losing other deals on other sites.

    These people are not worth doing any business. I have been using e-tickets for almost 5 years, and I have not seen any of this problem with any company, that they confirm and then take the money and eventually show you a finger.

    Its ridiculous. I will take these guys to court definitely if they will show any lapse in returning my money. This is not a joke, its serious business here.

    If you have any information about this or any one who helped you out to solve this issue, kindly send me the information at



  • Gk
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    My issue is resolved after talking to senior management which were very helpful and customer friendly.

  • Lt
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    All Indians/NRI’s/Foreigners. Fraud Alert!

    I, an NRI based in Melbourne Australia, booked a flight for 2 of my business
    colleagues through India’s no 1 travel portal called
    on 5th Oct 2008 to travel from New York to bBangalore and back . I authorised the payment of 1997 USD for 2 tickets through a strange system that is called "letter of verification" on which one needs to sign and send along with copies of the back and front of the credit card. This is as per yatra’s website making it doubly sure that there is no chance of fraud.

    Next thing when I check my Credit card activity statement on my banks netbanking system I find that my credit card has been debited for a sum of 2400 USD. I write to Yatra customer service and first they say they have no such transaction showing and the very next day informed me that indeed they have deducted a sum of 2400 USD in "ERROR" and that the money is being reversed to my credit card.

    Then the best thing is that the amount has been deducted for an Emirates airlines flight as seen on the description of the credit card statement and not against Jet Airways which is the airline booked by me.

    I emailed the customer support and they said that the refund has been initiated and that I will get it "soon". Soon has now become 11 days but no sign of refund. 3 people are involved what takes one simple command to reverse an erroneous transaction.

    To make matters worse, they have gone and made another deduction against the jet airways flight and deducted another 1997 USD.

    Yatra tries to make the customer feel very safe by doing what no one in this modern world does i.e asking for a "separate letter of verification" to keep us "safe from fraud". Then no refund is done.

    Deducting money that has not been authorised by the client is tantamount to fraud. The one who talks about it, is the one who has committed fraud.

    As a businessman you are totally in a fix as we depend on the card to move around and most of the places need a credit card like hotels/car rentals etc.

    It is now 11 days and they are not giving me a proper date for the refund and not replying my mails.

    Does any one in India have any advise as to what I must to do to bring these people to book. All your advise is solicited.

    Thanks and regards

    Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash

  • Si
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    i had tried making the booking on the 06-mar09, and since the booking was declined because of no seat availability, i had received the undermentioned mail. But strangely, or rather not so strangely because i have suffered because of this incompetent system of yours last year, i have still not received any refund for the transaction. I fail to understand how many days is seven days as per your calender.
    please let me know what is going on because this time i am in no mood to suffer heavy interest and penalties by my credit card company as had happened last year. if i do not receive any response and subsequent refund within a reasonable time, i will move the matter to the consumer court.

    and the worst is that even after calling your office thrice… there is no clear answer to my problem… Guys stop cheating on people… all that goes on to prove is that you are a bunch of incompetent employees working for some desi road side company with no standard practices and no ethics

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sidharth Thakur.

    From: FeedBack
    To: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Sent: Friday, 6 March, 2009 3:00:24 AM
    Subject: ‘yatra=003-628-182#8242; Yatra reference NVW7QA

    Dear Mr Thakur,

    Thank you for choosing!

    This is in reference to your attempt of booking dated 14 MAR 2009. We regret to inform you that due to some technical error, your booking could not be processed. Therefore, we are releasing the amount blocked against the failed booking which will be credited to your credit card within 7 working days.

    In addition to the above, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to this.
    Your Yatra reference number is NVW7QA and the refundable amount is 14170.03.

    For further clarifications, kindly contact us on 98718008000. Alternatively, you can e mail us on .

    Thanks regards,
    Yatra Team,

    Land line : 0124-2040500
    Call centre no : 0987 1800 800 (for all networks)

    Fax : 0124-3040779
    E mail :
    Web site :

  • Pg
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    wow...I was about to buy tickets from Yatra...thank god I read this blog me know in case you want to upgrade your application to avoid any similar system mal-function...

  • Ar
      25th of May, 2009
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    Dear All,
    I have same experience with, on 19th of May 2009, i had tried to book a ticket from Bangalore to Delhi, till last minute everything goes fine, after payment being done by the bank no ticket confirmation had been given by yatra websites. though i had contacted several times and 10 more e-mails on but no reply i get. whenever i called them they toold me i am going to forward this call to concern department and they turns out to be false information. really i am frustrated with these guys and would like to file a case agents him in courts for such kind of behaviors. if any body would like to help me then kindly contact me at

    Arun, New Delhi

  • Ya
      13th of Sep, 2011
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    Dear Mr Thakur,

    Thank you for contacting us at

    We truly apologize for the inconvenience you have faced in this regard. Please be informed that the refund for the reference # NVW7QA was already processed 21 MAR 2009 for the amount of INR 14170.03.We hope you must have received the same.

    Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 987-1800-800 or alternatively write to
    Best Regards
    Yatra Care

  • Sh
      2nd of Oct, 2011
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    I have a situation, wondering what Yatra people have to say about that:

    What if the person who has paid to you is the only money that he has in his account. Can he wait for few days just to get the money and book the ticket again ? What if someone has to go home because of some urgency or medical reasons ? All the money is now debited by you and that person is left with no ticket and no money ?? can he wait for a few days just when the money is refunded he will book another ticket and go home.

    You guys really need to do something, we are fine if dont book our ticket, but atleast dont take the money from our account, PLEASE... you leave people in the middle of nowhere. Please adjust your systems in such a way that money does not get debited from customers account if the ticket is not booked. This really created big problem for not so rich people who do not have extra money to spare because of your mistakes and system errors.

  • Sh
      2nd of Oct, 2011
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    Moreover the above response by Yatra team to Mr. Thakur is after 2 YEARS... Incredible !!

  • Ya
      21st of Oct, 2011
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    Dear Shivag,

    Greetings of the day from
    Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback. We do understand your concern and now the systems are in place to avoid the above situations while transacting online. Also we have our team in place who contacts the customer right away and help them with the booking on priority. We make sure our customers get the best services while doing business with us which they are entitled for.

    Best Regards
    Yatra Care

  • Sh
      21st of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Yatra Team,

    Great, good to know that your systems are in place. If this is true, then I dont think there will be any more complains of Money Deducted without confirm booking.


  • Dr
      16th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dear Yatra Team,

    I am not happy with your reply. Again you wrote untruthful things about my refund from Spicejet. Please read again the mail I received from the Spicejet executives which I attached with my earlier mail to you.

    You wrote in your above mail that so far you have not received my refund from spicejet, but they wrote me that they returned my money to you already on 8th December 2014 ? I do not understand why you are propagating the lies about Spicejet. Please check your account books and refund my money immediately without further delay.

    It shows you are cheating me with lies and holding up my money without refunding. I will never book again air tickets through you and tell all my friends not to book tickets through you.

    Thank you

    Dr. Sreekanth Davu

  • Pr
      17th of Jan, 2017
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    I have very similar experience booking with The web site works fine until they debit your bank account and then says can not make reservation because payment not received. The ticket was from Bangalore to Chicago round trip for my in law. We have been spending lots of time calling Yatra to find out what happened. So far they claim that non receipt of payment. This company is a fraud and needs to be sued. The amount is very large to ignore. I am going to hire an attorney and file a case against these guys. They are closed in USA probably for this reason. I am pretty sure they will close their doors in India also very soon if they adopt these practices.

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