XtralightsThe whole company sucks

On 2/18/17, I bought headlights for car and immediately called/chat with an agent asking to cancel the order because I ordered lights that you cannot use with daytime running lights (which I have). I was told to call or email the service department. I emailed them that day, even tho it was a weekend, thinking they would respond Monday. On 2/21/17 I emailed them again because I had not heard from them yet. On 2/22/17 I received a shipment email but with no response to my previous email. Emailed again on 3/3/17. Still nothing. I received the shipment and spoke with a couple of people about possibly still being able to use them. No such luck. On 3/3/17, I finally spoke to someone on the phone about returning the lights. She sent me over a form to fill out and ship back with the lights. On the form I stated the steps I had taken to cancel this order and that I needed a FULL refund (specially having paid over $75 in shipping). I shipped the lights back about a week later. I even included the emails that I never got a response. On 4/13, I emailed them wondering about the status of my refund. No answer. On 4/16 I called and the woman said they weren't sure what to do with that order. They didn't know if it was a refund or exchange. I informed her that I included the form that they required me to fill out along with the emails. I kindly explained to her why I should receive a full refund. She said that she would take it to her manager. Ok, sure, no problem. On 5/3/17, I had been on hold two hours and 7 minutes. I then called the product/sales number (on a separate phone line while continuing to hold for the service department) to let them know what was going on after 50 minutes on hold. The guy said he would call over to the service department and he put me on hold. It was 50 minutes on hold waiting for him to return before I had to hang up. I also attempted to use the live chat at 3:46p. It said a live agent had joined the chat. I wanted to know about a refund. I wrote three lines. No one responded. My last comment was at 4:04. I finally called sales again and was instructed to put in a dispute with paypal. While on paypal I saw a number for the admin. I called that number and had to leave a message. I left a message with my phone number to please call me.
The holding phone call to Xtralights service hung up on its own after 2 hrs and 7 mins. Fan-freaking-tastic. I opened a dispute with PayPal on 5/3. By 5/13 they still had not responded to PayPal. Absolutely wonderful customer service.

May 14, 2017

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