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I've been involved in a car accident in December 2017, the damage was minor like £500 damage, ive spoken with many many peoples and they saying wasn't my fault, I had 3000 excess on my policy, after 2 months they kept ringing me to pay the excess because they blamed me for the incident ( probably they didn't even investigate the incident ) I was paying 2300 per year insurance, I didn't make any claim for my damage but they are saying, no matter what, the excess must be paid for thrd party either. As I'm a young driver they took my dream to drive, they made me feel depressed for long time, they don't want even to listen to you, threatening with debt collectors if the excess won't be paid.
I respect social rules and never had problem with any payments at any time .
I want to be very clear now !!! Please Avoid completely XS Direct!!! They are worst company ever, if something happens with your car no matter who's fault is it, you definitely have to pay excess, if you refuse to, you will be passed to debt collectors.

Mar 24, 2018
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  • So
      Apr 08, 2018

    Hi, they did this to me. They passed my case on to debt collectors within 5 days of mailing me a letter asking for the excess, they only accepted cheque! They do not investigate claims either. They pay out to fraudulent claims (in my case it was fraud, I was a victim of a crash for cash claim by a taxi driver named Thomas Koshy from Erdington in Birmingham Asian man, he used a black lady named Ms Gayle from Nechelles as a fake witness) the whole things was fabricated and xs direct paid out to this criminal!!
    I know the personal details for both the taxi driver and his fake witness because xs direct mailed their file to me!! That is how unprofessional they are!
    I would advise anyone to pay the high premium with a reputable insurance company who use a UK underwriter and not this company.

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  • In
      Oct 06, 2018

    I am going through the same problem what did you do at the end did you pay the excess please reply thanks

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  • Al
      Dec 26, 2018

    @Inti I’m going through the same thing now! they want me to pay 5k + and tbh it’s absoluely not happening. They can send debt collectors all they want but this was a most definitely FRUAD.. it’s disgusting how they treat people. When I called to speak to the case worker to challenge her on why we didn’t challenge this I was spoken to disrespectfully and disconnected. I’m waiting for these debt collectors to knock my door they won’t be getting a thing.

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  • Le
      May 10, 2019

    @AlDee Hi,

    Have you resolved this yet? What was the outcome and what did you do?

    I'm having the dame problem.

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