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This has got to the the worst insurance company I have ever used. The customer service was terrible (Andrew mcgivern) extremely rude and unprofessional. When ringing to find out what was happening about my claim as no one had got in contact. He started shouting and hung up, it took 8 months to resolve the claim as no one on there side was doing anything. When I spoke to them they said they needed the police incident report xs direct said they had tried to request it numerous of times when I spoke to the police they actually said they haven't put in one request and that if they did it would be sent out straight away it still took over a week for xs direct to do this. By far this is the worst experience we have had with an insurance company and would not advise anyone to go there, if you do good luck!!

Oct 15, 2017
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  • Id
      Nov 16, 2017

    Hi! Sorry for asking but did they pay you out your claim in the end? We are in the same situation with them atm and everytime we call them and ask about claim progress they say they are waiting for police incident report. And that's what they say for 3 months now. We also contacted police and been told that they never requested one. So we made a formal complaint to their complaints department mentioning this and their final decision came in couple of days after the complaint saying that they refuse to pay out for our stolen car. In addition to that they sent us a bill for 615£ to pay as an investigation cost and if we do not pay it they will cancel our policy plus this payment will be registered as a claim itself and they will not provide any nc bonus in the end. It just drives me mad how anyone as dodgy as xs direct could be allowed to do any business in the UK(((

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  • Ms
      Jan 31, 2018

    I can barely express what I think about this company and how bad they are. They operate under authorized theft by finding a loophole in the law that enables them to charge thousands of pounds in excess to their clients, resulting from any claims. Usually you do not have to pay the excess unless you have had work done to your own vehicle. But they have found a way around this. Google them, you will soon find out how they operate. The misery and stress they are causing to many people, often young people, forcing them into horrendous debt, and I am talking thousands of pounds, is absolutely immoral. And this on top of already high premiums. They deserve a massive come-uppance for the evil way in which they run their business. Just evil, that's all I can say. To see the anguish, desperation and stress caused by what they do is worrying. They may well be responsible for people going into severe depression and worse. I have witnessed this in my own family. Maybe we should make our complaints to somewhere like - perhaps then someone will take the issue up with the authorities governing such corrupt companies. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.

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