Xoom / Money never received

NY, United States

I recently used to transfer a sum of money between mu US bank account and my account in the EU. I received an email five day after the initiation of the process to inform me that the transaction was complete. However, the money was not in my account in Europe nor had the bank any information on any incoming funds. Having contacted xoom 4 times, nothing has been done. They constantly tell me that the matter is with head office in California yet cannot put me in touch with the office in California. They have no follow up and are most unhelpful. I went to my bank in the US for help and they provided me with the tracking number of who and when the money was taken. The money was extracted by META BANK in Iowa. I contacted them twice and after much persistence (At first, they claimed that they don't work with Xoom any more -lie), they took my number and said they would follow up. The fact is that they withdrew the money from my account by XOOM and are implicated as a result. Funny how they try to lie and cover up for XOOM. XOOM STATE THAT THEY CHARGE 4.99. THIS IS TRUE BUT THEIR EXCHANGE RATES ARE THE WORST. On the website xoom maintains that they have a conversion link but there is no info. regarding conversions on this page. I can tell you that in addition to the 4.99 they receive, they also 60 dollars on exchange (in my case ayway). THEY ARE ABSOLUTE FRAUDS. DO NOT GO WITH XOOM AT ALL. YOU WILL BE SORRY. STICK TO YOUR BANK. One representative at 8 AM informed me that systems were not operating in California until 9 AM so he wouldn't be able to check anything. We ive in a digital age where 24 hour banking is possible. DO NOT GIVE THESE GANGSTERS YOUR BANK INFO. THEY ARE THIEVES AND LIARS. META BANK ARE THE SAME. I taking this mater to my lawyer and I am gonna sue their ### along with META BANK.

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