Xoomfailed to meet commitments and extremely poor customer service

XOOM is a SCAM and FRAUD company . Never TRUST them with your hard earned money. I tried to transfer a high value transaction through them as I needed it urgently to settle a property related transaction. They took my money in a day!! And after all verification documents were sent to them bank statement, DL, paystub multiple calls for verification from different people in XOOM. They said all is fine and money will get credited in 4 hours. It has been more then 36 hours and no news. When I call their customer service all they say is technical issue, partner in india is not bale to deposit. They dont even reveal who the partner is. I initiated high value transactions at the same time with money2india and Remitly not only did they deliver on their promise but they bet my expectation keeping in mind it was a holiday season. I am struggling so hard right now to somehow arrange for funds in my country because it is related to a property and I issued payment authorizations based on the claims that XooM has. The customer service supervisor told me I can stay on the clal for however long I wanted and she does not have anyone else in the company that can talk to me to find a solution. She actually put my call onhold! Worse she cancelled my transaction without my authorization. I looked up linkedin for the employees of this company take a look they are all a bunch of Mexicans. They cannot declare their correspondent bank names. Money2india does. They transferred a huge sum in a day and I had no issues at all. XOOM IS A FRAUD company. I am sure they will make me run around a lot to give me my money back. I am so nervous as I trusted them with my life savings and they are playing with it for the last 7 days to make profits for themselves through exchange rate fluctuations. XEE65KG4 that is the number. They have no technical problem as I had my friend send a smaller amount to test and it worked just fine. They are playing with my money.I hope they get paid back in the very same coin when they are desperately in need. XOOM management tell your customer service department it is because of consumers like us that they get paid a salary to feed their family. When you hurt us it is only a matter of time it will hurt you too. It holds good for you too.

Dec 23, 2018

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