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Ymax either allows their employees to embezzle their money and take money under false pretrenses or their majic jack customers are using the company.
Since september 29th, 2012, i paid $920 to this company with the promise that i would get a loan of $3, 300. 00. It started out paying
$150 for savings then other crap like processing fees, payment to soocial security, cancellation fees etc. By october 15, 2012
I had given them $920 and i was supposed to get a loan of $3, 300. I was promised / guaranteed by mr. Mark becker whose phone number is [protected] that it would be in my bank account within three houors. It is now 2 months later since this started and i have received nothing.
Today, i received a phone call from mr. Mark becker at 5:40 a. M. Asking me why i keep callling him so much. I told him i want my money back and i did not want the loan. Mr. Mark becker told me the only way i could have my money back was to pay another $175. I told him know and he basically stated tough luck as he was not going to give me my money back.
Mr. Mark becker told me this was a cancellation fee of $175. I told him flat out he could not charge me a $175 cancellation fee when it is him that caused this to be cancelled.
A couple of hours later, i called him back and mark becker answered the phone, and i told him by law he cannot charge me a cancellation fee and if he could he would take it out of the $920 that i have given him. Mr. Becker then told me it is this company's law that they can charge a cancellation fee. He again told me to give him another $175 and i would get my money back today. He then hung up on me.
I want this guy mark becker to go to jail and be forced to give me money back. L want my money back now. Mr. Becker claims that the money went to pay my social security bill. Well, i don't know whose social security bill it was because i haven't paid into social securitiy for over 25 years since my employer has their retirement fund.

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  • Ya
      Aug 02, 2013

    We were promised a payday loan of $1, 000. All we had to do was get a cash card for $220 (Plus a 4.95 activation fee) "to guarantee our first payment". We sent them that and after an hour called Mr. Paul Smith, who we had been dealing with and asked where the money was. He told us they couldn't deposit it into our debit account because there was a "600 Hold" on the account and we should do western union. He said we had to pay the fees and it would cost $100. We sent him that and were waiting for the MTC number for Western Union. After waiting over 3 1/2 hours at Western Union for the MTC number and trying to call Mr Smith and got nowhere. After this, my husband came home and continued calling Mr Smith's number only to get a message that he was away from his desk and then it would go to voicemail where you got the message that the mail box was full and the call ended..
    From 6pm yesterday until almost 9pm, we kept calling the number, finally reaching someone named Carl Smith. One point he said Paul Smith had been fired, then he would pick up the phone but not speak. We got a hold of him after trying every 5 min. and things got strange. He started interrogating my husband about things like his age, how long he was married, was it to the same woman, how many children we had. My husband answered his questions and then...hang up. I called back and when he answered when I asked a question, all he did was grunt. This went on for a few minutes then the line went dead. He swore at my husband after he answered a call, wanting to know why he kept calling him. My husband tried to get the "company's name and work hours" and was told the office would be closed until Monday. He refused to give any kind of company name. At this point I went on the laptop and traced the phone number. The number we were calling [protected] came up listed as belonging to YMax Communiation Corp. After checking them out I found out about the whole MagicJack company being owned by Ymax and still can't figure out why this place dealt in payday advanced.
    So far we are out $325. to them as well as charges from Experian Credit Report as well as "Your score and more", also a company that checks for credit scores that we had to pay.
    It is so frustrating when you put your trust in someone and they poop in your face. We tried asking about our $325. and getting a refund and have been told it couldn't be done until today, next week and a few weeks from now. I had to borrow money from my dad to get through all this. If they think I'm paying any kind of cancellation fee, they have another thing coming. This place should be closed down and put out of business and the owners fined.

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  • Km
      Sep 19, 2013

    I just was called by this company to get a loan, they sounded so legit. I waited for the money to go into my account after paying them 120.00 by going to get a card, that I then had to give them the pin for them to receive the first payment. By this I was supposed to receive the money in my account. I never got it so I called back to ask where it was. I was given the run around about checking the file and then another guy, the first guys name was Mark and the second was named Mike. I was told I had to pay them 150.00 more to have it sent to me by Western Union. I refused telling them I had no more to send and told them to send me my money back. I also told them I want my money back or I would be calling the police. I located the place the call was coming from by using reverse look up. They had told me on the phone they were in Harrisburg but they are in Scranton. So I will be calling the police or anyone else I can to get them stopped. I demanded my money again and he said he could not send my 120.00 back because it was tied up with some FCC thing. So after reading all of this I see how gullible I was. But live and learn and move on. But I will do everything I can to try to report them and get them stopped.

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  • Ca
      Apr 09, 2014

    I paid 440 dollars to an Erick Foster at [protected] to receive a 1500 loan for 10 months and never received it. What can I do?

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