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Xentel DM / Fraud and scam

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I have worked at Xentel for years now and everything that I am about to mention is 100% accurate and accounted for as far as proving that these statements are true and not hearsay or slanderous in any way shape or form.

I will just state the obvious and the most devastating blows against this horrible, crooked, and devious company.

In the past 3 months we have gone thought this unbelievable 'Heroin' epidemic that is totally out of control and I am amazed that the St. Louis County Police Department has not 'raided' or arrested anyone from this business. I honestly would not be surprised if they have undercover officers working at Xentel.

In the past 3 months we have had 2 employees that have overdosed on drugs. Both employees were involved in drug activity and the first employee was 'dead' for a few minutes in the office until some of the employees resesitated him and then the police/emt showed up. Since the employee obviously had drugs on him at the time he didn't want to be taken to the hospital and refused any further medical attention.

It is believed that this employee either overdosed on heroin or the oxycontin. Not physically seeing this employee take the drug I cannot determine what it was. I do know that he did overdose and his heart did stop beating, he foamed at the mouth, and his face turned blue, I know pot doesn't do that to you. The second overdose happened within the past 3 weeks. Not being a drug addict I don't know the levels of 'overdosing' but lets just say that this employee was going in and out of consciousness and was looking worse and worse by the second. The managers didn't want another OD in the office so instead of calling him the EMT to come, they put this employee in a car and literally drove him to his house and dropped him off on his front yard.

The mangers at Xentel St. Louis have allow the following to occur on a day to day business. All of the managers are aware of these problems and no one does anything to put a stop to it or even reprimand/call police on these actions.

This is what happens on a day to day basis at Xentel. Employees deal drugs on a regular basis (more on payday than any other day). Drugs dealt on a regular basis are: heroin, Heroin mixed with Sleeping pills, Any type of prescription drug, weed, and possibly cocaine and crack (I have never seen anyone with coke or crack). The most popular is probably Weed, followed up by heroin. If the employees aren't selling them, they actually have drug dealers come up to Xentel and they sell drugs with not a care in the world.

I repeat, the managers all know this goes on and they have seen it as well. No one does anything. I have seen with my own two eyes, people using drugs, buying drugs, and selling drugs. We all call in cubicles and I have seen probably over 100 times, people snorting heroin or breaking up bags of weed to sell, right at their cubicle desk with not a care in the world. I have also seen drug dealers come up to work and 'collect' debts off of employees by threatening employees with violence.

I have seen employees assaulted by another employees at work on the job. Some of the employees had been reprimanded, some weren't. The sad thing is, I haven't even delved into the stuff that goes on as far as people actually 'working' there.

Facts about Xentel:

Working conditions are below average, extremely dirty, unsanitary bathrooms, breakroom/kitchen, employees smoke in office 'managers don't know..wink wink', Xentel does not follow proper procedures when dealing with 'NO CALL' list.

Customers have been called numerous times on a daily and weekly basis. Callers asked to be taken off list and are still called. Callers over 'localize' calls, discrimination and favoritism is a big thing at Xentel. The xentel employee handbook is a complete joke. I don't know if any rules are followed at all. Xentel does not care about their employees, rules are changed on regular basis and none of them favor the employees whatsoever.

Paychecks are always messed up on a regular basis that never favor the employee, the 'good' callers are treated far better than 'new' employees or employees that aren't 'friends' with management. some employees are fired for minor infringements, while some employees aren't even reprimanded for drug use, theft, assault and things of that nature.

I can go on and on but I think you can get the point. I am not a employee that is disgruntled at anyone in particular, I have a clean record at Xentel, and my slate is clean. This isn't done to codemn anyone or to name drop people. I am so disgusted with the overall way that Xentel conducts their business and they claim to be 'professional fundraisers'. They don't care about anything other than the almighty dollar and they don't care how they get it.

I feel bad for all of these employees that are drug users/sellers, i shouldn't say i feel bad for them. I feel bad for their families and kids if they have any that will feel the effects of this if their is a 'drug raid' at Xentel.

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  • Ge
      21st of May, 2009
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    By what i get from this statement is that your gonna blame a company for a drug induced community or city. Xentel DM is a company that takes pride in raiseing funds for terminally ill children and women who have been abused, or even kids with a disability. When you say in your complaint " I've never seen coke or crack". Now your an employee and say you've never seen these drugs at work, what makes you think these people on drugs are gonna show a managers? Maybe someone should bring it to their attention. I am a business manager in one of Xentel DM's offices in Canada who really injoys working with a company that has such a positive effect on people who truley need some positive support in their lives. I think your trying to blame a company for a drug problem in St Louis.

  • Th
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    To Gerry Collins ( if that's your real name) - You are an idiot (probably a drug dealer); You work for a company who's track record is less than stellar; you guys are working the system to pay for your habit... you need help Gerrys...

    signed... all the hundreds of thousands of people the that are on the recieving end of your rude and repetative calls...

    PS Really, get some help; change your ways... or this'll be the closest you get to heaven - Start by changing who you work for.

  • Xe
      21st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I don't agree with the complaints about Xentel, I work in a clean drug free enviroment in Canada and all the employees are treated well. I feel sorry for the people out there that do get repeat calls but once you list your name in a phonebook you have to know that charitable organizations might call once or twice and if someone is asking to be on a no call list they are removed quite easily with a click of a mouse. Thanks

  • Sn
      29th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    WOW! PEOPLE are you ###...I think so... 1st "the people" why are you still working in any office that allows drug use, folks snorting heroin in the cubicle..please can you say law suit... sounds like you are a discruntled employee. maybe you smoke to much since you are familar with the word weeeeeeed.

  • Da
      25th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow, Xentel DM St.Louis sounds horrible. If this is true, then I hope this branch of the company gets what is coming to 'em. I work for Xentel DM Canada in Ontario and what I can tell you is that it is true about the about managers only looking for the dollars and not the cause. For instance, I will hear managers tell employees that you have to "corner 'em" or that people who say they don't have the money are lying. I've worked for other companies that do charitable fundraising and they give information about the charities and have representatives come in from those charities to meet the frontline who are fundraising. I have yet to see a representative come from one of those charities in Xentel DM. Also, the conditions are unsanitary. They do not have alcohol swabs for employees to use to wipe down the headsets and key boards. They do not have good computer equipment. They tell employees that they only get paid for when they are logged on, but the computers themselves shut down - costing that employee money. Also, if you are having a bad day in sales - they send you home withflimsy reasons. I have witnessed this. I have been there a month and am already looking for another job because their ethics are bankrupt.

  • Te
      24th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I worked for another Xentel company in New Mexico and it was the exact same way that you've described Xentel St. Louis. And to you people who would like to defend the work that Xentel does, it is stealing. The employees are so undereducated about the programs they fundraise for, they often make up lies about them. The contributers are not told that only about 17% of the money they donate actually goes to the programs they want to support. Xentel employees are trained specifically to lay guilt trips on people who won't give their credit card information over the phone or who can't afford to support the programs. Employees are reprimanded for allowing ANYONE to tell them "no" to a donation or "PAYMENT" (as they call it) without extreme inquisition. Xentel management cares ONLY about profit. They do not care if they call your house 100 times a day. It makes no difference to them if you file a complaint with ANYONE. One person making a complaint out of every 1, 000 still leaves Xentel with plenty of customers.
    Xentel is a well laid scam.
    Here's how it works:
    Xentel goes to a charity. We'll say the old timers hockey challenge. They tell them "we'll give you 2 million dollars right now in donations if you will allow us to use your name in our calling for 6 years." Of course, the charity agrees, and for the next 6 years Xentel calls people nationwide collecting donations in the name of the hockey challenge. Xentel quickly earns back their 2 million. After the 2 million is earned back, a small SMALL percentage (7-17%) of the funds collected over the length of the campaign is payed into the charity.
    I don't know how this is legal. People seriously need to fight to get these crooks out of our communities.
    And to those people who are so incredibly sick of the phone calls, the best thing to do is this:
    when the person calls, be as kind as possible and say these EXACT WORDS: "please put me on your do not call list".
    I know it's hard to be nice about it, but I am serious when i say if you are mean AT ALL, they will NOT put you on the do not call list.

  • An
      27th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well, In a perfect world, there is never any drug use in or outside the company you work for. All managers are very happy and want their employees to be very happy so no matter what your performance or how well you follow the rules or not everyone gets treated the same. Pay is increased every week...

    In a perfect world sales talents, the power of persuasion and convincing prospects to donate to a worthy cause is not necessary. When a phone call is made most people anwer the call with one ring, are in a giving mood and have their check book open in hand. Just introducing yourself politely and sharing the name of the charity prompts the prospect to write a check. Sometimes you don't even half to call them, they just send money automatically.

    In a perfect world all office equipment is cleaned every ten minutes and the bathrooms every five minutes, just like 4 star restaurants do. (where are they?)

    In a perfect world, there are no expenses in business, There are no taxes, rents, electric bills, phone bills, workmans comp and disability insurance. There is no liability insurance, equipment cost and employee cost. In fact every thing is free so all the the work and effort it takes to raise funds is ...effortless...

    Yeah, THEN YOU WOKE UP!!! HELLO???????????????????

  • Ge
      13th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    ive worked with Gerry Collins in the EDMONTON, AB, office and he's a lieing bag of warm [censor]. first of all the guy is a [censor]ing alcoholic, buys dope off his employees and everytime Steve Kramer 'regional manager' comes to edmonton Gerry sucks his [censor]. he has a couple of east indians working with him that are suppose to be his assistants who constantly invite young girls to their apartment to ply with booze and take advantage off and i have proof. the place is a [censor]ing hell hole . and his girl is a [censor]ing doorknob, everybody has had a turn...haha

  • Xe
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Xentel Dm
    Management wants to give there selfs a pat on the back well I know this company very well as a matter of fact I am a Employee, who is currently working with the government,
    on putting Xentel Out of the U.S market this is needed because of the unlawful ways Xentel operate they violate the FTC fair telemarketing laws the FCC do not call Registry
    as well as many State laws that are in place for this company that uses unscrupulous ways to Close a Sale.Xentel receives 90% of there so called donations {you know to cover expenses of the campaign} And of course the sales rep {TSR} gets there commission of 15 to 30% and with a credit card you may bonus even more pending who you are. I would like for everyone who reads this post; to call there state attorney general office and express your concern Xentel is a company that robs the people of this country of almost a 100 million dollars a year that could be benefiting business"s of this country they have a lot of money powerful attorneys and employees who just need a pay check we don't need business"s who have no respect for the people of this country employees or Business ethics> I challenge any of the management of Xentel to try and deny the allegations that I have made on the INTERNET and want you to Know that the truth will soon be released by the Media across our nation Go Back to Canada and put it to them, Get out of our Country!

  • Te
      26th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Current Employee in STL. Have worked for both offices at one point or another. A sure need for some police crackdowns. Drugs everywhere in and out of the office. Managers rude and playing favorites. [censor] pay [censor] hours and [censor] people. Please St. Louis, find me another job sooooon!

  • Th
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    There are lawyers and high class people that do "herion". Its wrong either way you look at it. Xentel does attract lower class people and drug addicts true, but drugs are everywhere. I am a manager of a Xentel in Canada and Ive had to deal with a great deal of issues with staff. I do it right, and without drama. When it comes to people talking [censor] about managers its all just jealously and haters. Maybe some managers need to get fired. I could find another job in a heart beat. I get what needs to be done in "my way" and not the so called "xentel are a bunch of scams" way. Sure i dont always agree with the ways of Xentel, but this is what i'm good at. The regional and branch managers make good money and will for the next 20 years. Keep on hating on us cause we thrive off your weak effort to talk [censored]! The company just paid out $500'000 to let everyone know we are changing for the better and learning from mistakes. I'm sorry "THEPEOPLE" and "GERRYS A [censor]" ! You're just mad cause you worked at Xentel and couldn't hack it. The easiest job you could ever have in your LIFE!

    Ive moved to 3 offices in 3 years.
    This job is fun.
    This job is easy.
    This job is my life.

    I laugh at the [censored] talkers.

  • Uh
      21st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Everything you said is true. I worked for Xentel for 4 months and I saw everything you described in just that little of time. I live in Albuquerque and it's amazing that our stories are exactly the same. People OD in the bathrooms, the managers are jokes who sexually harass women and pick favorites. If you are a good caller you can come and go as you please, get into fist fights, come in drunk or high and no one says anything to you. People smoke in the building INCLUDING managers, and I literally saw someone crawl into the back door to deliver meth, collect their money, and RUN down the back alley. Most of the money collected for these organizations goes directly to Xentel and these charities never see it. I know from personal experiences that Xentel is a scam and fraud. I can understand equal opportunity employer, but just because they hire felons doesn't mean they should allow bad behavior. Felons either behave properly or go back to jail where they belong. There is one female bathroom in the whole office and two mens, which you find remnants of drugs in all the time. Broken pills, various powders and chemical burning smells. I find it shocking that other offices are the same. I showed up to work on time EVERY SINGLE DAY, never missed a day, never got written up, never came in altered, Followed every rule to a T, my production slipped and I got fired. I'm not bitter I'm relieved. That place was awful.

  • Uh
      21st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Oh and it's actually gotten so bad that they have a breathlizer in the office at all times. sickening. Gerry, thank you for sharing the truth, I feel so bad for all the people that are called multiple times a day and get misprocessed into the regular callback list. No one cares about anyone in that place.

  • No
      23rd of Sep, 2011
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    I am a employee for Xentel aswell, and I can tell you that place is a joke, just like every other telemarkting company out there. Only 15% of all there donations actually go to the orginization there calling for, and 15% of such small donations as $100, $50, and quite often $17 dollars is chump change. If you have made a donation to Xentel before, you cannot be put on there "No Call List" We have been instructed to file them as "Not Pitched" and so they just go right back into the big bucket of numbers to be called the next year. Managers are money thirsty, shady, dicks who pride themselves on scamming senior citizins and there familes. I am DISGUSTED with the way they hold themselfs as a bussniness, they hand us scripts that arn't even grammaticly correct, and expect us to make a sell. Dumb. Now, THE1ULOVE2HATE, you sound like your about 16 years old, and your a manager? Wow, wait to repersent your company! You are a perfect example of the lack of maturity in that bussniess. Yea yea yea go on about how rich you are, just like all the other [censored]es you work with, your only proving our point. Xentel is a JOKE. And I pity the person who thinks its actually doing something for the community.

  • Fo
      3rd of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too work at the office in St. Louis and there is rampant drug use which remains unchecked. I personally do put callers on the Do Not Call List if they ask me to do this, as I do not like a confrontation. I've seen people get assaulted there and even heard a manager say "Go ahead and mess with him when he's not selling." That guy got punched in the face and was fired and he was the victim of many bullies in that office.

  • Bu
      28th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    the manager that dropped the ODed employee off in his yard was bill schumer

  • St
      1st of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am a Canadian journalist looking for information of any political calls from Xentel operations in the United States during the Canadian election campaign of April and May 2011. Confidentiality assured. smaher (at)

  • Sm
      25th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I used to work for them as well in Pittsburgh, and the same stuff went on, they wont even give me my last pay check...they need SHUT DOWN!!!

  • No
      17th of Feb, 2013
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    I worked at xentel in greensburg pa for quite a while i had to quit my job due to the managers harrassing me about my sells. i had to take off work for a week due to my child being sick and i came back and was wrote up after that i could barely get sells before that i was getting around 15 of them a day. The gm manager came up to me one eveing and told me that i was at the bottom of the barrell and that was not a good place to be. also when calling house your supposed to get 75 dollars an hour i was told 100 because they believed in me but i couldnt keep 20. If your with someone working for them as well you get questioned about them. you get your name screamed out in front of everyone and you also get the managers hollering that they are monitoring you. when you dont have your sells up. There are alot of favorites there we went from business casual to business formal and i had to buy all new clothes in order to work but there is others wearing jeans. I had a customer in another state ask me if i would date them of course i said no. I was told by a manager i should of said yes if they would donate. The place is a joke. They want us to harass customers for atleast 20 because as they say everyboday has 20 well if your like me with children you dont have 20. i felt bad for tring to push customers into 20 when they just lost someone a week ago or they just got out of the hospital or they just found out they had a terminally ill disease. but if i did not push them i would get mad to feel like it was my fault.

  • 0 Votes

    I cannot comment on the US offices of XentelDM, though I worked in Vancouver, Canada, at the office there, where some of the people that I worked with had come up from the Phoenix office. Though there was always a turn over in the residential section, working in the business and corporate section, the rules for getting donations and the rules for advertising were very strict. We saw all sorts of characters who worked sometimes for just days in our office, some who frankly just could not handle cold calls to strangers, but that is no different in any sales job. There were the characters whose behaviour and attitudes were less than perfect, which ended up getting them fired. Unlike the US offices that you mention, such behaviour was never tolerated in the office, and we saw a fair few of down and outs, drug addicts, and other people who had no other means of income who frankly needed therapists or a nice tidy jail cell. However, I emphasize that they were not permitted to behave this way and they were ousted immediately upon discovery. What the people of the office did on their own hours was open to debate frankly, but not the concern of the office. I worked with some of the best people I have ever met, and some of the hardest working people I have ever met. I have shared the ups and downs of many, including a long list of business people across the province, whose care for those in need was second to none. One story that should be told was of a man, a restaurant owner, in a town in central British Columbia, who one day insisted on helping to put another Shriner bus on the road to transport sick children and their families for free to the nearest Children's hospitals when they had no other means of getting there, more than was asked (I refused to ask beyond the bare minimum because giving should never be conned out of someone or forced and should be from the heart), and to cut a long story short, that kindly man the next day faced the loss of his business, his home and his possessions as forest fires ripped through that town leaving not much left standing. Of the companies, agencies and charities that we helped, that I personally raised funds for, including the famed XentelDM events such as the Old Timers Hockey Challenge and the History of Rock n Roll events at our local stadium, and spoke to these people myself from time to time and not once did they ever complain about being cheated out of donations, what they were getting and what XentelDM Canada used for administrative costs to pay lowly employees like myself and many others, and the thanks we got was something we heard daily. When I did campaigns through the business section, I upheld an ethical stand of honesty and decency that I expected of myself and those around me. I was the first to stand up and let the management know if something was not being ethical in their work. Again, I cannot speak for the bad practices that you describe and horrific work environments that you describe found at offices in XentelDM USA, but obviously business practices and fair and honest behaviour were not being enforced by local authorities and not many were obviously complaining enough to the authorities. Sadly, the tarnished reputation of those US offices cannot speak for everyone for that worked there, nor can the illegal activities of the management of those offices speak for the entire XentelDM organization. I will always be proud to say that I worked for XentelDM Canada, out of Vancouver, which no longer exists, that I left to further raise my growing family, and as it turns out had one character working there who was allegedly, from what I heard, a crook in the administration office, but again I worked there for 5 years and saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, but rarely did I see anything criminal or unethical. I have sadly lost touch with everyone that I worked with there, who have gone their separate ways, but to them, if they read this, God bless you all, and it was an honour to have worked with you. To those who have sullied the good name of XentelDM, shame on you. For those hurt by XentelDM, not everyone was a rotten scoundrel, and many were just regular people like me who were trying to do the right thing, trying to just cover our bills to raise our children, and whose hearts could never stretch far enough to embrace those who needed our hard work to make their lives and the lives of those they loved more bareable. It is a sad thing, but the concept behind XentelDM was good once upon a time.

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