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I'm still waiting for my items and no one from Vyking Ship is able to tell me when will my order arrive!! It should have been here already but time passed and still no sign of my order. I'm extremely disappointed with Vyking Ship, their super slow shipping and highly unprofessional support. How can that even be that customer service rep is unable to tell anything! I'm shocked! Very low quality of service, I do not recommend Vyking Ship.

Nov 9, 2016
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  • Vy
      17th of Nov, 2016

    I believe there is a misunderstanding. We have reached out to you to try to determine what package you are referring to, but have not heard back from you so our response to this will be a bit generic.

    Customer service is our top priority at Vyking Ship and what we are known for. So if one of our customer service representative is unable to provide further information it is because the carrier (USPS/DHL/FedEx) is not providing us with any additional information. We understand the frustration surrounding a delayed or lost package but once the package is in the custody of the carrier, we are at the mercy of that carrier to do their job correctly and provide us with the details when they have failed to do so.

    Each one of our shipping methods does have an estimated time of delivery. These are estimates provided by those carriers but generally they are accurate, the one exception is USPS First Class. With USPS First Class the Unites States Postal Service makes no guarantee of shipping duration and the duration can vary from shipment to shipment going to the same address. The other frustrating thing about USPS First Class is that the USPS does not require updates from the destination postal service (they transfer custody of the package to the destination country's Postal Service once it arrives in that country) so the USPS is not able to update the tracking for USPS First Class packages nor are they able to tell us anything about the package and its estimated time of delivery unless the destination Postal Service provides them with that information. Those First Class packages also can get caught in Customs for a few weeks due to their low priority; also something that the USPS is unable to foresee or estimate the duration of.

    If your package was shipped by any method except for USPS First Class, then we have likely already opened an inquiry and are awaiting any details from the carrier. If your package was shipped by USPS First Class then, as much as we don't want to say it, we have no way to compel the USPS to provide us any updates and the only thing we can recommend is to wait for it to eventually be delivered - which almost all of them are (eventually).

    We would still like to hear from you so that we can know what the situation is with your package, but we cannot guarantee any additional information if the carrier does not provide it.

    Best Regards,

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