SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / selling fraudulent products

Commerce City, CA, United States

They sent me a different brand from what I ordered and then after less than 60 days it failed and then they told me to get the warranty from the manufacturer and the Name SmartX is related to fradulent cards being sold on ebay and I gues now Meritline as well. I did not discover that they sent a off brand item in this order until I asked them for the contact info for the manufacturer as the card went defective in less than 60 days and I contacted them for for the warrant y on it and they gave me Gigarams name but the Micro SD card that they sent me was not a Gigaram card it was a SmartX Micro SD 32 GB card which I cannot find a listing for that manufacturer at all, though I did find that there were a large number of those particular cards sold by unreputable outfits in the industry and they were fradulent cards. They supplied it to me and had it worked normally for a fair amount of time I would not have a problem at all but 60 days on a brand new Micro SD card is not long enough. I would like to know what we can do about this situation? Thank you I am including a picture of the card that you sent to me. Tom Hayes

Apr 23, 2013

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